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Nursing Mama's TTC February/March/April

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Nursing Mamas TTC


Please put all updates in bold. Please let me know if you'd like your chart linked in the first post.

Continued from Nursing Mamas TTCing September.

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Waiting to Know - 2WW pos.gif



  • overanalyzer1

Waiting to Catch the First Postpartum Egg loveeyes.gif


Waiting to be Ready whistling.gif




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March-Harmony96 chartnew.gif, 3lilchunklins

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(People in this list haven't posted in a while. Stop by and give us an update if you can. smile.gif)


Baby dust to everyone!

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Hey Ladies-


I just decided to start this new thread for Feb as it seems no-one has been super active for a while.  I am still not officially TTC, but can check in every couple of days.  Good luck to everyone!


Me:  No AF yet and impatiently waiting for her to arrive.  Then DH and I really need to decide what we are going to do.  He wants to get the big V, and I want a chance at a 4th.  My DS is turning 1 next sunday and I can't believe how quickly that year passed.  I am still nursing DD2 as well, but there are tons of power struggles with it and I am thinking I may need to wean her for both of our sanity.


How is everyone else?

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Hi, I'm new here a and would like to join. Been TTC #2 since April 2013 via IUI with donor sperm. Have a 2 year old son. Still nursing once a day. Currently 8dpo.
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good luck overanalyzer1.  Hoping for a BFP for you in a few days!

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Hi, guys. smile.gif I'm still here. I can be moved to Waiting to Know, but I have no idea what my actual DPO number is. I'm anywhere from 2 to 8 DPO right now, lol. If my temp is still high on Saturday, I'll test then, but I'm expecting AF before then since my LPs are still pretty short (they were 4 days and 6 days the last two times).
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Harmony- when did af return for you?  Have you tried b vitamins to lengthen your lp?

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AF returned at almost 11 months PP this time, and I was taking a B-complex for a while until I read somewhere that it could cause a shortage of CM, so I stopped taking it, lol. I figure my cycles will even out eventually, or not, and I think I'm okay either way.
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Yeah, it took a little while for my lp to lengthen after both my girls too.  I am hoping to catch the first PP egg if DH is ok with that.  I don't know if my LP will support pregnancy though as it seems to be less than 10 for the first few months.  I am sitting here at just about 12 months PP and having some signs of something happening, but I don't know how close we are.

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Thank you. I am 10DPO today and a BFN. I guess it could change in the next few days but feeling pretty pessimistic about it. I just ordered vit b6 to try to lengthen my LP which is usually 9-10 days.

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Can I join? I would still be in the waiting to be ready camp. LO4 will be celebrating his first birthday on the 24th! I was initially wanting to TTC in September to hopefully get a May baby, but after much soul searching, discussion with DH, and a lot of prayer I think were just gonna leave things in the Lord's hands. Not necessarily TTC but not preventing either. I O'd on Sunday Feb 2. AF should be arriving on Valentine's day (Some nerve! right!!??)
But I'd enjoy chatting with you mamas
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I have a bunch of things to wait for, lol. I have a package coming from Idaho that's stuck in Colorado for weather (I'm in Texas), so the earliest it could get here is Friday. Then another "wait" I have is some basil seeds that I planted on Friday that are supposed to sprout in 5-10 days (except the pot got knocked off the counter today, and the tiny, dirt-sized seeds are too invisible to find, so I swept the whole thing up and put it all back in the pot, lol). Then of course there's the wait for AF which could be here anytime from today to next Tuesday.

So, what will happen first? Will I get my package? Will I see some tiny green sprouts? Will I get AF? It's anybody's guess! lol
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So, are any of you mamas charting?
I'm just starting and it can be so confusing. I thought it seemed simple enough. But I have had *the* worst luck ever with thermometers. First the batteries kept going bad in the digital ones, so I could never trust the temp as accurate. Now I have a glass one. And its ok except since I don't have a night stand I was storing it in the bottom side of my pillow case, and apparently my pillow gets pretty warm because it was already way into the 97 degree zone... Sssooo now I don't even trust the temps I did take with that one before I realized it was doing that. I'm getting super frustrated with temping.
And my CF is all crazy too! So I can't go by that alone. I'm just feeling like a failure at NFP!
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Hey all. Just joined mothering! Hooray! Tired of reading the same posts over and over again looking for reassurance. I'm currently breastfeeding my 13 MO and waiting for PPAF. We have been charting and dancing like rabbits since September trying to catch the first egg. I've had on and off fertile CM since September. I started taking Femaprin January 15th and it might just be working. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but my temps have been high for 10 days. I'm almost I'm denial. I'll post my chart to see if those of you have have finally seen PPAF will agree, am I really 10 DPO?!
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Updated to here!


Welcome 3lilchunklins and motherofthewolf.  


How is the waiting going Harmony?  Did AF arrive or are you still waiting overanalyzer?


I did temp before and after DD1, and after DD2.  I have no signs fertility is returning, so I am not temping yet.  It stresses me out, so I am not going to do it.

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I'm 12dpo, no AF but bfn today. My pp cycle has been irregular and AF was due anywhere from 2 days ago to several days from now. I got a bfp at 10dpo with my son, so I'm not very optimistic. GL to all!
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Well, I had such a clear feeling of something flowing out of me last night at dinner that I was sure AF had arrived. When I checked, not only was she not here, but I was totally dry as well.so there's that. Temps are ambiguous.
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Huh that's really weird
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CD1. This time, I O'd on day 27 and had a 9-day LP (instead of O-ing on day 33 and having a 6-day LP last time). So I guess that's an improvement. If AF had still been gone by the time I got back home today, I would have probably tested. At least she showed up early enough so I wouldn't waste a test.
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Sorry Harmony.  It is good that you had a longer LP though!


Updated to here.

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How is everyone else doing?  Overanalyzer???


Still waiting here to have any signs of anything.  DS just had his 1st birthday and instantly went from nursing 10 times a night to last night only 2 times.... I think it is a stage and wont get used to it, but enjoying it for now!

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