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Labeling routines and lullabies as sleep training is misleading, as it lumps them together with CIO.
The great majority of people think of some form of CIO when they see the phrase "sleep training".

This is grossly irresponsible. Desperate parents who have a baby with sleep problems who hear that sleep training=CIO hear that "the only option you have to get your baby the sleep they need is to leave the poor child to scream". It sounds like the OP's friend is already a bit nervous about the changes that having a baby is going to bring, I'm sure she's worried about the sleeplessness that's common for new parents. If she hears that the only way she can get the sleep she needs, and make sure her baby gets the sleep it needs (because babies DO need sleep), is CIO- she's more likely to try it.


Sleep training can be done gently, and more parents NEED to know this. Babies DESERVE to have parents who know that, if the baby isn't getting enough sleep, there are gentle methods.




Part of the prevalence of CIO is the idea that it's the only way to get a baby to properly sleep. New parents are pushed to do it by well-meaning friends and family. Sleep specialists and pediatricians alike advise it. So many desperate parents who feel in their gut that CIO is wrong still try it because they're convinced it's the only option. We should be focusing on making it clear that you can sleep train a baby gently and with compassion and respect for their needs, not that the only way to help a baby sleep is with CIO!

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Don't get me wrong, sillysapling, I totally agree with you. I wouldn't label routines and gently guiding the child towards more sleep as "sleep training" though. I've never heard this phrase used in this context before your post - and I've been on parenting websites for quite a while. That's why I'm saying that your calling routines "sleep training" is misleading.


I use routines with my kids, I gently guide them towards age-appropriate independent sleep. That doesn't mean that I train them (I don't "train" them to get dressed by themselves or eat by themselves either).

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