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Anyone else really uncomfortable?

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I'm 35 weeks today and I am so uncomfortable. Having Braxton hicks all the time, incredibly bad heartburn, and back pain. I'm pretty miserable. I didn't realize how easy I had it when I was pregnant with my first! It's so hard to be "on" all the time with my son when I just want to sit and not move!

Anyone else feeling this way? I don't know how I'll make it 5 more weeks! (Although I have a feeling she's going to come early).
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Yep, same here. I'm 35 weeks with my second as well and do not remember being this miserable last time. I told my husband I feel like a whale and just want to hibernate for the next month! And I definitely don't remember getting leg cramps so often.

We're sooo close now tho, it's almost unreal. I'm really excited to give birth this time, feel so much more confident.
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Yeah, not feeling too great.  Most of the pregnancy has been so easy it's been a non-entity....but symphysis pubis problems as well as some issues with my right sacroiliac joint have meant pretty obnoxious/mobility altering pain for me in the last half week.  I was going to go on maternity leave after this week anyway, but I'm having to cancel most of my appointments this week (Except for people willing to be on standby) with my clients because if it's excrutiating to walk, I can't give massages.  :(  I'm really sad/frustrated with the pain and mobility issues, but OTOH I made it to 35 weeks working a lot.


Dealing with constant moderate pain is hard, esp. since it limits the nesting stuff I would like to do.  I'm also at the stage where I'm super hungry but just don't want to eat anything because that's uncomfortable too.  And rolling over in bed is a major production.  Baby is also persistantly transverse too, which is rather painful at times, but at least most of the time he's not kicking me in the cervix or bladder.  ;)

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This has been my hardest pregnancy... I feel so DONE.  I've had just about every symptom in the book, and am unhappy with how heavy I am.  Of course, I vaguely remember when I was pregnant with DS2 thinking "I don't like being pregnant".  I like the expectation and excitement, I just don't like how it messes up my body and makes me so uncomfortable.  Lately I have been completely exhausted.  I am sleeping 9-10 hours a night and still having a catnap most days to make it through.  Granted it is interrupted sleep, but geez...

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Tiger, I'm right with you. I'm 34w4d with #3...man what a difference 9 years makes. I was one of those disgusting pregnant ladies with #1 and #2...."why do people hate being pregnant!? This is wonderful! I feel fine!" I was weeding my garden the morning I had DS #2.

This time? Every symptom in the book since the start... and by the third tri, searing symphysis pubis pain and hip pain. Chiropractor has helped some, but my pelvis still always feels like there are shards of glass grinding around in it. Add to that the fact that that I'm a nurse and work 12 hour shifts on my feet...I'm miserable. I cut back to 2 days a week instead of 3 but I just don't know how much farther I'll make it. Right now I have to because I'm the primary breadwinner. Just shoot me already. DS #1 was born on his own at 37 weeks so I keep hoping I'll be that lucky again...
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I'm 33 weeks with my frat twin girls and yea it's been hard to complain much until now. Baby A definitely dropped and I'm gettin cramps and Braxton hicks. Esp at night. I'm happy she dropped bc now I can breathe without wheezinh. This is my first pregnancy so idk what to compare...but I def get nauseated and feel like idk how much longer I have. I'm scared bc I want to make it 36 weeks at least but idk I feel like my body is gearing up...how long after they drop does labor start?.
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Well, I'm not glad that you are all having a hard time, too, but glad I'm not alone!!

Sometimes I just wish I could have one day or relief!

I feel like I have so much to do and am at that point where I really can't do much. Everything hurts. I wonder if it's possible to not bend over for the next few weeks!!
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I'm feeling the same! I feel huge and I have the sensation that my stomach is just SO tight that my muscles are ripping apart. I'm spending too much time laying around and I feel huge and lazy, ugh. I made plans to work until the day before I have the baby at 40 weeks (c/s). I really regretting the work plans I made early on... I obviously forgot how it feels to be this pregnant!

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This is my pregnancy #1, a breeze until week 34. No mood swings, morning sickness, or discomfort of any kind. 2-3 weeks ago sitting for long periods became uncomfortable because of upper back pain. It made it difficult to carry a 7-pound bag. But I think discomfort that started today has been the most annoying. It feels like my belly is so heavy it is pulling and stretching muscles like they might rip if I bend to pick something up.


But yep, so far it's been okay. I can deal with those aches, esp. because the rest has been smooth and easy until this last month.

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I'm 37 weeks and feeling similarly.  About a month ago, I developed an inguinal hernia on one side of my groin.  I have that, plus some really uncomfortable varicose veins, horrible heartburn, and swelling in my legs.  I feel so round that it is hard to move.  I have gained 25 lbs, but it feels like more.  I'm really looking forward to being done! 


We're getting there, though, ladies!  It won't be too much longer. 

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just yes, to all of this, yes.

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Me too, and I've been waking up in the middle of the night, then getting to doze off around 5 and back up with littles between 6 and 7.
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Originally Posted by abiyhayil View Post

Me too, and I've been waking up in the middle of the night, then getting to doze off around 5 and back up with littles between 6 and 7.

Ditto.  I wake up exhausted even though I'm spending more time in bed.   I'm just so sore all over.  I told my husband that I think my age is finally rearing it's ugly head because I don't remember this kind of pain/discomfort until the very end (40 weeks +) with the boys...

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i am sore all over too! I seem to just have developed SPD, so I am way worse than I was a couple of days ago. I don't know why it suddenly came on but it is just awful. Now I can't walk or bend down. As nervous as I am for the birth, I will look forward to this part being over!
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Some you are bothered by Braxton Hicks. Red raspberry leaf tea may help. I drink it every day, and by end of week 37 have felt only one sharp pain. The handful of other BH were mild. I honestly believe I've been pain-free because of the tea. I have the relief that people expect when they drink it. 


Every night, I make a very concentrated tea 

In a 1 quart jar, I steep:

4-5 tablespoons of red raspberry leaf

4-5 tablespoons of stinging nettle leaf.

Pour in the boiling water, and let it steep covered overnight to get most goodness out of the leaves.


The next day, just drink 1/2 concentrate + 1/2 water. Keep adding boiling water to the jar, and it'll last you all day.


There are other beneficial herbs you can add to the mix: dandelion, oat straw, alfalfa, melissa come to mind.


You can buy very fresh leaf from small farmers at localharvest.org.

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so at 36.5 weeks with my twin girls, i think 55-60 lbs later, measuring at 48 weeks or so... i can honestly say i am not as uncomfortable as i should be. i havent done anything special...i just started the raspberry leaf tea yesterday. i was taking magnesium pills for weeks but i stopped now that i dont mind if labor starts. i cannot beleive ill be 37 weeks on sunday... i do have to say that i am mentally drained and ready for these girls but i think they will be stubborn. its my first preg nancy so im not sure of how close i am ... sometimes i think for sure any day now, other times i feel i have weeks. anyway getting in and out of bed 6 times a night sucks, being exhausted, feeling like my belly skin is going to rip open ... and realizing i am carrying about 12 lbs of baby or more makes me just want to cry.
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Wow, everyone, yes, I am also very uncomfortable!! I have to sleep slightly elevated because I have heartburn and congestion, so it is hard to breathe, but then I have been waking up to my fingers being completely asleep from carpel tunnel/nerve compression while sleeping. It is so painful! Oh, and I can't forget my tendency (even nonpregnant) to dry cough at night, especially if I forget to turn on the humidifier, and then I often pee myself. Yuck! I'm 37 weeks on Monday. We still have a lot to get done before baby comes, and I'm not expecting an imminent arrival, since my last 2 came at over 40 weeks. Sigh!!

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