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Feeling of fluid in my head

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For the past two months I have been having a weird sensation on the right side of my head. It feels as if I have water in there. At times I experience sharp pains just on my right side, which is then followed by a twitch, blurry vision on my right eye only, and I can hear my voice as if I were in a tunnel or under water. Yesterday as I went for a walk I started  getting the sharp pains, and even lost my balance. I currently have no medical insurance which is why I have ignored it. I know this is not normal. I use to suffer from migraine headaches, but this is nothing like it. What can this be and should I be very worried about it? 


Thank you,



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I would find a sliding fee or low cost medical clinic in your area and make an appointment with your Dr. It could easily be something like benign positional vertigo, or something else more serious.  So don't worry about it until you see a Dr. But do go see someone A.S.A.P.

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Hi and thank you for responding. I'm currently at a clinic awaiting my turn. Cost is an outrageous $630 but will be applying for Medical once seen. After looking up my symptoms I'm not as worried as before...but definitely need to take care of it...
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Please let us know what you find out.    Crossing my fingers that everything will be ok.

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Hi, and thank you for having me in your thoughts. I applied for MediCal and my doctor ordered a CT scan, ordered blood work, and another eye exam. The last time I had an eye exam was on December 2012 when I got new glasses. A mole was found in the back of my eyeball. They did mention it would need to be removed should it grow in size. The doctor I saw last week mentioned it all could be tied and is having all my medical records pulled. I will keep everyone posted on the latest.


Thank you everyone and please send positive vibes my way :)

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Thinking of you *great big healing hugs*
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AWWWW, thank you so very much.....its appreciated in many ways :)

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