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How old were you when you got your first period?

Poll Results: How old were you when you got your period?

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    7 or younger
  • 1% (2)
  • 3% (5)
  • 3% (5)
  • 18% (25)
  • 22% (31)
  • 23% (32)
  • 15% (21)
  • 12% (17)
    15 or older
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I was just turning 13. My daughter hasn't had hers yet and she's just turning 12, but I think it'll be soon.

I think the average when I was a kid was 12, and it's 11 now? I'm not positive about the average. I wonder if we here are around the average. Maybe I should make a poll. I'll have a wide range.
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I was 13 when I got my first period.  My older dd is 14 1/2 and has yet to get hers yet.  I think she'll get it by this summer.  My younger dd is 12 and hasn't gotten it yet either.  However she's developing earlier than her sister did, so my guess is she's going to get it sometime within this year, so probably when she's 12 1/2-13.  They could both get their first period about the same time!  Different kids different maturation process.  I'm not sure why my younger dd will be so much earlier than her sister, or to look at it a different way, I'm not sure why my older dd is such a late bloomer as they eat the same basic diet and both have been vegetarians for over half their lives (by their choice btw).  

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I had a minor incident of spotting a few months before I turned 14. I later got my first period five Days after I turned 14.

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I was 11.  That seemed a little early to me at the time although I had friends who started earlier.

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I was either almost 15 or right after my birthday when I had turned 15.  

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I was 13, DD #1 was 12 3/4, it lasted a couple of days (spotting?) and she didn't get her second period until 14. DD#2 was 15 years 3 months when she got her first period.

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I was 10 and in 5th grade, and my first period came the week before we had sex-ed at school. :eyesroll talk about embarassing. I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was dying. I didn't know anything about periods or cycles....my mom didn't think she should tell me at such a young age.

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I was a couple weeks shy of 12......
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Mine came when I was away at Sumer camp for a week. I didn't tell anyone. Just put tp in my undies. I was pretty blue but I knew what it was. Just doesn't seem fair, like it's taking childhood away too soon.
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I was 9 when I started my period. My mom didn't think I would start that soon so she had never even talked to me about it. I was a at a birthday party and went to the bathroom and found I was bleeding, after having a stomach ache all day. I locked myself in the bathroom and luckily the birthday girl's mom was a nurse and she explained it to me. It was kinda scary. And I've had bad periods ever since.

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I was 9 (or 8, but I think 9) and while my mom told me what was happening, and that it has stuff to do with having a baby, etc., she didn't tell me how THAT happened. A few months later we were visiting some relatives and my uncle pulled me on his lap and gave me a kiss. For a whole month I was terrified that I was going to get pregnant from that kiss. Haha.

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I was 14.  Based on some of these replies it reassures me that I am doing the right things by talking to my young daughter about it (she is 5 and has all kinds of question every month when she sees the panty liners etc).

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I was 16. My mother was 14 and my maternal grandmother was 18. I think my oldest daughter will be younger than me.
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I was 15, my mom had her first at 17. I think a lot of it has to do with body fat, we are very slim in my family, especially as teens.

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I started on my 13th birthday. Happy Birthday!

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I was the summer between 4th and 5th grade.  So I think that would have made me 10.  My mom had explained about a year before what to expect so I was ok.

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I was 10, my daughter was 10.  I was underweight and my daughter is pretty average.

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My mother got hers at age 10 so she made sure I was informed by at least age 9, plus I was present at my little sister's HB when I was 9-5, so I had some in depth insight.


I didn't start until I was 13.5.  It was final exams week and I was so scared I would leak I wore red shorts to school 3 days in a row.  True story.

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I chose 13, but realized after choosing that it was actually late 12. Oh well!


I had a grandmother who got hers at 9, so my mom talked to me about it by the time I was 8 or so.

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