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How old were you when you got your first period? - Page 2

Poll Results: How old were you when you got your period?

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    7 or younger
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  • 3% (5)
  • 3% (5)
  • 18% (25)
  • 22% (31)
  • 23% (32)
  • 15% (21)
  • 12% (17)
    15 or older
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I was almost 15. Seemed like most of my friends had theirs at 10 or 11. So, I was certain there was something wrong with me and that I'd never be able to have babies. I was and still am quite thin.

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I was also 12. I think it has to do a lot w/ getting close to the 100 lb mark, you need a certain amount of body fat to sustain a pregnancy.

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My feet stopped growing at about that age as well.
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One month shy of 15. My sisters were 13. I was a late bloomer; I know it's genetic as well as a certain percentage of body fat needs to be reached. I was tiny (I was asked whether I was in kindergarten yet when I was in 6th grade). I knew from an early age on about periods, puberty and such and I was eagerly anticipating it. I weighed about 80lbs at 15. A lot of growing happened after my menarche - from short to 5'6'' and around 100lbs at 18. I didn't gain my final weight until 21.

By the time I hit 14, I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Everybody else had their period by that time. Me and my friend were the last ones.

I also always was very tired and still am. I wonder if I have high levels of melatonin naturally. I read some study a while back of high levels of melatonin are associated with late onset puberty.

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I was 15. My mom brought me flowers, chocolate, and a romantic movie to celebrate. She has treated me like a queen every month since, making me powerful herbal infusions to ease the pain, bringing me whatever I needed, and encouraging me to rest. I am a better woman for it.

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daughterspeaks, that is incredibly sweet! I'm going to remember that for when my daughter gets hers.

I had just turned 11, it was the summer before 6th grade. I recall being slightly worried about swimming in the pool during that week each month. Also, i was embarrassed to tell my mom and my sister. I think I'm doing a good job of letting my dd know it's nothing to be ashamed of, just by not making a big deal out of mine.

I was one of the first in my class, most were 13-14.
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I was a few weeks shy of turning 12. 

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I was 15 (about 4 months shy of 16.) My oldest daughter was 13.5. DH's mom had her first baby at age 12, so I wonder if genes from his side had something to do with her period coming earlier than mine. 13.5 seems okay; not too early. Dd2 is 11 and I'm hoping she'll be at least 13 as well.

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