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What time do you put your kids to bed? - Page 2

Poll Results: What is bedtime for your kids?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% (39)
    7 or earlier
  • 25% (74)
  • 21% (64)
  • 19% (58)
  • 14% (43)
  • 7% (22)
  • 5% (15)
  • 6% (19)
    10:30 or later
  • 0% (1)
  • 7% (22)
    It's Complicated
293 Total Votes  
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I chose 8:30. We aim for 8pm most nights, but sometimes it takes until 8:30 by the time they are actually laying in their beds. Of course there are nights when they stay up later, but 8pm is our "normal" time. Oh and our kids are 7 and 3.

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My children will be homeschooled and going to bed when they want, and sleep when they want.


I think this is important for independance on their part. Enforcing naps I think is bull, they will sleep when they're tired and wake when they're not.

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9 and 6 homeschoolers. Younger in bed by 8 (early riser). Older in bed by 8:30 and often reads til 9 (late riser).

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Homeschooled boy 10 - try for 9pm but usually 9:30.  Usually wakes up between 8 and 9 am.  

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My kids are 5 and 3. We get their bedtime routine started by 7ish and then read to them. We try to be done by 730-745. That way they can be asleep by 8. We have swim in the mornings twice a week so it's important they get to bed on time.
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We homeschool, so we can be flexible, but usually we stick with a routine of 8ish bedtime for everyone but the baby, who is 3 months & doesn't have a routine yet.  Hubby does prayers with them, then the younger ones go right to sleep.  The older ones (16, 14, 12) shower & read or listen to music and talk until 10ish, then lights out.  I have 2 who would be night owls if left to their own devises...they take after their dad, who could stay up all night, and easily gets by on 4 hours of sleep a night!

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Mine is complicated. I let them go to bed when they want to. Both ask to go to bed every night and always have, so they really like bedtime. The youngest usually likes to be in bed by 8. The older one follows closely behind most nights. Sometimes she is really sleepy and passes out a bit earlier.

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We have a fairly relaxed bedtime for my 8 month old because I work evenings & get home anywhere from 10-midnight.  Ideally, I would like a 9pm bedtime with a 12am feeding.  What I get on nights when I'm at work is a 9pm nap.  When I get home, she's so excited that I came home that she's up for about 2 hours.

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DD is 15 mo old...I chose 7:30 but it's really more like 6:30-8:30, depending on her mood and how sleepy she seems and what her naps that day were like. Generally it's just about 7:30, though.
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my oldest (and currently only) is 12 months, and goes to bed any where between 6, and 7, o-clock, so I voted 7 or earlier.

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It varies, between 8 and 9.  I usually read for a while and then the kids are allowed to read in bed.  My 9 year old may fall asleep while I'm reading.  My 12 year old usually reads until 9:30 or 10pm.  Sometimes they all zonk out at 8:30pm.  It depends on what our day has been like.  My son recently started homeschooling but I kept the same nightly routine.  He sleeps until about 8am and sometimes falls asleep in the afternoon.  He has always needed more sleep, though.

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I voted 9.30. LoveBug will be 13 YO in a few months, and his bedtime on weekdays is now 9.15. (He goes to the bathroom to brush etc. at 9.15.) In bed by 9.30 an then I sit next to his bed and we talk for a few minutes before he falls asleep. He gets up at 7.10.  If there is something special going on, like a favorite tv-show or something, he stays up later. (Champions League soccer games some evenings etc.)


In the weekends he goes to bed around midnight, and will sleep until around 10 am. Sometimes 11.

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mine go to bed at 9pm an sleep till 5am and then there up for the day they have never been put in bed at this time they just go but i also dont have to wake them for school they just get up and get dress now my baby she only sleeps at the most an hr or 2 and then wants to eat and is always up by 4 in the morn and stay up till about 2 pm and then sleep an hr or 2 again then she back up she just never sleep even if i put her down for a nap but she is only 5 months old to i am sure she will get into the routine soon of everyone else in the house i hope

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My kids go to bed and wake up with the sun so it depends on the time of year.

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I voted "9".  That's the time they actually crawl in bed, lights out.  Stories start at 8ish, go until 8:30ish.  Then brush teeth, jammies, etc.  They wake up 7-7:30.  We homeschool, so the time is the same every single night, year 'round, unless we have something late, like our girl scout meetings.  The girls are 7 and 9, and we've done this timing for around 3 years.

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We stick pretty hard and fast to 8:30 for bedtime. DD is up at 6:40 for school and she really needs her sleep. If she doesn't get enough she turns into a bear! Neither of my boys nap during the day anymore, so they are usually good and ready for 8:30 to roll around. Occasionally bed happens earlier if we've had a big day and its obvious the boys are cranky. We sometimes give DD the option to read or color quietly in bed, usually only on weekends or breaks from school. 

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My kids are 18, 13, 10, 6 and 3.  With the exception of the 10 year old, they are all HORRIBLE sleepers!


My 18 year old son is a chronic insomniac.  He will often pull all nighters, then crash at 7pm the next day.  He doesn't have an official bedtime.


My 13 year old stepdaughter is also a chronic insomniac.  She will often be up until 1, 2 or even 3 am, but she's getting better at sleeping and staying on a schedule.  Her official bedtime is 10:30, but she's rarely ready to sleep by then.


My stepson will be 10 in a couple weeks.  He'll fall asleep any time, anywhere.  His official bedtime is 9:30, but he'll put himself to bed early if he feels tired, sometimes an hour or two before his actual bedtime.


My 6 year old stepdaughter hates to go to bed because she hates to miss a thing.  Her official bedtime is 9, but depending on who's putting her to bed that night, she finds loophole after loophole, and can easily stay awake until midnight or later.


My 3 year old son I suspect has a sleep disorder.  His official bedtime is also 9, but it will take up to 2 hours to get him asleep, then he only sleeps 2-3 hours at a time.


Needless to say, my fiance and I get very little sleep!  Boy do I envy those of you who wrote 7:30 or 8 as your children's bedtimes!  lol

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During the school year, 7:30 pm for DS.  We try to stick to close to that on the weekends, because it is not his preferred schedule.  During the summer 9 pm, and that is only because getting him back on a school schedule after 2 months of staying up until midnight is impossible.  He is very cranky when he does not get enough sleep.  We have blackout curtains in his room so he is not affected by the daylight savings time switches.


DD is medically fragile, she usually falls asleep in the family room at some point.  She gets moved to bed at 10 pm.  Because of her spasticity and seizure meds, and therapy appts, her need for sleep varies on a day to day basis.

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My 2 oldest (13,11) go to bed at 9pm during school and 10pm on weekends/summer.
My youngest (3) goes to bed at 8pm every night.
A few times during the month I will let the oldest two go to bed when they want but it is normally close to bed time.
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Mine tend to be a bit on the early to bed, early to rise side.. We start bedtime routines around 7, around 730 I tuck them into bed and start reading from a chapter book. Usually within 5-10 minutes they are OUT. If one of them are still up after 10 minutes I let them have a light and they look at books in bed (its usually the 5 or 7 yos) and I go back to check on them 10-15 minutes later. Its a rare night that they are still up at 8..
No matter when they go to bed they are up between 4-6am. Every morning, never fails. They won't nap either (except the 1yo) so getting them in bed early is important. Eventually Im sure it will change when they get older but for now its working well.

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