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Baby Shower Game Thread Three February 2014 DDC

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This is the third of our three baby shower game threads for the february 2014 DDC Baby Shower Giveaway sponsored by Miracle Blanket.



To participate you must be a registered member of Mothering, pregnant and due in February 2014, and a member of the February 2014 Due Date Club. Any NEW member joining must establish her membership and her pregnancy and due date through a post to the Pleased to Meet You forum as well as the I'm Pregnant forum and to the intro thread in the February 2014 Due Date Club Introduce Yourself thread before participating. Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions before you participate. 
You may participate with as many posts as you wish. Winners will be chosen by random draw so the more entries you post the greater your chances of winning.


Two winners of the February 2014 Due Date Club Baby Shower giveaway will receive a prize set that includes a Miracle Blanket and a Miracle Sounds Two Disc Baby Sleep CD from Miracle Blanket. Each prize has a total value of over $55.00!




Many thanks to Miracle Blanket for their sponsorship of Mothering and this Baby Shower!


This is only one of three game threads so be sure to participate in the other two game threads as well. 

This game is simple. Just work your way through the alphabet using a specific topic as the jumping off point. For example, if I choose baby boy names as the topic, I might say A=Anderson, the next poster will get B and might say B=Benjamin, etc. The person who gets "Z" gets to pick the next topic to start all over again.

So, I will start the game off and pick.... things you love! love.gif


First person to post - what do you love that begins with the letter A?


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Letter A - I love my daughter, Abbey!

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b- I love the color blue!
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C-I love cats
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D - I love dinner
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E- earrings! I wear them everyday!
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F - France! The language, the food, the wine, the clothes, the joie de vivre!

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G Greta my niece!
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H - hope!  I'm hoping for the best birth experience possible for all of of us :)

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I--I love huge icicles!

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j- jam.... I've been eating lots of peanut butter n jelly this pregnancy!
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K - for kisses from my toddler. Love them!
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L - lemon yogurt :)

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M- milk! as in chocolate milk!!! another pregnancy fav!!!
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N- I love a loooong Night's sleep, and stocking up on as many as I can before the new babe :)

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Oysters (fried)

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Pumpkin spice lattes! Pumpkin pie. Peanut butter cookies. Pizelles.
Ok sorry guess I'm hungry 😚
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Q - quiet time :)

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R- rest! something I'm trying to do in these last few weeks while I can!!'
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