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Sizing on maternity jeans...

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Soooo if I were to wear regular jeans right now I would wear a 6/8 leaning towards the 8 with my new pooch at 8 weeks. I wanted a pair of maternity jeans but I'm very confused on sizing. I don't think I'm an extra large but when I measure my growing belly its not 31 inches - which I think is considered a M/L but maybe I'm not measuring right or in right spot?


I was looking at A Pea in the Pod and at their ridiculously priced but adorable 'designer' jeans so I could have one nice pair. I don't think I'm yet into an x-large? But my waist is hard to determine the proper placement now to get an accurate measurement.


Does anyone know roughly how this all works? Yeesh! yikes2.gif 

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If say you're a medium. Most maternity jeans go by your pre-pregnancy size. For something designer, I imagine there is a disclaimer on their website describing their maternity sizing.
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Ok thank you MotivatedMama! 

I just popped onto motherhood and their sizing was easier and you hit nail on head, it said pre preg size and then what my maternity size would be and was a medium! You're a sizing genius! :joy 

For some reason (preggo brain, lol?) Pea in the Pod sizing chart was confusing me. I'm finding the jeans I like and then searching for them on Ebay in an attempt to get them a bit cheaper. But most of those sizes use a waist measurement number and literally whenI let my belly all hang out it was like 42 inches last night. I thought well that doesn't make sense I'm not going to fit into ANY of these jeans! 

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Lol if you are a 6/8 and trying to wear an Xlarge then I am wearing mumus the rest of this pregnancy.

I'm an 18 in old navy jeans (in Canada, for some reason our sizes are a bit smaller) and my Xlarge mat jeans from an American old navy from last time are still a bit too big on me wink1.gif
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Bwaaaa ha! Thanks delightedbutterfly. You just made me chuckle through a queasy episode! I almost gagged but read your post and laughed instead! :nut

I typically live in jeans so having a pair of bootcut and skinnies are essential. Right now I'm wearing a pair of skinnies with a rubber band and my other sailor style wide-legs are stretching with me but soon will stretch no more around my gullet! I can't wait for March when we can at least tell people and I don't have to hide it anymore! It's been hard to hide my belly!  5'3" doesn't give me much room but out - to grow. Also I have a fibroid the size of a small green apple growing off my uterus on a stalk so its pushing outward and the combination of fibroid and bloating is challenging to say the least right now. In the mornings I look way different than I do at the end of the day! 

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Yeah. Counting the days until I can stop hiding.

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The other thing to consider on maternity jeans is the waistband: Some have a wide elastic waistband, and others have a big tights-material panel. I think the elastic waistband ones stay up better, but I couldn't wear them because I didn't like having anything pressing on my stomach. It can be good to experiment with both. (I wound up using suspenders with my maternity jeans)

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rinap! suspenders, LOVE it! Hmmm yes I did see lots of different waistband types! i figured the tall mamma that goes up to your chest would bug me right now at least, the others looked nice and soft and stretchy but were only say 3 inches worth of waist. But the suspenders idea is fabulous!

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How to suspenders work with large boobs? Do you just go to the outside? (And yes, I did Google this before asking, but with my "Safe Search" on, Google turned up nothings, so I thought it best to ask here next!) I had a pair of Mork & Mindy suspenders as a kid, and I have had a great love for them ever since, but never quite thought I could pull off the look; this pregnancy may just be it!!

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Ha! MarieHoney!  My knee-jerk reaction is right over the boob! Front and center! But that might be pretty uncomfy if the sisters are sore? What if you criss-crossed them somehow?  But I did google non-safe here and saw them off to the outer sides. ;)

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They have(or had) special suspenders the last time I looked that attached to the bottom of your bra on your sides lol.gif

I like the big panels ones, I can't do the low panel ones... But I did wear my big panel ones that are too big out for dinner the other day and I just folded the panel down. And they worked okish. Still a bit too big on me. The biggest problem with mat pants I find is that if you are trying to hide it... You aren't going to get away with it unless you have some super flowy tops... That panel sticks out like a sore thumb!

Glad I kept ya from throwin up crickets!
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I went with outside. Over my bra, but under my shirt. It made going to the bathroom really annoying, but it let me feel a bit more professional than either showing my waistband or pulling up my pants all the time.

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Don't forget that in anything designer you will find yourself in a smaller size.  Part of the price tag is vanity of the size label!

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Ha yes innacircle, I hear that!

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Have any of you ladies tried the bella band? I normally wear a tank under my shirts anyway, and I've lost a good amount of weight so the only thing that doesn't fit is around the button of my pants. I'm making do with the hair band trick, but that's getting a little uncomfortable...I'm thinking pretty soon I'll have to go full unzip! :innocent 


With the suspenders that hook to the bra strap, I heard they work well but you should use them with a bra you aren't really really fond of, as they will eventually completely stretch the elastic out on the band. I get attached to bras, so I nixed that option right away lol 

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I love the Bella band! I can't find my good one though *grumble* and can only find a cheap knock off I have. I need a new one and soon!
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Delighted, do you sew at all? You could sew your own for maybe $5

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I wanted to mention something about jeans.  I don't have maternity jeans - still using my regulars.  They work really well and I think this is why... 

They are I.N.C. brand from Macy's and they are stretchy, soft and warm like cotton leggings (but they are def denim and look like denim).  I'd estimate them to be a moderate rise - higher than low rise but not up on your waist.  The unique thing is that the zipper is short.. like approx 2.5" and then there are vertical double buttons.  I can leave the zipper open and use the hairband trick on the lower button without the jeans falling down at all.  I can also use the bathroom without having to unfasten any of it bc there's enough stretch!  An added bonus is bc the way the crotch area is sewn, the zipper starts fairly high up so the open zipper doesn't show at all when wearing a normal length shirt.  


I think I'll be able to swing them for a long time still.  I've got a light and a dark pair that I rotate through.  They are in the $50-$70 range but Macy's regularly has sales that put them around $40.  They are sold in short, regular and tall (Yay talls!) and in skinny, curvy, straight, etc.   I expect I'll be getting some capris in the same brand as well once the frigid weather backs down a bit.

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Has anyone here tried wearing scrubs during pregnancy? 

I used some of my old ones recently; they have a drawstring waist and nothing binding... also tons of pockets which is a plus.  There are also kinds with elastic waistbands that may/may not have a drawstring as backup.  I am thinking they might be nice going into Spring.  Thoughts?

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