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I'm not vaccinating forum

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Hi Cynthia and other powers that be,


As I am sure you are very aware, we often have difficulty on the INV forum with new posters posting to INV inappropriately.  Sometimes the posters are genuine and are just a little lost (it can happen to new people!) but sometimes they are more deliberate interlopers trying to tell us all that we are bad parents and ill informed.  


While there has been a flare up in interloper-with-an-agenda activity in the last week or so, the problem is a long standing one and after consulting with those on the INV forum, I have an idea.




What do you think of having the first 20 posts to INV be held in a queue pending moderator approval before posting?  


What do you think of the number 20 - too high, low, just right?


I wonder if the Vax on schedule has this need as well?  



If you are low on volunteers, I have no issue with vetting new posts on INV.  I also have no issues if you want the regular mod to do it, or someone else.  I just want to remove obstacles to getting it done.


In any grey-zone issue, I would defer to a mod.  (example, a genuine, established MDC member who is pro-vax but is also being truly supportive) .


Thanks and I await your opinion,





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I think that's a great idea!  However, mods might not have time to make that work.  I've been in forums where, by the time my moderated post was posted, the conversation had moved 2-3 pages, and my post was effectively lost from the conversation.


Kathy's point that this is a long-standing issue that needs to be addressed is spot-on.

Would it be possible to have a fast-track "this needs to be dealt with ASAP" button to separate reports of trolls and really,really offensive comments (like the recent KR debacle) from the reports of spam, mildly offensive comments, and infractions?  And, to head off overuse, some clear guidelines as to when it can be used, with a penalty for stepping over those guidelines?


We don't want to stop debate and discussion, but we also want to feel safe here, and we don't want newbies scared off by trolls (and the recent influx of trolls has been unusually vicious).

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Thanks for bringing the request over here. :thumb

What you are requesting is possible but it would apply to all forums. We don't have the functionality to apply it only to specific forums. We could request the feature but whether or not it is developed is up to Huddler, who owns the platform. If they did decide to develop it, it is a long process and many other features are already in line in the dev list of priorities.


The best solution is to set up a Group for INV. The leaders of the group would have full control over allowing members in or not and removing someone from the group. Would that work?

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I was pretty sure that when I quit and then rejoined, I had posts held in queue for moderation as I was new.  


Does that feature not exist anymore?


The idea of a group is not as popular as a hold queue as most want genuine newbies to have a place to go for support.  I suppose we could have both.  Would you worry a group drawing traffic away from the public INV - or is that not a big concern?

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Yes, it does exist but it works globally. If we set it to hold the first 20 posts it will not let new members post in any forum and we'd have to manually approve every post to any forum. I'm not willing to impose that. 


It is simple enough to join a group. So newbies can do so easily and post right away. You can leave the group open and simply remove anyone who posts in a way that is detrimental to the groups purpose. I have no concerns about it drawing traffic away from the forum. 

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Any decision on this? Do the INV members want to form a Group?

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In my opinion, this topic is quite important, a very difficult decision for many-it was for me. Our community would be well served by input from all points of view. Personal experiences, factors influencing your decisions...whatever you are comfortable sharing.
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