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Anybody else dreading the maternity clothes? - Page 2

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I LOVE maternity clothes! I bought some from toysrus already. They are having a 70% off sale. I'm also going to be stalking zulily!

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This is my first pregnancy, so I have NO experience in this department.  I'll be sticking to consignment shops, I think.  My sister is the only person I'm close to that's been pregnant, and I am 5 inches taller than her, so no sharing.


I am looking forward to maternity clothes because I am looking forward to everything having to do with being pregnant.  I live in Florida where the summers are severely hot and humid.  I will surely have to invest in some very lightweight dresses.


As for pants... my sister bought a bella band (I think?) that she used to keep wearing her old jeans... like she just unbuttoned them and used the band to hold them up.  She is tiny and had twins so her belly was REALLY big, and it seemed to work find.  Anyone every tried this?  It would be nice to not have to buy new pants.

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Go for the sales and google coupon codes for Isabella Oliver.  Pricey and absolutely stunning.  I had to go to 5 weddings while I was heavily pregnant with my first and I wore their one-shoulder ruched dress to every single one.  I have 3 of their striped ruched t-shirts, too.  I feel insanely sexy in all their clothes; I'm telling you, it's worth every penny (especially if you wait for the 70-80% off sales!).

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Oh - and maternity skinny jeans from Old Navy.  I like very form-fitting maternity clothes that show off the bump like crazy.

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Toys R Us has maternity clothes?! I wonder if all stores are doing the 70% off....that makes me want to go shopping! wink1.gif
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Count me in as another fan of the over-the-belly pants! I love that it covers everything, and that there's no pressure points on my abdomen. Especially when I'm feeling morning sick (which is a lot more than just in the morning!), anything I can do to take pressure off is a blessing. My SIL, on the other hand, absolutely despises over-the-belly pants, and will only do underbelly ones.

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My over the belly pants always made me itchy.
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I'm going to purchase a Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabelle so I can wear my pants longer. I'm really excited for dresses in the summer though. And, I teach swimming in the summer so I'll need to invest in some cute belly baring bathing suits! What I'm really nervous about is finding a formal dress to fit a 9 month big belly for my BIL and FSIL's wedding! It has to be black and I'm maid of honor, so dressy yet appropriate. Le sigh. I've seen some sites that rent fancy maternity dresses, but not sure if anyone's tried those.

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