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Any advice appreciated :)

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Hi everyone! I think I'm 14 dpo today (or 9 dpo) & I've only just started having very mild cramps/shooting pain in breasts. I tested and bfn. I used afternoon urine though. So I want to get some opinions of when you think I ovulated based on my symptoms. My last cycle was January 9-13 it was really short as I'm still regulating from getting off bc. Last cycle I ovulated 2 days after af ended. I'm usually good at detecting my ovulation by checking my cp/cm but I'm confused this month about when I actually O'd! Any insight would be much appreciated!

The first time I though I ovulated was Jan. 20th
1-4 dpo: Unusual abundance of creamy mucus.

Then on Jan. 25th (5 dpo): I had another strange large glob of clear, light orange mucus with some cramping/soreness. It looked almost like a mucus plug! (Possible O?) Cp slightly open.

6 dpo: More clear, slippery, somewhat stretchy mucus with very little orange which turned into thick yellow discharge later on that evening. (It's not an infection)

7 dpo: Nothing except creamy cm in the morning which dried up that evening.

8 dpo: Creamy/tacky cm.

9 dpo: Slippery/creamy/tacky cm

10 dpo: More globby, thick, (somewhat stretchy) milky/white discharge. Had have a really wet feeling all day and creamy, really slippery/wet cm all day. Cp is really low.

12-14 dpo: white lotiony mucus . Cp is low/medium & so soft it feels like it's blending in with the vaginal wall!

14 dpo: cramps mainly on ovary & globby white bit of discharge mixed with creamy cm. Gums sore this morning.

15 dpo: Lower back pain. Sore gums & even teeth in the am. BBT=98.3. Breast pain starting to increase.

Temps have been between 97.7-98.5 (I've had a cold though so not to accurate)

This has been the strangest cycle! I usually cramp the whole LP and have never had this 'globby' mucus. Does anyone have any input of when you think I O'd & if these symptoms sound promising? I'm so confused!
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Bumping in hopes you can get some advice!

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Thank you, I really appreciate it! smile.gif
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16 dpo: Nipples starting to hurt. BBT dip 97.9 today but don't have a cover line as started temping to late. Cp high/medium/closed. No other symptoms- nothing. Af 2 days late.
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Warning: TMI-Pic! Had another globby, stretchy bit of cm! I had some fluttery type feeling in lower abdomen as well as radiating pain in right breast! Could this be leukorrhea?
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17 dpo: BBT went back up to 98.3! Thats a that's a good thing right? smile.gif
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I think the temp going back up is good. I have to admit, I'm in the same boat as far as CP and CM are concerned... very non typical. Very misleading ... Have you tested again?
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It is really miss leading! I tested this evening and bfn again greensad.gif Not sure what's going on. Not sure why my temp go back up? :/
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I don't know, but I do know how crazy I get waiting to figure out if I'm pregnant. Keep testing in the morning, don't bother testing in the evening. I got a very very faint positive 12 days after suspected conception. Good luck! I hope you get an answer soon!
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I think I probably should test with first morning urine,I just keep thinking I can wait one more day but end up testing in the afternoon orngbiggrin.gif Thank you smile.gif I'll post whatever happens.
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With this pregnancy I tested late evening and got negative then a positive the next morning. Continued testing like crazy morning and evening and all late day ones looked neg. so I def think a morning test would be more accurate smile.gif I hope its positive:)
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Thank you! smile.gif My temp went up again today, not much but it did! 98.4 today!
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Here is a chart I did on ff but since I didn't start temping until later on in my cycle the days are messed up. Cycle day one is really 2 dpo (I'm assuming that I O'd the second time I thought as I still have no af)
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So how many DPO are you now?
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I think 13 as I had more ewcm type cm 5 days after I thought I ovulated.
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And how many days is your luteal phase usually?
I think you might still be early for testing, especially if your LP is longer..
Mine is relatively short, usually 12 days. So I know I should test if my temp remains high after I expect my LP to end or in other words if my temp stays high after I'm expecting AF.
I've seen ppl say dont bank on being pregnant until high temps 15 DPO
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Usually 14 days. So hopefully I'll know by tomorrow smile.gif I feel like my temp should have went down if af was coming tomorrow but I could be wrong. Thank you so much for responding! smile.gif
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14 dpo: BBT=98.3. Cp high, soft, closed. Feeling really wet 'down there' but nothing when I check. Breasts & nipples are sore. Stitches in my sides.
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I hope you get a bfp soon!
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Thank you Orgenmoon! Me too orngbiggrin.gif

UPDATE: Today I've had some strange symptoms. For example, I've been having a hard time staying warm, lack of concentration/forgetfulness & pain radiating from my butt muscles through my thigh & into my knees! Also had a wet feeling all day & had more yellowish, thick sticky cm! Cp has softened back up & still high.
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