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Ultrasound rant

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we had the ultrasound today...

starting off, the birth center was transporting a mom, the first mom in labor we encountered there was being transferred, not a great example of the less than 4% transport rate we were quoted at our consult. 

then the couple coming out of the scan before us were beyond aggravated they were having a girl, they were literally pissed at the gender of their baby. Honestly, if you know you really don't want one gender why find out and spend half your pregnancy disappointed you didn't get the baby you wanted???? WTF is that?!

then we go in

the baby was modest and really active so we couldn't tell the gender if we wanted to (and we don't) but the tech kept the screen turned away from me the whole time. DF got to see the whole scan, made me happy to see his face (I guess the baby reached down and grabbed his/her foot and was playing with her toes at one point) BUT she kept saying she would turn the screen and I kept waiting patiently, got up emptied my bladder and lied down for a second try to get the shots she needed. Then she wiped my belly off and told us we were done. Well, I never saw my baby. She printed one shitty picture, like a really shitty picture and showed me at the end... I only waited 4 months for that! Then she proceeded to tell me she had no idea when I would hear about the results, or when or even IF anyone would call me with them, she said probably in a month I'd hear back at my next prenatal. I wanted to punch her. I was so upset I burst into tears in the car.


I think I'd be just as well ignored and disregarded at a hospital as the birth center, I want my Massachusetts Midwives so bad :(



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Oh I am so sorry that was such a terrible experience.  It is amazing how much these things vary.  Is there more than one US tech that works there?  I would ask if someone else can give you the peek you want.  Maybe if you ask nicely enough, they will do one free of charge?  I don't know....I've never been somewhere they didn't turn the screen. My new place (an OB office with a midwife) has a huge screen up on the wall for mom to see and they print out a ton of photos (more than I need for sure), so it seems like there are a lot of differences between places.


Ps, being pissed about the gender? Really? REALLY? what are they going to do, send it back?

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I'm sorry :( I'd be mad if I didn't get to see the screen for sure. Ugh..

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:( That's frustrating...


I don't understand the whole getting mad about having one gender. I can understand a little bit of disappointment, but it seems left and right this pregnancy all I hear about is women being really upset that they're having ____. It's hard for me to comprehend those feelings.

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It was so odd! I can understand wanting a specific gender, and its ok to be disappointed, but these two were acting like they they might "send it back". It actually made me sad, I wanted to say "shh, baby can hear you saying you wish she were someone else..."

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I agree. That baby will still be beautiful and fun, no matter what it is!
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I'm always so pushy about seeing the screen the whole time. I don't care if they have measurements to do--they are doing things to my body and I want to be able to see them. One u/s tech was mean about it once, and I refused to ever see her again--it's a little less comfortable for them, I guess, but so what? I'd call up and talk to someone in charge about it--say how disappointed you were that you didn't even get to see the baby, and that you'd like to have another look to reassure you that things are fine--no need for measurements, just a quick peek at your next appointment. Be bitchy, if needed. It's not a huge cost to them to turn on the machine, you know?
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Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

 It's not a huge cost to them to turn on the machine, you know?

But ultrasounds ARE a huge cost to us mammas, and I think it's downright unfair (even though I never play the "unfair" card) that you were unable to see the screen. We pay lots of money to have these screens done and you SHOULD get to see your baby on the screen. I hate to say it but the money thing should be worth some leverage! I hope they do a better job at doing their job in the future. 

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Thank you all for not making me feel like I was unreasonably upset, and for your suggestions. Hopefully at my next appointment I'll be able to get a peek, I was so looking forward to checking for parts and legs and hands and a profile. I really wanted to see the baby's profile, thats the big bummer. I really don't feel reassured at all, not seeing the baby was one thing but not even hearing from the tech that baby looked good and normal on screen is nagging at me.

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Kabby--right, that's what I meant, exactly. No real cost to them, lots of cost to you, so you should get your money's worth, and that includes at least seeing the little bean for a minute or two!
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that's really frustrating! I think that's one reason I can't/couldn't do green team, I would hate to look away!

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