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I had to delete my thread due to the fact that I was able to find it on google search accidentally today. If I can find it just from searching "introducing half siblings" im sure the other parties involved can find it as well. However if you ladies have any other suggestions about this please feel free to pm me :-)
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I think that if you can, it would be a great thing for the boys to know each other as brothers from such a young age.  While you will still get all the questions about why they have different moms, etc., I think it's a much easier adjustment now than introducing the idea later on, especially since dad is not in the picture (or is he for the other child? That could be hard for your son). 


Hopefully she is sincere.  I know my view point of my stepdaughter's mother (my now ex's first wife) was very skewed by him and not accurate at all when ex and I were still together, so it's possible she really has done a 180.  Maybe start out with meetings on neutral ground (i.e. the park, etc.) until you get a better feel with how you want your relationship with her and the relationship between the boys to go.  You don't have to be best friends with her in order for your sons to have a relationship.  Good luck!

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He is around for the other child just not for mine. They broke up over my son so more of a reason he wants nothing to do with him. She thinks that if he sees the boys in each others lives it will change him. Rather it does or not, I am still very untrusting of them. You have a very good point about introducing them young. I didn't even think about their ages playing a factor but doing it now can eliminate a lot of questioning later. I never want to give my son a reason not to trust me. Thank you so much for the advice. It makes situations a lot easier to deal with when you can talk about them.
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I think given they are not together any more you can consider that she sees things very differently than when he was feeding her his story only. You have no idea what he told her. She obviously came to her senses though.

I think it is a great idea to get the boys together. It would probably help your son not to later feel so hurt by his father running away from the reality of the situation.

Family is so important and you have a chance to build more family for him. Who knows maybe you could both help each other with baby sitting and give the brothers me time together.

Hopefully things will work out. At least this way gives things a chance and doesn't let your ex control the situation. Because if the bad situation he created kept the brothers apart it would be such a shame.

Did you manage to sort out support from him for your son? His lack of involvement shouldn't end that responsibility.
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Just remember though that your sons father was probably telling her horrible things and making everything worse. If you were evil he could push everything into you. Obviously that didn't work if he lost her. I hope it turns out okay and you can make peace with the family.

Good luck in court.
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Thank you. I will keep you posted on how court goes. I am formulating a plan to try to ease the process of being a family with them. I think I will start with offering to let the boys Skype until I feel more comfortable and trusting of the situation. Then I will ease into meeting them face to face. I do hope they prove my instincts wrong and the boys are able to peacefully be in each others lives.
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