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Pregnant and got a positive marker for downs.

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I got our tri screen back today. Positive for markers of downs syndrome. I'm devistated. We still have to go in for the for-sure test. But the doctor said since we are sure of my dates, he is pretty sure it is a downs baby. :*( I'm 17 weeks with a girl. I'm 32 years old and this is my 4th child, all under 7 years.

Help me understand.....
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Anyone have any advice or experience?
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When you say tri-screen, are you speaking of Harmony, Materniti21, or one of the newer free cell DNA tests? Or is the test one of the older AFP or quad screen tests? If it's the latter, then please keep in mind that the test merely assesses risk based on your blood work. It is NOT a diagnostic tool. My DS #5 had two soft markers for Downs at the 20 wk anatomy scan. I declined the amnio the MFM doc was pressuring me to have at the time because I felt that the risks outweighed any possible benefit, as we are pro-life and had no intention of terminating. That said, DS was born perfectly healthy and does not have Downs.

I am sorry that you have received troubling news. It sounds like you have many unanswered questions. I'd suggest making an appointment to speak with your OB to talk about the possibilities and next steps. Good luck.
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No personal experience, but with the AFP/ quad, Ive known a bunch of people that false-positives. I declined all the tests, so I don't know much about it myself.
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It was a newer quad screen. I got my numbers back. Is there some place to compare them to other quad screen numbers? Google is no help. greensad.gif
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Sorry, I wish I knew if they've changed much in the last 3-5 years. I know the newer test that came out a year or two ago is supposed to be more accurate than the ones I was offered--which I declined because a 50% false positive rate was just too nerve wracking to even consider.
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Have you checked this site!http://www.babycenter.com/0_quad-screen-second-trimester-prenatal-screening_1487.bc?page=3
It sounds like there is a formula that is unique as regards to age. Also, could you call the doctors office and request more info in regards to your sc.
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This is one more
Be kind to yourself mama. What a hard spot to be in... Hugs
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Your post brings back so many memories..last year i was told my son had Downs Syndrome..it was confirmed with an anmio. Its a rollarcoaster of emotions and the day i decided that i accepted my sons diagnoses is the day i began to live again and to allow myself to love my son.i still prayed for a miracle up until the day of his birth.the moment i laid eyes on him and felt his warm body on my chest i regretted every moment that i wasted wondering "what if ?" I love my little boy and im so proud of every achievement that he makes and his progress. I hope everything works out for you and your family.
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I had a positive screen for DS. I forget the odds. And soft markers on ultrasound. But, Amnio said he did not have DS. It was very stressful for us.
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It has been 5 years for us. The phone call will always be tattooed into our memories.


There is nothing I can say because I know from experience. My wife and I processed it differently and slowly.


You can listen to our story here. It is episode 1. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/building-special-families/id815299255?mt=2

Hopefully you can find some encouragement.

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How are you doing? I curious the outcome of your test and you.
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Update: level 2 ultrasound found no markers, and she "was searching for them". Did the harmony test, 99% negative for downs. We are going ahead with the pregnancy of our girl! 23 weeks now!
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Thanks for the update mama. We (I) was thinking a lot about you. Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy it okay? Have you joined your due date club?
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