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I do that too. Lol
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How else ya gonna get the dust bunnies off? Offer em a carrot?
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We use them.  I have a fast flow and lots of milk and sometimes mine just want to suck but don't want to eat.  My 2nd never took one, but my first and third have shown definite preferences -- sometimes they want to nurse, sometimes they want a paci.  I see them as age-appropriate for babies.  It's something that gives her a lot of comfort.  I think even mainstream parents have pretty strong views about them sometimes. 

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As long as they don't interfere in milk supply or nursing, i don't see a problem with them at all. I had a finger-sucker and a paci baby. Sucking, of course, calms babies. It also helps with reflux, and it develops oral muscles used later for speech and chewing. I was grateful, when driving down a freeway with a crying baby in the back seat, that they had either their fingers or their paci to soothe them. 

My second dd was a tube-feeder for many years. Her pacis helped her a lot to keep the strength up in her mouth and helped with reflux. Because she was not eating we let her suck on them until she was about three and didn't feel the need for them anymore.

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I think in some cases, like babies with colic or strong sucking needs and moms with oversupply, they can be great. But they can cause supply issues and speech issues if used too long, so it's worth being careful with them.
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