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Introducing myself, with some questions. :)

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Hi everyone! My name is Taylor. After having two poor experiences with prenatal care and delivery, I've realized that I really want/need to do a home birth. I've had two uncomplicated pregnancies and births. I know I can handle doing this myself.
I've done a bit of research, but I have some questions.

I live in NYS. Does anyone know if it's legal to not get prenatal care and to have an unassisted birth?
Does anyone have a favorite place where they go for their supplies?
How do you go about getting a birth certificate after a home birth?

Also, I'm wondering about GBS. I didn't have it my first pregnancy, but I did the second. I'm going to do some more research, but I figured I'd ask... Is this something that people get tested for when doing unassisted prenatal? If so, and if they're positive, what happens when you give birth? Does this mean you can't do a UC?

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While I know nothing of New York specifically, I'm fairly positive they cannot make you pay for a service. Unassisted birth is not illegal - some women naturally have precipitous labors and can't make it to a hospital.

I purchased my supplies from inhishands.com, but I found I didn't use a lot of what I received. All I used was chux pads, cord clamps, menstrual pads, and my essential oils.

For information specific to NY, you will need to talk to your local vital records office. They may require proof of pregnancy - i.e. ultrasound, prenatal records (I went to a hospital midwife practice once for a pregnancy test just to have proof), newborn/postpartum checks by a doctor, etc...

You will find in the UC community, different people do different things. Something that one person is passionately in support of, someone else will be passionately against. I didn't test for GBS. I did what I felt was adequate research, and I decided the risk was low enough that I didn't need to worry about it. If you don't feel comfortable with the risk, there are alternative treatments like putting garlic up "there" on a string. It kills the bacteria.

There is a website specifically for midwives that discusses issues like GBS. You can do keyword searches. I'll post the link below.


Good luck on your journey! =)
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The GBS issue would depend on your feelings about risk. If you don't test for GBS and your water breaks before labor, how long are you going to wait for labor to kick in before you change your mind and go to the hospital for antibiotics, or are you going to stay home? What if you go into labor before 36 weeks? Or develop a fever in labor? Are you going to do baby's vitals and watch for s/s of respiratory distress? Not having vaginal exams done (not even attempting to do it yourself, like some people do) will lower your risk of transmission, but it doesn't eliminate it entirely.


This article is fantastic:



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