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28 week ultrasound for partial placenta previa and elevated HCG levels

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I am at Kaiser and based on my blood work and 20 week ultrasound, I have been "diagnosed" with partial placenta previa and elevated HCG levels. Because of this, my doc wants to do an u/s at 28 weeks. I'm currently 25.5 weeks so it would be in my near future. I would like the least amount of u/s exposure as possible because I am not convinced that they are 100% safe. However, I don't know if this one really is "necessary" to check the progress of the partial placenta previa and potential effects of HCG, which my doc said are decreased fetal development (which I can't find any research online to support). Kaiser also wants me to start doing non-stress tests at 32 weeks due to the elevated HCG levels, which again, I don't know if they are really necessary. I plan to have a natural birth with as little intervention as truly needed and am worried that these extra procedures will increase my likelihood of intervention. On the other hand, if there truly is something that could cause concern, I want to be aware of it, thus I am conflicted. I would be very appreciative of any feedback or insights you may have on this. Thank you in advance!

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I have marginal placenta previa, dx at my 20 weeks scan. My OB wanted to do a follow up scan at 25 wks, but I told him that I didn't think it was necessary (& especially so after talking with other mammas here with pp) because your baby is most likely to stretch your uterus from 28 weeks onward. So, it seemed like a waste of time and money to so another scan so early. I cancelled the u/s and opted do it later, but now I'm thinking I may reschedule it again closer to 36 weeks. The HCG levels it can't comment on.....maybe someone else has experience with this.
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I'd want to check the progress of the previa. I had placenta previa with my daughter, which resulted in hemorrhage and early delivery. You want to know whether the placenta is out of the way. Odds are that it is, but ultrasound is way safer then proceeding as if everything is fine if the placenta is still blocking the exit. Placenta previa is also sometimes associated with vasa previa, which can persist even if the placenta previa is no longer an issue.
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Thanks for your input meepy. Was your pp complete/partial/marginal? Did you get any "warning" bleeds?
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The 20 week ultrasound is way too early to get worried/worked up about a partial previa. It's very likely that the placenta is going to move up and out of the way.

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Sierra, I had warning bleeds at 26 & 29 weeks - at those points, I knew the previa spotted at the 18 week scan was probably still in play, but my follow-up scan was scheduled for 30 weeks, and the scan you get at l&d after hours is not the highest resolution.

My previa started out complete, but not central to the placenta, and progressed, through incomplete and hopefully resolving to the clinical crisis of "obviously not totally clear" where I bled buckets and had a c-section at 32 weeks. Previa is highly associated with prematurity, so just chilling till late in the third tri is not a great way forward.

I agree with phathui that previa isn't really something to get worked up about at 20 weeks, but I don't think that implies much. That mid pregnancy scan is the last one that most of us have, sometimes the only one scheduled at all. If there is no previa at that point, great. If there is, it needs to be followed up. The only way to tell a woman who hasn't bled because of sheer luck from one who hasn't bled because the previa is totally gone is ultrasound. You don't want to discover the previa is still an issue because someone who thought everything was fine tried to do a cervical check.
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I guess that my opinion was formed after discussion with the OB (&mw) that it is ok to wait since the course of action is to head straight to the hospital if I have bleeding, no matter what. In other words, another ultrasound wouldn't matter in terms of what they would do at that point, bc the "diagnosis" has been made and the assumption is that the pp is still there. & also, I agree that while vasa previa is related to pp- OB also said that 97% are dx at the 20 week scan, & if some has a lower placenta that is one of the first things they look at with the color doppler. As of the 20 week scan I didn't have it but I'm sure they will check again when I decide to have my follow up. Thank you for sharing your experience, I can understand why you have such strong feelings. I'm currently treading between trying to chill out about it & having mini freak outs!
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Why did they check HCG levels in the first place? I've never heard of that beyond the 1st trimester. I would want the US by maybe 32 weeks, enough time to fix itself by then but early enough in case you go into labor a bit early, and also a good time to check growth. And my understanding is that a previa can potentially be bad enough (even if partial) to require c/s birth by 36 weeks, because you can abrupt with any cervical dilation and going to the hospital if you see blood is too late sometimes. It is a potentially very big deal, but also would be nice to stop worrying about it sooner (sooner than 36 weeks) because it will probably resolve!
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