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3 month old Not vaccinated with bad cough and stuffy nose

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We chose not to vaccinate our LO (for now, possibly later on) anyways we had family fly in a they were sick didn't tell us ahead of time. My husband ended up getting sick and I ended up sick about a week later. Our LO started with a dry cough here and there then few days later stuffy nose and congested cough. He will cough up flem but swallow it before I can suck it out. We have a Vicks cool mist germ free humidifier running in the room 24/7. I've been using the Nose Frida after boiling a pot of water with oil of oregeno in it and sitting under a blanket with him hoping the steam will help break up the mucus. That helps him be able To breathe easier for a little bit. I do this multiple times a day. I just started giving him colloidal silver from natures sunshine and also a little VSC from natures sunshine. And powdered vitamin C (just a pinch in a little breast milk with a syringe) we are EBF as well. I pretty much just nurse and suck his nose and steam him all day . Also taking him In the shower with me and letting the warm water run on his back. I was using baby Vicks on his feet and chest but read I can mix oil of Oregano with olive oil so we are trying that tonight. I was wondering if there is anything else I should or shouldn't be doing. Was kinda worried about the cough cause of the whole whooping cough in babies being so dangerous but am not comfortable with that vaccine at all. He has not had a temp higher then 98.7. This is our 1st child so I've been up every night just listening to his breathing and reading everything I can online. Which is how I came across this site. Thanks so much for any insight!
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Has your child been evaluated by a pediatrician? (Do you have a pediatrician who is okay with your delaying vaccines?)  

Your child is too young to be protected against pertussis by vaccines anyway (even assuming they work, which they may not, anyway).

I don't have any experience with most of what you are doing, so I can't speak on that; I'm sure others will pop in.  I'm not a fan of cool-mist humidifiers--they can spew mold spores and other goodies into the air, and that can't be helpful.  The breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for him, IMHO.


When my kids got pertussis/croup (not sure which , the doctor said pertussis, but who knows?), I was told by the pediatrician to take them into the bathroom or shower and sit in the steam for 10 minutes, and then (after drying them really well), to open the freezer door (or just go outside, but bundle them up well!) and have them breathe the cold air for a few minutes.  This always worked when the barking cough got really bad.  they'd stop coughing for at least half an hour, usually much more.


If you go to the pediatrician, I recommend that you NOT allow the baby to be vaccinated when he is sick, or just getting over being sick.  

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There are hundreds if not thousands of viruses out there that give colds and stuffy noses.  It's likely a cold virus.  It's very hard to see little ones sick, but you are doing all the best things.  Steam, nose frida, breastmilk...He will get better and this will happen again and again (getting viruses).  No matter if you vax or not, it doesn't prevent kids from getting these little colds.


Even if this is pertussis (which again, it's most likely not) if you and if you did vax for pertussis, he could have had only one dose of (a very ineffective) vaccine by now, so there would be not much difference for a 3 month old.  A full series (as per Sanofi) for pertussis is 4 doses, (though there is limited protection with 3 doses, the last given at 6 mo).  And the pertussis vaccine is woefully ineffective anyway.  So don't beat yourself up about this one.

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Thanks! We have not seen the pediatrician over this yet. Trying to do all we can at home naturally first. His pediatrician kept me in the office for over an hr last visit trying to talk me into vaccinating him. I think that's why I'm so paranoid about it being whooping cough. She said if he gets sick he will be in the hospital and have horrible tests done because they treat unvaccinated babies different then vaccinated Babies. And that my breastmilk will not protect him from sicknesses. The cough has been much better tonight then it has all week. We just woke up to do steam and nose Frida again so he can breathe for the rest of the night. It is awful seeing them sick!! Thank you both for the reply. I appreciate it!!
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I usually use a saline solution when noses are stuffy around here and breast milk. 

Baby Vicks contains petroleum jelly, not sure if you are aware of that. Eucalyptus oil can be irritating for infants (skin, cough etc.) although I know it is mentioned a lot for use in babies.

I would not be too worried if the symptoms present just like a common cold. It just takes time for the baby to get over it just like it does with us. It is training his immune system. I know it can be quite scary. Our ped told us to elevate the baby's head a bit when lying down by putting a folder under the matress. Breast milk is the best you can do and you are doing that.

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Any trained ped worth 2 cents will know a cold vs pertussis signs in a baby that age.  I don't think you have to worry about putting him in hospital.  As far as treating them differently, yes, I do think that my ped suggests more testing when she encounters a non-vaxxed child with a suspect illness, but I don't think you have to worry about them recommending hospitalization with every cold.

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Any trained ped worth 2 cents will know a cold vs pertussis signs in a baby that age. 


I don't know if that is true, in the beginning stages. I would just give sodium ascorbate, because it will help with a cold or pertussis.

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It sounds like you are doing a ton of things to help lo breathing. My dd had something similar around 4 months. I'm sorry your ped is not supportive. I've been in that situation. If it doesn't improve, I'd take lo to the dr because of being 3 mos. I ended up taking my dd to dr and brought my mother and husband for support and a untied front. We do all natural remedies too, but her cough and breathing were not getting better.
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Originally Posted by ma2two View Post

I don't know if that is true, in the beginning stages. I would just give sodium ascorbate, because it will help with a cold or pertussis.

To a 3 month old!?
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Chances are that it's just a virus. I don't think it's wise to give vitamin C to an EBF baby of that age directly. Mom could take some though, it passes through into breastmilk.
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I did Vit C with DD when she had a cold at 4mos - I got the baby drops, and I think I had her up to 2000mg a day - far more than the "recommended dosage" on the label but I knew she would eliminate what she didn't need.  I also hit the C hard myself - somewhere around 10,000mg - to help her out while nursing.  Steam, nose frida, elevated head while sleeping....basically what you are doing.  We did have a humidifier...an antibacterial, antimold....what load of crap! That thing gathered more mold on the filter in the first month than my old school humidifier I had growing up did in the course of almost 15 years!  So I also say nix that and if you feel the need to add moisture then just continue to steam the shower, or the blanket over bowl or place a bowl of water in the room and it will evaporate as needed and you can change it daily, even add EO's as you like.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oil of oregano with coconut oil on the feet!  Didn't start that until about a year ago (although had a coconut version of vicks that I used on DD which has rosemary and peppermint EO's) but it's been a huge help especially for DH who never kicks colds quickly and finally this year he's seen improvement when I chase him down to slather on the EO's!


I wish my old laptop hadn't crashed but at some point I had a link (and hopefully someone can help out here) about breastfeeding and antibodies.  The point of the article was that even if YOU are not exposed to a particular virus but baby is, the instant your baby latches on to nurse, your body will react to the virus and begin to produce antibodies that will be transferred to baby via breast milk.  So your pediatrician might wanna do some follow up reading on the benefits of breastfeeding because it produces far superior antibodies to that of vaccines!  It's little things like that and denying my DD's vaccine reactions that lead us to part ways with her pediatrician and seek out a naturopath who doesn't push vaxxing, so that might be something for you to consider in the future, especially if you prefer less conventional treatments as a first line of defense.

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Hyland's Vitamin C tablets are Sodium Ascorbate and it doesn't say there is a minimum age for use. It just says: Children under 2 years of age, dissolve 1-2 tablets daily under the tongue or as prescribed by a physician.  I use them with my daughter, but I can't remember at what age I started.  When she is getting sick, I give her a few big doses throughout the day. The one time I was nervous about pertussis, I dosed her until she had loose stools, then backed off a tablet or two.


For congestion, I highly recommend "warming socks."  It really helps move things through the lymphatic system.  During sleep: wet a pair of thin cotton socks, wring out, and put on baby's feet (feet should be warm before starting); cover with a pair thick wool socks.  Leave on until the morning (I'd even do it at every nap as well.)  This should make a big difference.  Nasal wash, if you can manage it, should also be helpful.  Nurse all the time and do skin-to-skin as much as possible. My ND says viruses tend to go in 7 day cycles so expect it to last that long.  Or even 14 days.  (!)


I'm not sure at what age a baby can take it, but echinasea, goldenseal, and elderberry are all helpful.  Check on age, though. 


You can also take Vit. C, Vit. D, echinacea, Lysine, and Elderberry - all will help the immune system and might benefit baby through your breast milk.


Maybe a homepathic. . . Pulsatilla maybe?


Given your experience with your doctor, I recommend starting a search for a new one. It is SO hard to not have a supportive pediatrician.  There are supportive ones out there. . . it just takes a bit of digging. My preference is a Naturopath, but there are MD's who are good, too.  You shouldn't have to feel hesitant to see the doctor or ask for advice.  It is hard enough being a mom to a new baby!  Also, getting some good reference books is helpful.  I have Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child and I mostly like it. There are several others that I'm interested in getting as well.  This is just the first of many illnesses.  With support, you will be come more confident over time!


Watch how your baby is acting.  If baby becomes lethargic or acting differently, seek help right away.  How he/she acts is a big indicator. 

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