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STINKY pits! Paging Dr.P.U. Smellbad!

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For the last month my pits have been seriously stankoriffic! I usually use the Thai Crystal spray even through hot humid summer but it stopped working. Trying to find a good natural replacement but wowsa! 

Is this typical in pregnancy that anyone knows? Good lord my winter coat makes me gag when I put it on because its down and the pits are just saturated in bad B.O. 

I washed it and it won't come out!

I refuse to buy a new winter coat at this point we're almost done...I think...but if anyone has any good recommendations I'll take em! :Sheepish

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My pits haven't been worse but another lower region is...being overproductive and unpleasant. Pregnancy. Ew. lol

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HA! Yes I've had a err..'musky' odor ew and I've been horrifically gassy! I make aromatherapy sprays as a side hobby so my husband has 3 different ones and he's been following me around spraying! Between the bloating, burping, farting, muskiness, stank pits, and all I'm feeling like a REAL beauty queen here! :irked

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Funny, but I had the WORST pit odor for a few months before I got pg, and then once I got pg, it really died down a lot! Thank goodness for small favors. Because the older I get, the worse the BO becomes, it seems.

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I used to never sweat badly or be very stinky but after my second pregnancy my b.o. got soooo bad! Hormones I guess. They have stayed like that too. I have the same problem with shirts. Certain fabrics are worse than others. Apparently it's not actually the sweat but a bacteria in the sweat. Heat can set the smell. I wash my shirts on cold and hang dry. Vinegar in the rinse can help. I also have the added problem of being super sensitive to deodorant, so I usually go without. I wear a lot of tank tops and try to embrace the smell as "natural". Still working on that one.
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I like Tom's of Maine deodorant. They make a "woodsy" smelling one that covers up odor quite well, without smelling cologne-y.

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Thanks ladies, its been a smidge better but I would really like to try that Tom's of Maine one. Next time I hit the store I'll give it a try! Thanks MarieHoney!

mama2toby - vinegar rinse sounds great for getting smell out of my coat. I will try that today after the dog walk, thanks!

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