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We'll be waiting to tell my 7 year old until after the first U/S at least. The baby is too young to understand, and will be fore a long time yet. Once we're "out," so to speak, we'll make sure we talk about the growing baby a lot. I hope he'll be able to start to form an attachment while I'm pregnant to make the transition easier. He will be close to 16 months old when the new baby comes.

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DS has known for a few days now. We were at the store looking at baby stuff and he started throwing clothes into the cart, lol. He is so excited that its almost annoying, lol. Now we just have to hope that he keeps his mouth shut while he's visiting grandma.

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I was going to wait to tell my 2.5 yo DD because I didn't want her to tell other people, but it's impossible not to talk about the baby in front of her. She is very perceptive and listens to everything we say, so she really already knew, and we officially told her last week. I don't think she fully understands the reality of it yet, but she is really excited. She has been saying for months that she wants a little brother (her cousin recently got one). But we don't live near our families and won't see them in the intervening time before we officially announce, so there's really no one for her to tell as long as I can control her facetime conversations with my mom.

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I can't decide when we will tell others. We have a daughter who is almost 10, a son who is 7 1/2 and a daughter who is 2 1/2. The kids will be excited, but won't be able to keep it a secret. Lol So, we can't tell them until we are ready for the world to know. My sister lives with us too, and she talks to our mom a lot. We will be seeing her in about a week, and will be seeing her and other family for Easter.
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