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Merialiss I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the traveling is smooth and uneventful.
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merialiss, so sorry for your loss!  I totally hear you on the weather.


On the east coast and it feels like there's a snowstorm everyday. And everything keeps getting canceled and postponed-- very tiresome when trying to get everything done before the baby!! I freelance and have lost out on some work because of the weather too which is hard knowing that I will be taking off so much time soon. 


I've stayed fairly active throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimester, which I find really helps with aches & pains. Before all the snow I was walking about 5miles a week. And I've also been swimming about 500-1500meters a week,  and doing a little bit of birth ball/yoga at home for total of 4-6 days of something active each week. That said, it seems like my metabolism has just slowed down to a crawl because I've already gained over 45lbs. I don't think I'm pigging out THAT much but seems to continue to be steady gain of 2-3lbs a week. I know I should just trust my body to do what it needs to do, but it's still a little frustrating.


Lately I feel like I keep hearing about placenta encapsulation. At first I was kind of grossed out by it, but after the little bit of research I've done I have to admit I am now considering doing it....sounds like nature's wonder drug. Don't think we will have energy to plan to do it ourselves, but I guess I'm concerned with cost & possible safety concerns in hiring someone else to do it.  Anyone have opinions on this? Is it worth doing? Or not?

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ok i'm 36 weeks and so emotionally done being pregnant, but i've always gone way late so i'm sure i'm no where near physically done with it. lol


My asthma has been bad for the last month and it's kept me less active here. I was so busy being a negative nelly, no need to share in that. Though I did add myself to the new facebook ddc, i know the diaperswappers march ddc i'm on there is super active, i think people are just more used to facebook by and large these days. Though I will try to check more here as well



let's see i've been having tons of labor signs which is pretty unfair since i know i won't go into active labor for weeks. i'm having daily bouts of prodomal labor, losing some plug, i get to smelling labory when i have lots of cx


with both boys the first sign that i was going to actually finally have a baby right then was a feeling of sharp pain in my cervix when i had contractions


my first labor was 37 hours, 7 pushes at 42 weeks and 6 days


second labor was 31 hours 20 or 30 min of pushing, baby had a stuck shoulder and had to be turned. The first 12 hours of that labor was very laid back though, I was certainly in labor but we went to the park, the store, watched fireworks. It wasn't until about 10 pm that things got rough, mw came at 7 am then next day and he was born some time in the afternoon, i went to 41 weeks and 6 days that time


I'd be shocked if i went into labor before my due date this time

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But we have GIRLS this time, Selissa. They are more punctual right? smile.gif. I keep hoping and praying because I'm just like you. My babies like to bake, I'm too sore for that...
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I am crossing not only my fingers but all my limbs (except my legs because that squeezes the little ladies head which she doesn't like and kicks the tar out of me lol)

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35 weeks here! My Dr made me come in for a BPP. I don't feel like anything would have changed from last week. And it didn't. They want me to do weekly bpp because of the dvt, now, and I don't want to :-/  I have my next appt on Tuesday.


Anxious to see when he comes. My others were around 36-38 weeks. But I haven't had any contractions yet due to the 17p shots. I took the last one yesterday so after that, it's on! I think though, he'll be my odd one out that goes to term.


Getting the last of our baby stuff Sunday and then I'll be washing and getting it all set up this week! Other than some nursing stuff, we're good to go!

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Well, I'm 70% effaced so I'll be going nowhere! It felt like the best news ever smile.gif I don't mind at all! big job is to make sure i don't have a baby while dh is out of town in my stead smile.gif
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merialiss, sorry for your loss.

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selissa, I just wondered last night if I lost a bit of plug.  I am only 34 weeks, it just made me wonder.  Maybe I won't got "over" after all.


So will the OB check for dilation and such when we do the swab at 36 weeks?  Does anyone know, I have never had an OB.  Then do they want to check weekly?  I think I will decline that if so.

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I had a tough week. Work was crazy and frustrating. I was so irritated by people. I found myself extremely angry and struggled to deal with my anger. I'm assuming the hormones are to blame as this is not normal me...it doesn't feel good to feel so out if control with such negative emotions. Luckily a dose if Thelma and Loyise tonight seems to have calmed me.
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Sorry I have been so quiet, posting via tablet is obnoxious and I've been quite the couch potato, thoroughly wasting time playing candy crush and bubble witch since Christmas break and the snow days don't help either bag.gif I've had two appointments with my new OB, the first appt I had a 2 hr wait and was looking back at the 10 min check ups with a little regret. The Dr. was really kind and personable though, so for my next appt I took the receptionists advice and made my appt for a day when they take lunch break and was right after lunch my total time was only about a half hour. I'm waiting for a scheduling call for a growth scan and I said I will decide on a bpp after that. These extra u/s are based on my borderline bmi of 38 which the other OB wanted to do as well but it felt very much like the fast track to a c/s for me greensad.gif
Right now I'm fighting pink eye and feeling quite miserable, but it's given me a chance to have a quiet minute for MDC : p
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Sorry I've been absent! I had training at work all last week and then traveled to see family for my daughters 3rd bday this weekend and now I am pooped. I am only 33w5d (due april 3 after an EDD change from late march) but I already feel huge and done. I've gained more already than I did total with my DD. I get tired easily and have been super emotional. I cried for half the day yesterday off and on for random reasons: thinking of how much I appreciate my family, how much I love my DD, seeing someone cry on TV LOL it's been pretty silly.


I am having a shower at work next week so I am kinda waiting on that but been trying to get things washed and ready just in case the little dude comes early (DD came at 39w exactly). I also need to start packing because we'll be moving about a month after baby is born. so trying to keep all things in order.


need to order my home birth kit this week and remember to do my hypnobabies study consistently. but I really just want to sit and do absolutely nothing. anyone else?! ;-)

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I just put in a join request to the FB group... Kim Soapsalot. :)

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37 weeks. My ribs have been hurting quite a bit lately. Braxton Hicks, but then I've been having them for a long time. I've still got quite a bit to do, but I THINK I passed the stage where it'll be the end of the world for me if not everything is perfect. I want to finish a dresser I'm redoing and that will give me more room for my daughter's and baby's clothes. Diapers washed, clothes in the process. Getting stuff together to pack my hospital bag. Making lists. I found out yesterday that my Birthing Center, while still able to do my prenatal and postpartum care, will NOT be allowed to deliver my baby. Even in the hospital. So tomorrow I have to go meet with the Dr. It makes me so mad.

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So I had high blood pressure at my weekly NST yesterday.. So they ordered bloodwork and urine sample. Then today said everything was fine except for one of blood test (I forgot to ask which one) and so they ordered a 24 hr urine test to check for proteins. They said if there's too many, i will be induced. I am carrying twins and I'm 35 weeks and 3 days. I am freaking out that I might have my babies tomorrow! If it's just the urine or blood pressure I'm going to advocate for bedrest until 36-37 weeks. However I'm worried that I'm not very assertive... And of course I want healthy babies but to me immediate induction seems harsh. Idk what to do!!!
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amyc1688, I totally feel you! :(

I'm 38wk and I had high blood pressure today at my appointment today and they tested urine sample on the spot & it showed some protein. They did NST and thankfully baby is doing awesome but my bp did not drop and they ordered blood tests. It's preeclampsia concern for me and if that is the case then they will want to induce.


Midwife said there is some research to suggest calcium intake can help avoid preeclampsia but not enough to really prove anything. I had been having terrible leg cramps quite often for the past couple weeks (I believe from calcium deficiency), but they stopped as soon as I started taking a calcium & magnesium supplement a couple nights ago.   


I had a more physically stressful day today than I've had in awhile and I was having heartburn during my appointment,  so I'm really hoping that maybe it was just a fluke and my bp will return to normal???

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Yes preeclampsia risk for me as well... But I def get enough calcium and I was taking extra magnesium for few months which helped prevent pre term labor, leg cramps, constipation...it's amazing chemical. But since the spot urine test didn't have proteins I'm hoping the 24 hr test is fine. .if they recommend induction then I'll prob refuse and try to start naturally ... If nothing in few days I'll allow it
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I'd advise taking your hubby with you to advocate amyc - but pre e is really nasty and can get worse very quickly.  Know the warning signs if they suspect you have it and you decide to go home.  Have a plan to get to the hospital asap if needed.


I think bp readings really vary at the end of pregnancy.  I always have really low pressure but yesterday she had to take mine twice because she the first reading was high.  Our bodies are going through a lot right now!

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I changed my appts so that I can have a membrane strip (they won't do it until 39 weeks) next appt (next Friday).  That was what finally made things happen with DS2 (nothing worked with DS1).  Trying not to get my hopes up too much :)


Had one "real" contraction last night.  I've been having a lot more menstrual crampy BHs, I know they are doing the pre-work that my body needs, just need to get some more real ones mixed in...   Drinking tons of RRL tea (blech) and using EPO.  Ready, ready, ready, but trying to stay realistic that she may bake for another 3 weeks.

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I've had lots BH and cramps... Sometimes bad...for a while now and baby a dropped almost 4weeks ago... So I know my body has been preparing. I just hope we get another week. I really feel in a week labor will start. My husband is def coming tonight... :-)
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