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 I'm not really prepared for how I will handle it if tests do not come back normal tomorrow. I know induction will be on the table but not sure if that means they will want me to go right then and there? Based on family history, my concern up until now was that I would have pressure to induce post 42-weeks....really not expecting this baby to arrive for a few more weeks so if they do recommend inducing now my biggest concern is will it even work?  


Pre e is not something that I want to mess around with though should I get bad news....just not sure what to expect. Or how wise it would be for me to refuse/delay induction?

I did have way more stressful day yesterday than I've had in quite awhile, so really just hoping it was all a fluke.

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I had a real stressful day Monday and hoping it was a fluke as well. I am also wondering if they just do it right thereand then..like induction. Do I have a chance to go home for a min to get myself ready? Do they schedule it for few days from now...? Ugh I find out in 4 hours.

Also I'm not being reckless by refusing, they did a whole preeclampsia blood panel and nothing was negative. One test was slightly off but"not significant" .... So in my mind it's not that dire yet, and since I have twins I know the docs just want them out ASAP. It's a great hospital and I trust them but man do ppl freak out when you have 2 babies.

After all the emotional stress of carrying twins, watching my sister have emergency c section with her twins at 28 weeks.... Holding my breath for 35 + weeks to come so I don't have to go to BOston and deliver in an OR.... I really just want these babies out ASAP also..l and I feel guilty for feeling that way bc they've done such a great job growing so well for so long. ugh i am so in over my head
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How's did it go newmama? Mine turned out fine. Total freak out for nothing. Well I haven't got urine test back, but my blood pressure was fine last night. These lil babies have hopefully another week or so. So happy we'll make it past 36 weeks!

Besides all that, it's nearing the end of feb, anyone else getting a return of morning sickness? I am nauseated if I don't eat, nauseated when I do. I don't have aches and pains except carpal tunnel, it's prob bc I don't pay attention much to what hurts. Pretty sure my knees are giving out under my 50smthn lb weight gain.

Anyone else have cats to train? They are generally good but I worry I'll be too tired when babies come home to stay on top of them...?
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So glad everything is okay Amy!  Keep baking your precious babies!


No ms here, but the same food aversions I've had the whole pregnancy.  My tummy is more upset lately too...


My cats have always avoided babies unless the baby is snuggling with me and the cat wants to get in on the snuggling (with me).  My cats annoy me now though, I'm sure it will be a million times worse when the baby is here...  I'm actually a little worried about my one cat because she loves our bed and us at night and adores me and hates kids.  She avoids my boys at all costs.  I think she will feel displaced when baby comes because the baby will be in our bed and I'm fairly certain the cat will steer clear.  Oh well...  

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my cats have never been around babies. they didnt care for my nephews when they visited (4 & 6) ..... idkkkkk

should i totally feel guilty that i want to be done with pregnancy?? is it normal? i v e been afraid ti have sex or do much of anything bc of preterm labor but now its technically ok if labor stars but im still afraid of actively making that choice... although no matter what if my body isnt ready labor wont start... uggh im so crazy right now.. but ive never had a baby, nvm two!!!

i was so sure i didnt want to be induced ... found a midwife for that reason... but now it would be nice to have a date set... i need a distraction...a hobby... anything to get me to keep going! i just keep dreaming of my adorable girls beingh all snuggled in their crib next to the bed. how did you all cope w anticipation of first born???
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So glad for your good news Amy, was thinking about you!

My blood levels were in normal range but low so they are testing again & I have to go back early next week but my bp was normal! Was told that so long as things are normal at next visit then I'll be given all clear.

Really do think it was just stress of that day being what it was. A strong reality check of how important it is to take it easy.


And also how as much as we can plan, part of this whole process really is just about surrendering/accepting things as they unfold and trying not to stress it too much!


In terms of coping with anticipation of birth --well, I guess I an anticipating baby to be 1-2 weeks after due date so if anything I think in some ways I'd be more overwhelmed by an early birthday. Finding cooking & freezing meals, short walks (on well-salted roads), swimming, spending too much time on social media & watching tv are all good distractions!

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gizzyntz, just curious why you're inducing

I'm glad everyone has the all clear for at least a week to bake those babies longer!
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Originally Posted by abiyhayil View Post

gizzyntz, just curious why you're inducing

I'm glad everyone has the all clear for at least a week to bake those babies longer!

I'm not inducing...I'm encouraging the baby out using other means because I only have until 42 weeks at the birth center, and my babies are notoriously late. I don't consider rrl tea, epo, sex, walking, membrane stripping inducing, as none of those will cause labor to start if my body isn't ready. I will say that I am 38w1d and I am ready for her anytime. I am so uncomfortable and irritable...
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Since I had to stay home (not fly to New Mexico from Georgia) from my father's funeral because i was 70% effaced, I've been hoping it would mean she'd come early. I'll be 37 weeks on Monday and have my last shower tomorrow night. After that she really needs to come. She's dropped for sure and I have lots of crampy contractions and a few powerful ones whenever I move around a lot. However, I think it's time for me to Get my head around birthing in late March...for peace of mind and to decrease the whine...tho my coworkers said i am definitely not whiny. Last time around i added 2 weeks to my due date just so i wouldn't get impatient and be vulnerable to suggestions of induction. This time Im wondering if my very laid back midwives would be willing to strip my membranes on Tuesday! I just want this baby in my arms so badly...she's been the bright ray off hope in all these scary moments during this pregnancy and I want to kiss her cheeks!!
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For those of you who have done membrane stripping, what was your experience with it like? I've heard that it is very painful?


The one person I know well who had it done to her (without permission!) had terrible cramping so bad that she couldn't sleep and while it did end up working as an induction method, she was so exhausted from the cramping that the labor did not go very smoothly.  Curious to hear if others have had difference experiences with it?

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I had it done at least 3x with DS1 (it never worked though).  It is uncomfortable while they do it, but it probably depends on your pain tolerance.  I just practice breathing through it, and figure it can't be as bad as labor, right?


With DS2 I had it done the day before he was born and I am convinced without a doubt that it was what threw me into labor.  I asked them to do a "vigorous" strip, so they did.  They were surprised I didn't complain, but you know, when your babies are so overdue - you don't really complain - you just want something to work.  


Afterward with DS2 I had menstrual-type cramps most of the day.  I woke up in labor at 4am the next morning.  I'm going to get stripped at every appt. from here on out because it was the thing that worked for me.   I will prepare for the appts by wearing a pad, and just anticipate cramping.  Even if it doesn't throw me into labor, all of that cramping preps my body and it is that much less work I have to do later.


My babies have to come by 42 weeks to have a BC birth, so I'm on a clock. 

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Originally Posted by newmama2b View Post

For those of you who have done membrane stripping, what was your experience with it like? I've heard that it is very painful?


The one person I know well who had it done to her (without permission!) had terrible cramping so bad that she couldn't sleep and while it did end up working as an induction method, she was so exhausted from the cramping that the labor did not go very smoothly.  Curious to hear if others have had difference experiences with it?

I had it done with #4, without permission. I was having cntrx already, but thy fizzled out late that night. My MW did it with #5 and I went into labor, 2-3m apart, 2 hours later. I plan to have it done with this one as a means to avoid induction.

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Silly question perhaps but... Why doesn't sex strip the membranes?

I've just about made it to 36 weeks... I really don't sleep much, cramps are bad at night and twin a felt like she was pushing so hard I couldn't walk. I am hoping to drink some rrl tea and have sex to get things progressing..I can't walk per midwife orders with blood pressure... I heard twin labor is shorter bc all the prep work, my body has been preparing hard for weeks but even months I've felt BH ... This is the coolest experience ever. I'm less anxious today and trying to take it all in as I might not have more babies after these rug rats. I'd love to make it to march as it's my birthday month... Sometimes I think labor is right around the corner other times I feel nothing.

But since I am in the clear to birth with my midwife I'm taking it less easy... Going to venture outside, New England weather is like spring today, I think my body needs sunlight!
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So, it's my understanding that when they strip your membranes, they are putting their finger through the hole in your cervix (which is why you need to be at least a little bit dilated to do it) and separating the cervix from your bag of waters.  That is not something you could accomplish with just sex.  Semen has prostaglandins which are supposed to help ripen and soften the cervix in preparation for labor, and female orgasm releases oxytocin which can throw you into labor - so as much sex as possible these last few weeks is a good plan ;)

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Ouch, no thank you to the stripping. I will take my chances with sex and all.. poor husband has been waiting literally months (i was so afraid of preterm labor even though its silly!!! ) 

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I had my membranes stripped twice with ds1, it was slightly painful, more uncomfy, and it did not get my labor going.

I have a mw friend who says it works best of you have it done at least three days in a row. We will this time probably, in hopes of having her here within a week of her due date. The mister had to schedule his vacation off ahead of time and thats when he sceduled it...plus my ideal birth assistant is available then and ive had a shoulder dystocia in the past so id rather not go way late
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So do OBs strip membranes as well or is it more of a midwife thing?  I have heard of it, but didn't really know what they did, you ladies are smart :)

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OBs do usually. MWs are hit or miss as to whether they do.

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Whether it is an OB or midwife, they should ask your permission to do any internal and to do membrane stripping.  You have a right to decline both if you wish.  On the flip side, you have the right to ask them to do it - thought they don't have to :)  That's why I asked about my BC's protocol at the last appt.  I wasn't sure if they always waited until you were "overdue".

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Nursing tops.
That's my advice now that I'm breast feeding. I didn't think of it at all. We have everything else but that. I even had nursing bras since when my size was changing I got nursing bras then to not have to spend even more money on bras. I think I'm going to order some button up tops online. I wish I had a couple now.
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