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Unschooling in Maryland

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Any Maryland unschoolers out there who can offer some support. This is my first year homeschooling DS 6.5. We've played around with some curriculums and come to the conclusion that we are natural unschoolers. I have yet to have a portfolio review and the other homeschool moms in my area do things so differently than we do. So, I have know idea what it will be like for us this year, much less if we take a more unschooly approach next year.

How do you show instruction in the 8 areas?


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Hi, glad to meet an unschooler in MD.  We travel a lot but I am part of an unschooling-oriented co-op in Harford County.   I've heard of some other unschooly co-ops in the state like Peacewagers' Co-op and Herbal Co-op (which involves a lot of hiking, afaik) - I havent' joined them and don't know much more than their names but if they are near you you might check them out. 


I do review through Maryland and have come up with an approach to the portfolio review after some trial and error.   Of course, it varies a lot county to county and even reviewer to reviewer.    

The county has a standard format for us to fill out, and I find that if I have it filled out in advance that makes the reviewer's job easier. 


This may not sound all that compatible with unschooling but ...


you can come up with some samples of work in each subject either by trying to come up with a  project that you think your dd would enjoy, documenting and maybe taking a picture of it, having a conversation about it and writing down some key points.  


Some people like to "translate" the things they do anyway into educational terms - if this works it is fine but I find it is better to let the things we do anyway go on free of documentation and come up with enough documentable things for the sake of the review.


My reviewer likes the fact that I am in a co-op.  If your child is in some other group activity like an art class or club or church or whatever that would serve as well.   



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Would you mind sharing the contact info for the herbal coop or peacewagers coop if you have it? I can't seem to find any other info and this is the first I've heard of them. 


Inthethicket, we plan to homeschool next year in MD. I've talked to a few other homeschool families in the area that are much more structured, but they all advised taking pictures of various projects and activities and providing a written account of how this met the subject area for the portfolio review, just as Aravinda said. 

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Aravinda, thanks for your reply.

We had our first review a few weeks ago and it went very well.

Gentlymade, we used photos and written descriptions but I also created a booklist for each subject, just library books we've read. This was what the reviewer recorded as our evidence in most cases.

I honestly wish I hadn't worried so much about this. I now feel like unschooling is totally doable for us.

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