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Acne anyone?

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I have had acne my whole life.  Prior to marriage, I used several medications to manage it, but since getting married I stopped virtually everything because almost all medications are harmful during pregnancy and breastfeeding and I've been pregnant, breastfeeding, both, or ttc for the last 8 years!  So I've just used benzoyl peroxide for the past several years, which doesn't work great but keeps it manageable.  


Well since getting pregnant, I stopped the benzoyl peroxide (I've had some OBs tell me it's fine and my midwife has said no in the first trimester so I tend to go with the more conservative approach and stop).  My acne has been HORRIBLE.  I have this huge pimple on my chin, my whole face is covered with small pimples everywhere. I hate it!  Is there anything safe that I can use to try to control it, at least for the next month or so before I go back to the benzoyl peroxide?  

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I don't have any suggestions, just empathy! I get single pimples on a regular basis that get huge, painful, and swollen. I've had a particularly nasty one for the past 2 weeks, and it's no picnic. 

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I don't have incredibly terrible acne, but my Clarisonic has helped take care of the bit that I have been getting. I feel uncomfortable using any acne medications during pregnancy and benzoyl peroxide gives me scaly reptilian skin all over. This stuff gently buffs and vibrates to make everything a little more manageable, and I hear it's amazing for very troublesome acne...it better be for the $120+ price tag!

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Yes, gross. Three big, red, cystic pimples in a line on my left cheek.
Mothering › Groups › September 2014 Due Date Club › Discussions › Acne anyone?