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Well, I'm bleeding.

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More than spotting. Less than a period. And a little bit of cramping. I'm 9 weeks. I guess it's just wait and see, huh?
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Pretty sure I am out. Bleeding heavier than a period now. Other than soaking through pads is there any reason at all to go to the doctor?
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If you are rh-negative and your partner is positive, you may need a shot to protect future pregnancies.

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I'd call and talk just for a minute.They'll probably want an  ultrasound to make sure it's cleared completely.otherwise you can get an infection. With my mc I had to go to the hospital because I was soaking through pads so quickly but it turned out to just be passing quickly and was able to get confirmation there that everything was right at my cervix and would complete itself soon, so I never went back to my midwife.


I'm so sorry =( 

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Oh, I am so sorry. 

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I'm so sorry dear.
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I'm so sorry AD greensad.gif
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Oh no greensad.gif This sucks. I'm so so sorry.
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Here's some copied and pasted text from this morning. Had an ultrasound at the imaging center:
THE BABY IS NOT DEAD. I am bleeding somewhere else? Waiting to hear from midwife.
 Something is wrong. Not sure what yet. Large sub chorionic bleed. Waiting to hear from midwife.
Talked to a nurse friend.
She said that she didn't want to give me false hope because loosing that amount of blood is a bad sign. I sat down on the toilet and it literally poured liked water.... But she said it IS possible for every thing to be okay. Depends on where the tear is... If it is the placenta that is a very bad sign, but if it is somewhere less critical
It could be fine. Said to lay down. Still waiting on the midwife.
Baby is moving. Measuring 10.5 weeks. HB 158.
Anybody know anything about this? Last night I bled so much into the toilet it sounded like I was peeing. Bleeding has slowed.
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I am holding out hope for you and the baby.  Best thing to lie down I imagine, and perhaps drowned yourself in chocolate.  :) .  How are they going to find where the tear is?

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Thinking good thoughts for you and the babe!

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Oh wow! Sending out some very positive thoughts mama. So glad you did call in. Keep us updated.

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Oh mama! Fingers crossed that everything repairs itself and baby stays ok!

Hopefully you can get some answers soon. No clue about bleeding in pregnancy except that I know it can happen and be ok. Good news that babe is still happy in there.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope you get some answers soon. Rest up mama!
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I have heard some crazy bleeding stories that ended in a healthy baby.  I hope this is one of them.  Thinking of you all the time.

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Midwife said get in the bed and don't get up till Monday and we'll re-evaluate then. Said that if the bleeding stops completely I may be cleared for "modified duty" (whatever that is.) Said the heart rate could mean super healthy baby or baby is trying to compensate for blood loss. No way to predict outcome at this point just rest and wait and see. Hasn't read the scan yet but when she gets it she will let me know if there is reason to go to the doc or hospital, but said that if the tech saw something she knew to be super bad (like a hemorrhaging risk for me) that they would have called, not faxed. So, now we wait.
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Hugs mama! Rest rest rest! I hope you have any and all help that you need so you can achieve that!

Sending sticky baby vibes!
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praying for you and your little one AD.  I thought it was strange that you would be m/c since you were just talking about how sick you felt just a few days ago.  When I m/c all my symptoms went away several weeks beforehand.  I wish you lots of peace as you rest and wait.

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I hope they can give you some answers and good news soon. Did they tell you that the blood was coming from a subchorionic hemorrhage, or is that what the midwife is suspecting?

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The ultrasound tech said SCH. Said it was large and she could see it, but couldn't say more because she is not a physician. Said the radiologist (?) will read the report and give an official result.
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Gotcha. Yeah, a radiologist read my u/s when I went in for a miscarriage. Freaked me out, because I thought a radiologist was for cancer. Are you still bleeding heavily? I had a large bleed with DS at 10 weeks, and I couldn't believe it when we found out he was still alive. Hoping for the best <3

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