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This is somewhat OT, but I really wanted to share this Hidden Science program on epigenetics. They do not discuss vaccines, but it is a really fascinating discussion on the contrast between the fatalism on 'old genetics' vs the new fluid genetics. They also discuss how environmental changes to DNA are passed on to subsequent generations, which made me think what on earth are vaccines with foreign DNA particles in them doing to 'contaminate' our DNA, and that this can be passed on through the generations. It is quite long (45 mins), so if you have an hour to spare, it is well worth watching.



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The researchers made mice afraid of a fruity odor, called acetophenone, by pairing it with a mild shock to the foot. In a study published a few years ago, Ressler had shown that this type of fear learning is specific: Mice trained to fear one particular smell show an increased startle to that odor but not others.


Ten days after this fear training, Dias allowed the animals to mate. And that’s where the crazy begins. The offspring (known as the F1 generation) show an increased startle to the fruity smell even when they have never encountered the smell before, and thus have no obvious reason to be sensitive to it. And their reaction is specific: They do not startle to another odor called propanol. Craziest of all, their offspring (the F2 generation) show the same increased sensitivity to acetophenone.

Crazy stuff.  And if fear of particular smells can be transmitted generationally, why can't issues from vaccines?  It's been well known for years in animal studies that certain species know to avoid plants that would be harmful to them - but how do they know?  Most theories point to parental avoidance which leads to offspring avoidance - more behavioral than anything. But what if there's more to it?  What if there truly is a genetic component to avoidance?  It's mind blowing and pretty obvious why it might upset some old school scientists who can't wrap their heads around any sort of change.

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I think the possibility of vaccines altering the human genome is the most disturbing thing about vaccines. I found this article by Harold Buttrum, Are Current Childhood Vaccine programs compromising the genetics of present and future generations?  We have no way of knowing how these vaccine truly affect us and future generations. 



Viral vaccines, composed of mainly genetic material, may pose as much, or even greater, potential risk for causing genetic hybridization than other forms of vaccines (i.e., live viral or attenuated vaccines). This warning is supported by a study reported in Viral Research, in which a nuclear polyhedrosis virus was sent through 24 serial passages of culture media resulting in both “genetic insertions into and deletions from the virus,” (5) suggesting a propensity of viruses to accept, carry, and transfer genetic material from host to host.


The other profoundly disturbing concern, I think, is the unknown contaminants inherent in the manufacturing process. Buttrum, discusses transcripts of meetings with senior vaccine regulators on the manufacturing methods used to produce vaccines.


It was reported by leading experts that the vaccines could not be purified, were “primitive,” made on “crude materials,” and the manufacturers could not meet lowered government standards. WHO specialists reported the widespread and continuing presence in the MMR vaccine of chicken leucosis virus. Others spoke about the presence of foamy virus, many other viruses, toxins, foreign proteins, enzymes and possibly prions and oncogenes, (which, being of equal or smaller size than the desired viral vaccines, cannot be filtered out). Grave concerns were expressed about the levels of foreign residual DNA and RNA contaminating the vaccines. It was feared that this (contamination) could be causing cancers and autoimmune diseases.”


If these genetic material contaminates cause cancer and autoimmune diseases in the current generation, and alter gene expression, are subsequent generations inheriting these genes to be come even sicker, with theses diseases? Not a happy thought. As Judy Converse, MPH RD, wrote, "for the first time in history, US children are sicker than the generation before them. They're not just a little worse off, they are precipitously worse off physically, emotionally, educationally and developmentally." 




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whoa.  I hadn't even thought of prions!  

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Doctors Resist Deadly Vaccine


“If the birth cohort in India of 25 million is vaccinated with pentavalents, 6,250 babies will die each year from adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI).


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Cognitive dissonance--mercury is dangerous in the water, but okay in your mouth. And mercury is dangerous in water, but okay in vaccines.



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Prions are scary. And they do not screen for them. Just like the pig viruses in rota vaccines. Supposedly harmless. They have no idea what they are playing around with.
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