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Looking for affordable rental options in washington and oregon....

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Would it be possible to find a 3 bd rm rental for 1200 in a decent neighborhood that isnt more than an hour and a half away from a beach for this price anywhere in either of these states? Crunchy communities ideal .

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If I'm dreaming feel free to tell me so lol.

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Depends on where you look.  You mention "decent neighborhood", but where?  If your criteria is "an hour and a half", you've got wide open options in both states.  And in WA, we've not only got the Pacific but also the Puget Sound and the Straight of Juan de Fuca as well.  


"A beach"?  What kind, sandy, rocky, one where you can swim?  No swimming, or very little, at the Pacific Ocean beaches, for the most part unless you are a strong swimmer, brave or just plain crazy.  Playing in the waves, maybe some.  Not really a family swim kind of place!  Surfing?  Westport is the place to go, so you'd be looking in the Aberdeen to Olympia areas, both well within your price range.  


Puget Sound, much much better for real swimming, and more family friendly in the sense of boating and general, safe access to the water.


So, be more specific, because the answer is "yes, depending".  Seattle 3 bedroom?  1200?  Probably a stretch in the decent areas.  Forks?  OMG, you could probably get 4 bedrooms on 2 acres for that, plus a little hobby barn.  


Yup, be more specific about what you need.  Way, way more specific.

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Honestly the closer to the ocean the better as far as my husband is concerned. As far as being more specific my husband is in restaurant management so being in or near a larger city would be best as far as finding jobs would be I guess. We have four children two of which are school age so good school options are a must . Being as we have a family a safe neighborhood is of utmost importance .
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Beyond that I don't have any other specific criteria ,just want to have some idea on which areas would be best to look in.tia
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In Washington, if you wanted to be near the ocean (not the Sound so much) and wanted a larger, more urban area within 1 1/2 hours of the ocean, that would be the Aberdeen to Olympia corridor, Olympia/Lacey being the larger community.  The nice thing about those areas is that both are on calmer waters that are fun to explore by boat, canoe or kayak: Grays Harbor in Aberdeen/Hoquiam and Puget Sound in Olympia (though forget "beaches" in that local area-- that's the southern terminus of the Puget Sound and most waterfront is mud and very big tides, but still a very nice area to live, though I'm biased--my home is in that region.)   And yes, in both areas you could find somewhere a house that meets your criteria.

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Thank you so much for your insight,my husband has been leaning towards Washington rather than Oregon so he will be very happy that is a definite option.
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Olympia is pretty crunchy, too.  You'd feel at home living nearby.

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I have been drooling over houses in that area ever since I read your response , I can't believe the size of the yards there. You just don't get that here in Vegas.
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Oh, Vegas-- I grew up there.  Moved from Spokane when I was 10.  We actually had a very nice yard.  No pool, a garden and a lawn--water intensive, nothing that would be allowed there today.  Amazing apricot tree.  No, I don't miss Vegas, but I guess a little part of me misses that yard.  Small, yes.  There are plenty of postage-stamp yards in Oly, but you do have choices.

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We are actually pretty lucky with our current rental we have apricot peach and fig trees but that's pretty rare in the area we are in but the rest of the yard is brick and rock,not exactly ideal for growing boys.

I'm sure their are small yards there too its just exciting to think about having real yard with lots of grass for my boys to run around in. I grew up in Oregon but have been here in Vegas for many years now too many for my liking.
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What about Portland? Definitely crunchy.  Closer to the beach might mean you'd want to choose the west side... maybe a suburb, off 26? Hillsboro?  Beaverton?  I'm an east sider, so I really can't say much about those communities or what a rental costs or what would be considered a decent neighborhood.  My folks live in Raleigh Hills, which is Portland, but in the Beaverton School District.  It's nice there but again, not sure about rentals.  I think throughout the Beaverton school district there are places that are nicer and others that are not so much, but I guess that's like anywhere.  Good luck with your search/move.

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Portland would provide a better employment base for someone in the restaurant business than Olympia.  Much bigger region than Oly, for better or for worse. 

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Yep, if employment is important, I would not try to live in coastal/rural WA or OR, unless you really dig collecting unemployment. For real.
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Thanks ladies i really appreciate your honesty.

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I think your options are still wide open, though it's probably prudent to secure a job and housing before you go.  There's a reason people live in those communities, they are not living there for free!  But restaurant work on the coast tends towards seasonal work, though some communities are relatively busy enough to have year-round income: towns like Ocean Shores, Lincoln City, Seaside.  There are so many great places up and down Oregon and Washington if I was coming in from out of state, I wouldn't know where to start.  For crunch, you can't beat Eugene or Olympia.  Portland has crunch in spades, too, but for proportion of total population, my bets are on those 2 communities.

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Sweetsilver is right--it's wide open. If/when you do come out here, try to have a job lined up if you can. Try to get your living situation as low commitment as possible--sublet or other temp situations are good so you can explore/figure out what's right for you.
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We just moved to St. Helens, right outside of Portland, so your husband could find work there, but this town is more rural/small town feel.. The cost of living is cheaper. We are in a 4 bedroom with a large backyard for our garden and some chickens for only 1100/mo..!! And only 1.5 hrs from the coast!
joy.gif We are in love with this place.
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My husband seems way more interested in Washington so I guess I should start looking there more,he's native American so casinos are always an option too employment wise since they usually give preference to native Americans. I'm a little overwhelmed looking in Washington since I'm not familiar at all :/. I grew up in Oregon so that would be easier but he's hell bent on Washington . He wants to start looking for jobs and stuff asap not sure where to start .
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You could try Vancouver and hop into Oregon whenever you want.  That way, you could benefit from the availability of jobs in both WA and OR.  Nowhere is so very far from Pacific beaches.  Bellingham is a crunchy college town with often heavy business coming down from Canada, depending on the exchange rate.  Right on the Puget Sound, easy access to Mt. Baker, but a ferry ride and generally longer drive to the Pacific.  Mt. Vernon has a crunchy flair to it and it's in the heart of the Skagit River valley.  Again, longer to the Pacific, but possibly worth it.  I still highly recommend the Olympia area.  Port Townsend on the peninsula has a small crunchy community but it's farther from jobs.

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