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So, so sorry for your loss, Rosie!!
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My pink spotting stopped last night, until this evening when it came back, except red. I'm not feeling confident at all.
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michelle, hope the bleeding stops and all is well. although spotting isn't promising we all know that you can have bright red blood and baby can be fine, and also no bleeding and the baby has stopped growing. so all this spotting does is warrant you some extra check ups that can hopefully ease your mind. best wishes!:goodvibes



welcome red mom, we are trying to support each other through this roller coaster first trimester. IS IT APRIL YET???? GAH!!

my last m/c i got fooled as the baby stopped growing around 6-7 weeks and the gestational sac continued to grow, i could feel the uterus fundus growing and everything. so at 9 weeks u/s we found out, same as you. such a bitter loss and also to not see a baby looking like you thought. I hope your ultrasound goes well!! it is hard to see much at 6 weeks but there should be a heartbeat. 



grow babies grow!!

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Rosie, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry you won't get to hold this baby. greensad.gif
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I had a miscarriage in December (at 9.5 weeks, although Baby stopped growing and 5.5 weeks) and then in January I had a chemical pregnancy.

I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant now and I'm really nauseous, which I guess is a good sign, but I'm scared I'm going to lose this baby, too :(

I had my progesterone levels, thyroid and iron tested on Friday.  Hopefully we'll have the results tomorrow or Wednesday.  In the meanwhile I've been using Progessence Plus daily.  I'm also taking additional Vit B, and I will go for weekly acupuncture treatments for my kidney/liver/spleen function. 

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Originally Posted by lmevans View Post

My pink spotting stopped last night, until this evening when it came back, except red. I'm not feeling confident at all.

I hope it's just spotting and stops at that.  I hope it's reassuring to know, I had 3 days of pink spotting.  Dr said as long as it's not heavy or very painful cramps, all was likely well.  We are thinking of you. :Hug

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I don't really belong here as I've never experienced loss (knock on wood).  However, I have been experiencing brown spotting that is much heavier than in my previous pregnancy (then, I spotted once and got freaked out as heck) - I don't know if it's increasing, but it's certainly not ceasing.  I'm afraid, I'm sad, down, tired and sometimes I wish I had never gotten pregnant at the first place (it was a, how to say this, a bit of a mishap that I even got pregnant).  I'm also a bit angry that I have to be going through this considering my already bad psychological issues (I'm clinically depressed and suffer with anxiety) that I'm trying to currently work on.  This is only adding to that stupid situation.  


I'm writing here because I feel like you ladies can understand what I'm going through better than the 'general population' out there.  And yes, I'm totally looking for words of sympathy and soothing and a little hug.  I haven't really told anyone about this pregnancy (just a few random folks) and I can't really call them up and talk to them about it … I called the medical advisory line and they told me to take it easy and wait to see how it develops as there's nothing to be done.  They didn't even try to make me feel better, just read out the facts.  I'm not blaming them, they're not here to babysit me.


Oh well, I've vented now and hopefully will feel better soon.


Rosie - I'm really sorry. 

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Rosie -- so sorry to read this. I hope that whatever happens now, it goes as smoothly as it can (physically) and you heal well (physically and emotionally). Keeping you in my thoughts.


Welcome, Redmom. This is a scary place for all of us who have had m/c before. Even though I am feeling confident at many moments, there is always the little voice at the back of my head that says, well, don't get overconfident. Last time I had been looking at the m/c statistics and every week I would say, "now the chance of miscarriage is down to 4%!!" or whatever, and still, I miscarried. But most pregnancies that have gotten this far, stick. So we just have to take care of ourselves as best we can.


Wilhelmina - sorry to hear that you are feeling down, and that you have to worry about spotting. Spotting is awful! A lot of the time it doesn't mean anything, but at the same time, you can't be sure, so it puts you in this total uncertainty which is REALLY hard to live with! Hugs to you! xoxo.

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My spotting has continued, but doesn't actually go onto the pad, except maybe a tiny spot or two.

This morning, my pregnancy test is still positive, but when I peed in a cup to use the test, it was red. Also, there's blood on my pad and it drips out when I'm on the toilet. Sorry for TMI.
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This spotting you ladies are having is the pits. I know it's basically impossible not to stress or get down about it. I hope you have time to nurture yourself, rest, drink some tea, vent when you need to. Cramp bark tincture really helps me relax. Try it if you want. I'll be thinking of you lmvams, Welihelmina. I really hope the spotting stops soon! Sending positive vibes goodvibes.gif
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Mine looks and feels like a period now. Hopefully I'll join another DDC again soon.
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So sorry to hear that, lmevans. greensad.gif Lots of love and hugs to you!
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Michelle - so so sorry to hear your news. Best of luck to you this time AND getting to join another DDC very soon. xo.

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Welcome MOMYS smile.gif . Take PAL a day at a time hug.gif . I know each 24 hours feels like an eternity though...

Big hug2.gifWilhelmina. Bleeding/spotting just plain old sucks butt, no bones about it. Are you cramping at all? Like doubled over, not the uterine growth cramps. Big, deep breath doll; everything could turn out just fine. We get that it's the uncertainty of it all that's the real beyotch.

I'm so sorry you're bleeding right now lmevans hug2.gif . How far along are you? Are you cramping? Will you have an early u/s or betas drawn to see if baby is still holding on? I've known quite a few women who have bled, heavily too, during pregnancy, carried to term, and birthed healthy babies. Still hoping this baby keeps sticking for you hug.gif .
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Cramps have let up since I took some ibuprofen.

TMI: I just passed tissue of some sort....

Today would be 5 weeks.

No plan for u/s or labs.
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lmevans - I am so sorry gloomy.gif Hugs and hope.


Thank you so much ybutterfly, OregonMoon and mamacatsbaby. I'm trying to take it easy.  I'm a little excited as well as a little apprehensive because I managed to set up an ultrasound for tomorrow without having to go to the ER - my future/would-be midwife helped me with that (I'm loving her already).  It's tomorrow at 11:15 Central European Time (I'm sure there's another name to it, but I'm too lazy to look it up now).  Most of you are still probably going to be asleep when I'm getting it.  My husband wants to go with me, that's so sweet. I'm, btw, nearing the end of week 8/beginning week 9 (not sure about LMP).


My spotting continues, but changed a little bit.  It's now a bit orangey?  I know that sounds weird.  There's no fresh blood in there anywhere, but it's as if some yellowish discharge got mixed with some light brown … stuff.  I'm sorry if this is TMI. 


Another encouraging thing is that my nipples are super sensitive and big (they look almost the way when I breastfed my daughter) and I'm still queasy from time to time and my PMS-like pain also still continues, ebbs and flows, the same way as before - so no change for the worse.  


I'm hopeful, cautiously.  

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Is there a TTC after a loss thread somewhere?
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Originally Posted by lmevans View Post

Is there a TTC after a loss thread somewhere?
There is here lmevans.
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Originally Posted by lmevans View Post

Is there a TTC after a loss thread somewhere?

Yes, it's here on mothering under pregnancy and birth, then trying to conceive.

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Thanks ladies! I looked, but wasn't finding it, and I figured you all would know.

I'll probably still lurk in this DDC for a bit, and check on you guys. Good luck to you all!!
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