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We did a fun little announcement for Thanksgiving - a "bun" was in our oven - everyone else was posting pictures of their turkeys and such.  It was me and my Mr. with silly looks on our faces and pointing to each other in front of the oven like "he/she did it".  Unfortunately I m/c that baby and then two weeks later apparently became pregnant again and am now 10 weeks along, due in September.  I was waiting a little longer to announce this time, as it was just a pain to have to "un-announce" it last time and this pregnancy came so soon after that some family members are confused already, he, he.  I'm sure we'll think of something clever.  This will be our 6th child, 5th by birth (we have one adopted from Ukraine - shout out to the adoptive mamas out there!).  As soon as I figure out our announcement I'll post it here!  I just can't wait to FEEL better - 2nd trimester come quickly!  I noticed a few Valentine's Day announcements are planned.  I don't think I can come up with something that fast but that would be cute!  Oh, and I love the "caramel drop" announcement - too cute!

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Love it Rachie! Sorry to hear about your m/c but excited about your little one due in September!!! You'll think of something creative for sure! And yay for adoption! My hubs and I plan on adopting a few as well!
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I would love to announce our pregnancy in a cool way :( but my family is not going to be happy for us..so I will just send them a birth announcement ..I am so sad about it, too :( this will be # 4..we are 14 weeks

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I would love to announce our pregnancy in a cool way :( but my family is not going to be happy for us..so I will just send them a birth announcement ..I am so sad about it, too :( this will be # 4..we are 14 weeks

That's so sad!  Why won't they be happy?  My mom is sort of like that.  She's not UNhappy when we announce pregnancies, but she's a worrier so she never responds with the appropriate "congratulations" but rather some logistical issue that we should be stressing about.  That is part of the reason why we are going to tell both sides of our families together at my ds's birthday party.  We'll just have both sets of parents and then my SIL there and we're trying to find some creative way to tell them there.  But I want to do it with everyone there because dh's side of the family will be THRILLED for us so my mom will just look silly if she's negative or if she is negative, she'll be drown out by all the positivity.  

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I don't know other than my family thinks I don't need any more children. It ticks me off because the only person who gets to make that decision is my husband and I. I admit things are great financially.,..horrible actually, but if you hold off having kids till things are perfect you may never have them. I don't ask my mom or dad for support...

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I couldn't agree more camerahappymom!  It just stinks that people try to turn something so wonderful into something negative.  

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Im nervous about telling my dad and step mom because I had my first at 18 and I'm still only 20 (21 shortly after delivery). I'm not sure if they'll be happy. But as far as they know, finances are tight, but fine here and we haven't asked them for help since I was pregnant with my first. So I'll be telling them in a cute way so that they have to be happy! lol I'm going to make a card that says on the front "You guys are such great grandparents to Skylar...." on the inside "We thought you needed another to love." -Insert U/S pic- I think that this announcement will ellicit a lot more excitement than my  nervous "so um Sky's going to be a umm...uh a uh big sister" haha 


In reality my husband lost his job right after planned conception. But we're choosing not to tell them since we have family support on my husbands side and our tax return is coming soon. We know we are okay financially for now so there is no reason to let them think negatively on this pregnancy or my husband.


I agree that there is never a 'perfect' time to have kids though. And once you have one, the next one isn't as expensive! It would be cheaper if we were cloth diapering again since we already have them but for a few reasons we're not.

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This was what we changed our facebook profile to on Friday afternoon.   Baby #5

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Now did you make those all for this picture or were they already part of the collection? lol (Assuming theyre home made. The knitter in me forgets not everyone does lol)

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The rest of the family received new slippers for Christmas ( see my avatar) so I only had to ask my sister to make one more tiny pair!   

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I was too lazy to get pictures done like I wanted, so the announcement we ended up with: 


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We are going to announce on March 7th after we hear a healthy heartbeat, I can't wait!

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That's so beautiful!! Where are you guys located to have such magnificent scenery?

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Thanks! We live in Lake Tahoe and love it! :) We should have a few feet of snow beneath our feet at this time of the year, but our winter has been very mild.

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WOW!!!!  That's big!  LOL.

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Love all the ideas.  Not sure what we are going to do. 

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so cute!

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These are so cute.  My oldests suggested I appear on Facebook, holding a Prego jar--being 16 yo twins, they have QUITE the sense of humor about all of this.  But family will not be supportive as this is number 7, AND I've had the unpleasant experience of multiple unwanted c-sections and will be facing another one this time around.  Last baby, we were hounded about our ages and family size, and we'd tried to conceive our baby girl for six years when she arrived in 2012!  We were so thrilled, but so many nay-sayers--if you embrace large families and can take care of all your children and responsibilities, it really shouldn't matter to anyone else.  This time I'll be 43 and hubby almost 53 when our little boy arrives.  We've had the chromosomal blood screening and healthy, normal NT scan.  All is well so far, at 13.5 wks--and yet I'm so hesitant to say a word.  No one but my best girl friends know….and I dread others knowing.  Tomorrow night I have to be at a formal dance, and I start showing quite obviously, very early---so I now look way further along than I am.  Folks will notice and I fear my happy expecting baby bubble will be damaged by  negative responses, sigh.  I've enjoyed having my own secret and being happy about the latest model with my six kids, without the world and insensitive comments. This is also the first unplanned pregnancy--the baby took my basal thermometer and I ovulated earlier than ever in 17 yrs, LOL!   I think this is compounded by the stress of always being the one who swims upstream-we homeschool, do extended BFing, don't vax, cloth diaper, use natural medicine, etc--so much of parenting is always a bit of a battle with less than supportive and enlightened people. I do like the idea of taking the bull by the horns and making the happy announcement yourself, but I also like just being avoidant at the moment, I think because I'm tired!!  I'm enjoying all the fun reveal ideas!  Much cooler than my painting my belly blue and flashing it at dinner to announce it is a boy on Valentine's Day!

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We had our 12 week scan yesterday and it went really well. Hooray! :joy I couldn't believe how much you can see already. Our little 'baby bean' looks like a baby and was so active! We could even see its little feet which was so precious :happytSo, that meant we could officially announce our pregnancy! I posted the following pic on Facebook with the comment: "Mick, there appears to be a bun in our oven... Did you put it there?"



To which my husband replied: "Hmmm.... I do recall doing some baking about 12 weeks ago... :-P"


We are so excited to finally be able to tell people and I now cannot wait for our next scan mid-April.

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