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Tandem babywearing help?

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I'm new to babywearing and was looking into purchasing a woven wrap but need some help, my first daughter is 3 years old weighing 28lbs and my second daughter is 6 months old weighing 16lbs. My oldest is very independent and wants to walk but there are occasions where she wants/needs to be packed and I would love to be able to carry them both in a single woven wrap if possible, I know it depends on the size of your wrap, your kids, and your self to see if this is possible so I was wondering if I could pull it off. I'm 5'10 and about 240lbs with not that big of a bust and I'm considering a size 7 or size 8 wrap, the 7 would be in a storchenwiege stripes (which I've heard numerous times was excellent for newborns through toddlers and beyond) but I would have to buy a new one and break it in myself, or I just recently read that a BBslen is supportive enough for toddlers and wide enough plus is softer and easier to learn on for newbies and that would be the size 8. If a tandem carry is possible for me which wrap should I go for or even if it isn't possible which of the two wraps are better??? Thanks for the advice I'm just so in over my head right now!!!
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I couldn't tell you about tandem wearing with ONE wrap, but what I usually do is use one wrap and one carrier. I got a woven a while ago and it has been WONDERFUL. Way better than my moby. I usually put my 7 month old in the woven on my front and my 20 month old in my Boba (soft structured carrier) on my back. They are 20 and 32 pounds. It really doesn't feel like that much when I put them on right!! I had an epiphany today though. I was at a rally and I had my 7 month old in the boba on front (because it is easier to adjust for nursing) and my daughter got fussy so I just hurried up and threw her on my back in the wrap. I never really thought of putting the wrap on my back and carrier on the front. Tomorrow I will take my time to do it right and put my daughter in the wrap on my back, THEN put my baby boy in the carrier on the front. It may or may not work, but it might be comfier like that since my daughter is heavier and the wrap is cushier. Anyway, sorry this is so long!! If you want, I can make you a video of a couple different ways I do it and I could send it to you.

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I tandem wear often with my almost 3 year old and my 7 month old.  I don't like to do it in one wrap though.  It's awkward and inevitably someone wants down as soon as I've finished tying! ;)  I can do it in a six though (I'm 5'3 and 140-ish pounds...no boobs!).  My preference is a wrap on the back and a ring sling or shorty threaded through the wrap straps on the front.  


If you really want to wear two in one wrap, it is possible!  I'm not sure on size though.  I can do it in a 6 and I'm 5'3, 140ish pounds, small boobs.  Personally, I would go bigger and get the 8 instead of risking it being to short but I don't get overwhelmed by too much fabric.  


Is there any way you can try the different sizes?  Is there a babywearing group near you?

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You can make your own wrap. If you don't have a sewing machine, they make glues and tapes for finishing edges you could look into (read the ingredients! a baby may get the edges in their mouth!), and with woven wraps I wore mine for months with unfinished edges and no real problem. You can get a longer fabric to start and, if it's too much, you can easily cut it to size. I made two woven wraps for $30.

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I suggest you when you gonna purchase it from shop the shopkeeper will let you know which suits best to your baby according to your need..


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