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Help!?! People want to buy us stuff...

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So here is our situation.... It's been 6.5 years since we had a baby and I had kept all of two things (mei tai & Boppy) - well I kept books and some small quality baby toys too.  I'm a Type A planner.  We live in a teeny-tiny house.  We tend toward minimalism with babies.  I don't want a baby shower (I've actually had to talk two friends out of it).


I put together an Amazon wish list around Week 17 when we found out we were having a girl.  It was mostly for me to keep track of the things I wanted to have before she comes.  I sent it to the two Grandma's figuring that anyone who wanted to buy us something would come to them.  The only thing that came of that was my ILs bought the carseat (yay!).  Meanwhile I kept buying things on Ebay and getting great deals.  Then in the past 3 months several friends have offloaded almost all of their baby stuff on us.  I've declined a lot of it, but this baby girl has an abundant wardrobe (to 6 months - after that I don't know size/seasons, because the boys grew so fast, and she may or may not) and plenty of "gear".  


NOW, with 3.5 weeks left +/-, people are starting to come to my DH and ask what they can buy for the baby and/or me.  Here's the problem - the registry is empty.  We have everything we NEED.  With the exception of food.  I was really hoping people/church would offer some meals for the first month (especially because my older son is having surgery at the end of March also).  But when we tell people that, they still want to buy us "stuff".  I don't have any ideas.. What would you ask for in this situation?


I know that DH's work will probably give us a generous gift card to BRU or similar after she is born, and there's not too much I would buy there anyway, but we couldn't use anything that could come from a store like that because the gift card will more than cover it.


I'm editing to add that I know that this is an awesome problem to have and we are abundantly blessed...  I don't want to turn people away when they clearly want to be generous with us, but I really don't have any good ideas.

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I am the same. I don't want a house filled with crap I don't need. I think just make it clear how you have everything you need and just say maybe you can come by with dinner sometime? Or if ppl really want to buy stuff tell them you are really limited with space and would appreciate gift cards.. That way when she grows a little you can get clothes n stuff.

I don't think it's rude to just say "no thanks" or to tell ppl to bring food. Most ppl buy things for baby bc they want to get a chance to hold them.. So arrange for dinners and mea,ls to freeze n say that's their way in!

G luck!
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Diapers? Things that could last awhile & are consumable like shampoos, diaper creams, laundry detergent? Stuff from Amazon that maybe would benefit the whole family but not necessarily traditional baby stuff? Ultimately you'll still probably get a fair number of cute baby outfits & other stuff...which if they don't get used maybe can be returned for clothes & items that baby can use when older?

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I am in a similar boat. Our babe is due in 4 weeks. I haven't signed up for a registry anywhere because this is our first babe and I don't want to wish for a bunch of stuff that we don't need and will create clutter and take up cleaning time. My mother-in-law is excited and wanted to throw a baby shower. I asked her to wait until the babe is three months old. That way, the family will all get to meet the babe and we will have a much better idea about what we will need. Until then, we have the minimalist essentials and no one is upset that we are rejecting gifts.

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I think it is ok for you husband to say that you would really prefer some meals :)


Maybe someone could set up a meal train.  Some may still get your gifts and some might do restaurant gift cards instead, but if he just says the grandmas got the most needed items I think people will understand.

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If there's a polite way to request gift cards for more general stores, like grocery or target or the like, that would work...then you could use them for any thing! Or even generic Amazon gift cards! We're starting from scratch so we're accepting gifts graciously...but only registered for a few things. I'm shocked that I've gotten no hand me downs at all, though! I was almost counting on them!
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I think people are going to get gift cards for food places because we were asked our preferences, so YAY!  Lot's of other friends are asking about bringing meals, so I think we will be taken care of.  My freezer is full - but I don't feel like I have enough - it's a small freezer and we have half of our 1/4 cow left because I haven't wanted beef while pregnant...

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