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Adventures in SPD (in which sex it taken OFF the table)

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At first I thought it was a urinary problem.  Every time I went to the bathroom, and walked back, I felt a stinging sensation sort of like I had to pee more.  Over the next few months it very slowly got worse, until I started thinking, "I think I've read about this..."  One day, I was home from work organizing things, and I was up and down the stairs all day.  The next day at work, I had a lot of hip pain when moving around.  I squatted, stretched, and walked a bit, and it gradually got better.  I have been seeing a chiropractor, and it has helped all the low back and pelvic pain a lot.  I pretty much chalked it up to typical pregnancy stuff.


A couple of weeks ago, my midwife said I should get acupuncture to help ripen my cervix.  I got a referral from a friend and, last week, I went.  The acupuncturist was very nice, and apparently has been successful in inducing people, so wasn't comfortable doing cervical ripening quite yet, BUT she did do some stuff to help with the discomfort I have been having.  She also told me I am "under reporting pain".  She said most people do it.  I said my pain was maybe 3 or 4.  She said what I described sounded like a 6 to her.  Anyway, it was nice and relaxing, and very interesting.  I FELT AMAZING!!!  All through the next day, I could lift my knees up high!  I could walk easily, go up and down stairs, etc!!  I am a believer!!  I didn't do too much more than I had been doing, but a little.  Also, we had sex.  By then I was starting to feel a little sore (I had shampooed the carpet in the nursery), but we found a position that still worked.


The next morning, I called DH sobbing and asking him to come home early.  My pain was a 10!  An 11 even!  It took me several minutes to get to the bathroom.  I tried taking a bath, and it only helped while I was in the water.  I seriously bawled like a little kid, because it hurt so bad to try to even take tiny steps.  I think I generally deal with pain pretty well, and I have had some pretty severe pain in my life (which is why I don't count most things very high on the pain scale).  This was right up there!  I had no idea it could get that bad.  I rested all day.  I took some Tylenol, and sat on the couch.  It was horrible.  I hate needing help, and not being able to do things myself.  By the end of the day, I was feeling better enough that I could actually walk to the bathroom in a reasonable amount of time, and the next day I was even better.  Close to where I started.


I am really looking forward to my next acupuncture appointment, and I will NOT get over zealous this time when I feel better.  Also, there will be no more sex until after baby.  I don't think I could convince DH even if I was feeling brave enough to try.  It is a shame, because since I have stopped working, my stress level has gone way down, and I am feeling in the mood more often than I have in years.  Oh well...  Sex is off the table, and I am having to ask for and accept help.

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Hope you are feeling better!
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Thank you!  Yes, I am feeling MUCH better.  I had another acupuncture treatment Tues, and saw my chiropractor yesterday.  The combination of the two has left me feeling a ton better.

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