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kids art station

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What would this look like?  I'm in desperate need of something to control artwork.  I'm looking for a workstation type of place; the problem is supplies and putting away more than the finished projects.  They ended up with a lot of new supplies over Christmas.  With no place to put them, they've just gotten thrown all over the floor.  They also usually work all over the floor.  Our "hard floor" that's good for drawing is in the entry, dining room, and kitchen.  So they end up sprawled all over a high-traffic area, and I get frustrated about constantly stepping/tripping over it. 


So I'm looking for some sort of workstation that would contain it better with storage that would be easy to put away.  Any ideas?

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My first thought: If I Google


folding table with drawers


and click Images, I see several things called a "gateleg table", some of them with drawers. I could imagine putting one against the wall, so that you can only unfold one end of it. Unfold to draw, flop back down when done. If the drawers aren't nearly enough for the supplies, you could mount shelves on the wall above it and store more supplies in shoebox-like boxes, and you could maybe have the table a couple of inches away from the wall and mount some sort of clip in the wall that you could store big pads of paper on. The two supply locations could let you distinguish between low-risk supplies that the kids are allowed to use on their own recognizance, versus stuff likely to cause damage.


Of course, you'd probably need chairs, possibly of different heights for each kid. It may not work, but I thought I'd post.

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IDK how old your kids are. something for toddler and preschoolers is going to look different than the 5-8yr group, ya know?


Either way Ive learned over the years, open baskets and buckets are easiest for clean up- containers do not need tops that just addds to frustration



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Very neat idea about a fold-down desk.  I'll be thinking about that one. 


My kids are 7 and 4.  Also 6 months -- she doesn't need anything for a long time, but something that she could grow into as well would be great.   Wow.. I can't believe I didn't just think google....


Great ideas.

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I have a kid sized table. I try to rotate seasonal craft stuff ( Christmas ornaments, valentines). I put the supplies in clear jars or plastic boxes so they can see what we have. I rotate the jars from the table to a craft shelf. I got it from pottery barn, it has thin shelves for various paper and a larger shelf that holds jars of : crayons, pens, scissors, markers, decorative tape, glue, pencils, paint brushes etc. project specific stuff I keep in boxes labeled by season. Finished stuff I keep for a bit, photograph maybe then give to a family member or toss.
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Sometimes I get ideas from Pinterest..
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I saw this idea where you rotate your book shelf and make it lie on the floor, then fix a table type surface on it. You can paint that with material that is easily washable or dry eraseable. So basically when it stands up, it looks like a fridge. When it lies down, it's a table that your kids can do art and projects on. When they are done with their projects, you just lift up the "door" and put your craft supplies in. I'm not sure if it exists on pinterest, I tried finding a link for you and failed. I'm planning to do it myself but it takes time. In the meanwhile, you can entertain your kids by encouraging outdoor science projects or projects that aren't messy. I found a few really great ones over at Hiccup's Science Workshop. For craft activities and outdoor activities, there's a whole endless list on Pinterest. I hope this helps!

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My kids are 6 and 2. We have a small square kid's art table with a roll of paper under, and two kid Ikea chairs. Crayons, pens, and colored pencils are in shoeboxes with flop-open lids under the table, paper is a pad in a side tray of the table (leaning against the wall), tape is in the tray, scissors in a cup in the back corner. All other supplies are boxed in a cabinet and only come out intentionally. So nothing is started at 4pm, or done without me knowing glue is out! The only rule is it all must be put away. Oh! I also have a folding work basket of fabric scraps out under the table, too. Beautiful art gets made without me using these basics, and the other stuff gets used regularly with my blessing. We're an art family; these rules make it respectful for all for us.
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I have an "art cart" for my daughter. It is a small blue cart from Ikea that has three levels. The top is play dough and tools, the middle has jars with writing and drawing tools, glue and scissors, and the bottom has paper, recycling bits, and other random things like pipe cleaners and craft sticks.

She wheels it to wherever she wants to work. And everything is accessible and has its own shelf so its easy to put away when she's done.
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I keep one of those plastic bin shelves in my dining room. The point is to keep all of the art stuff downstairs where there is laminate flooring. I didn't want markers, glitter glue, etc. upstairs where there was carpet. Some of it makes it's way up there sometimes, but there haven't been any major art catastrophes since my daughter was about two (dry erase markers DO NOT wash off of anything!). I wanted one of those all inclusive art tables with storage, but I didn't have room for it. She just does her projects in the kitchen or on the patio.

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