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Anyone else freezing all the time? And iodine?

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I just cannot warm up! I checked my temp and it's 98 degrees which seems a little low for being pregnant.

My doc also called and mentioned that my iodine was a little low "but nothing to worry about supplementing for"... She's not the brightest though, so I'm wondering if there's some thyroid thing going on, or whether it's just normal pregnancy stuff.
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Yes... it is almost like a "hot flash" but in reverse... I'll be totally freezing one moment and having chills like I am sick. I have never had that happen before when I was pregnant.... so weird!

I would get a second oppinion... perhaps you can google natural ways to get more idodine in your system... through foods that is.

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You should have your thyroid levels checked.  I was diagnosed hypothyroid this pregnancy (never had it before).  I was freezing all the time.  I started taking a natural thryoid hormone and am feeling much warmer now.  I also got my lab results today and my thyroid levels are much improved.  Your baby needs thyroid hormone from you to continue to grow and develop, you really want to have optimal levels, so that baby gets all it needs.  There are risks to having a low functioning thyroid.  


Low iodine can cause your thyroid to not work properly, so if your iodine is low, it's pretty safe to assume that your thyroid is struggling.  I've been getting treatment from a naturopath and she has me eating kelp and seaweed daily to increase my iodine.  She didn't even test this, but just knows that my thyroid needs this nourishment.  It's interesting that your dr. even tested your iodine, as I didn't think that was a common test.  I don't think I've ever had mine tested.

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I am freezing too and was thinking about having my levels checked in a few weeks when I got to see my midwife.  I had hyperthyroidism after I had my son and I was sweating all the time, just dripping.

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Im freezing, but I'm always freezing. My non-pregnant temp is usually in the low 97s. I've had my thyroid checked a thousand times and it has always been fine. Seems to be a family trait. We all freeze.
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Are you talking about your basal body temp or just your average during the day temp.  My basal temps are always 96.9-97.2   I was cold before pregnancy too.

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Walking around daytime temps in the low 97s (not pregnant).
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Originally Posted by daisygrrrl View Post

I am freezing too and was thinking about having my levels checked in a few weeks when I got to see my midwife.  I had hyperthyroidism after I had my son and I was sweating all the time, just dripping.

I had this too after my last pregnancy, I didn't get it tested until a few months before I got pregnant this time.  The dr. failed to tell me my tsh was really low!  I only found out about that when I went in at 5 weeks pregnant to get my hcg levels tested.  She remembered my results and said oh we should retest your thyroid.  It changed to hypothyroid and my tsh was high.  

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I've been freezing, too. The nurse said my thyroid levels from July were not low, but that anemia could also cause this. I don't know if I believe her. I've been suspecting thyroid issues for a while and was surprised when my tests were fine. I realized recently that we only use kosher salt, so I bought some iodized and am trying to increase my iodine intake. Still cold, though.
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Feeling extra cold was one of the first tip-offs to me that I was pregnant (the other one was craving orange juice - usually don't care for juice at all).  I don't feel like I have any imbalances or deficiencies, just feel cold!

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I'm frozen!!!! And I am a person that normally runs hot!

I have been tested for thyroid so many times. I feel like I have issues with it but my numbers are always fine. But I sort of wish they treated like they did in the 50's, just by symptoms.

But I think mine may also have to do with anemia. My iron is often low but managed ok. But I'm having some other issues, especially at night that seem to point to low iron. I looked for some today and couldn't find any greensad.gif going to look tomorrow smile.gif
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Hoping it's just iron, and that you can manage it well, ASAP. I get "cold spells" too, but I am on Synthroid, and my numbers are fine, too. When I get tired midday, and have to lie down, I get really cold then, and have to put on lots of covers. Resting more seems to help.


I haven't been eating seaweed lately, and we don't use iodized salt either, and haven't been eating fish because one child is allergic to it, so who knows, maybe my iodine is low? Iodine supplements can be had, or else eat seaweed again, or fish when I'm not around the kids.

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^yes I freeze midday (and have before gettin pregnant) and have to lie down and sleep to get warm!
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Ok so I had my thyroid tested and my TSH is 2.1 and free T4 looks smack in the middle of normal range. TSH seems to be inching towards the high end of what they recommend for pregnancy, but still normal.

Btw the doc tested me for iodine bc I requested after realizing I eat very few natural sources..

I am still freezing my butt off and fatigued beyond description, which, as I type this, sounds like normal first trimester stuff. I think I'm going to start iodine supplementation tmw though, since I was officially deficient. Anyone know about safe dosages in pregnancy?
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How is your iron levels? That can cause coldness as well...
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I haven't checked it recently but it's usually on the low end of normal, without symptoms like this... I suppose it's possible it's tanked lately though.
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Hey Mamas, I'm totally DDC-crashing here. I noticed the iodine thread because I guess I never officially left this group and the posts still come up.


Iodine and thyroid is so very, very complicated and especially so if you're pregnant or nursing. Our environment is so polluted with bromides (from flame retardants) and fluoride (from everywhere) and perchlorate (from rocket fuel, etc.) and chlorine (water - ingested, topically and inhaled) that compete with iodine in our bodies. We take in these other halides and they bind to our receptors blocking iodine from being absorbed. Dr. Brownstein tests all of his patients as they walk in the door and over 96% are iodine deficient. If you start supplementing iodine, you'll detox bromides (and other toxic halides) that are bound to your receptors and in your cells. Every cell in our bodies need iodine, not just our thyroid - breasts especially!

Seaweeds (like kelp) have waaaay more bromides than iodine anymore and are contaminated with heavy metals. You can Google the safety (recent stuff) about sea veggies.


One can absolutely be hypothyroid while having "normal" blood results. TSH is really useless in determining how your thyroid is functioning. It's true that how our thyroids function impacts the IQ of our babies plus their thyroid function and neurological development. Iodine deficiency in the mother also impacts the baby.


This is heavy stuff, I know, and I still haven't figured out what I'd do if I found out I was pregnant (I'm like 5 days late but am afraid of jinxing anything by testing..) I know there's an iodine receptor in the placenta but I don't know which is worse, being iodine deficient while pregnant or risking dumping toxic halides into your baby. I'm far from an expert on this, just something I've been reading a lot about lately and this is what I've learned so far.


Anything written by any of these guys is great: Dr. Guy Abraham, Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Jorge Flechas


Here are some links:


http://www.mothering.com/community/t/780908/iodine-its-role-and-why-its-important <---- Nice long thread here on MDC




http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ <--- Lots of info about thyroid and discussion of iodine in the blog - GREAT source!

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If you get it figured out pleae let us know. Thanks for sharing. It does seem like a complicated subject.
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