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So I am VERY against vaccines...

I just got back from my 31 weeks appointment and my doctor wants to give me a shot of Betamethasone to make sure the babys lungs are developed in time for birth...she expects him early, as my other 2 kids were a month early.


What are the side effects of this on me and on the baby? I am HATING this idea, but my husband is pissed at me that I am not going along with it and my doctor thinks it is for the best....


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That is a hard decision. I guess what ever decision you make do it with no regret.
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Why were The other 2 early?
I am also expecting my third and second was born a month early.
I would take it...
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My other 2 kids were just naturally early. They were both fully developed and had no complications at all....in fact I even left the hospital earlier than the typical 24 hour stay...

My other huge concern with this shot is that it can induce pancreatitis. Well I ALREADY have pancreatitis. Im so nervous to take something that could potentially put me in the hospital agaian. And since neither of my first 2 births had complications. ..I feel this isnt even necessary.
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Mmm in  that  case  it  is  hard... but the  doctor recommends it... 

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Why is the Dr recommending it? That is something usually only given with presenting evidence of possible preterm labor unless you had extremely early babies? Which it doesn't sound like. When you say they came early, how early? The steroid is very useful in the right circumstances, but I'm curious what yours are. Do you have an incompetent/short cervix, or a positive fetal fibronectin, or something indicating potential delivery soon?
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I don't know a lot about this particular shot but I am with you on making sure that you know the information about a vaccine or medication before you consent to taking to it! You are already doing a great job taking care of your baby and yourself!
Can you get a second opinion? Is there some other healthcare provider that you know of who can tell you their honest thoughts? I would recommend researching this as much as possible and asking your doctor all the questions you need to ask until you are fully satisfied with his/her answers (whether you agree or disagree with him/her at least you could better understand where they are coming from) and then be able to make a well thought-out, conscious and informed decision on the matter. Ya know?
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