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Anybody with stories to share? Friday night (9.5) weeks I suddenly had a really big bleed. I was certain I was miscarrying and went to bed. I went in Saturday morn and was shocked to see a healhy heartbeat on the ultrasound. I've been laying down since then and the bleeding has stopped, but from what I have read it seems like it could start again anytime... Seems like this could be a long road. Right now I'm planning on a homebirth. Do I need to reconsider that?
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I had a SCH with my last pregnancy. It started around 6w, and lasted until about 12w. For me, I bleed, like a period, once a week, for a few days each time. I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy at 40w3d. I'm sure I could have had a homebirth. I think for you, as long as it clears up, you should be fine to have a homebirth! 


I know how scary it is.. (((HUGS))) hang it there! 

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Started spotting again last night and am back on bed rest. I'm afraid this could be a long 7 months.
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Most likely you're SCH will be resolved by the time you hit 20 weeks. I had a big bleed at 5 weeks and I just knew I was miscarrying. At 12 weeks I had an u/s and my midwife said that it was gone.


If I could give you any advice I'd say DONT look-up anything because the information is the worst case scenario in most cases. Also, try not to worry. I didn't get to enjoy my first trimester because I was so terrified I was going to bleed again.


I hope your bleeding stops and you heal quickly!!!!

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