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What is on your "short list" right now?

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We borrowed Snap Circuits from the Girl Scout library, which had donated sets.  I have been wanting to get these in the house since we borrowed the alternative energy set last summer.  Finances are kind of tight right now, but I have a mental list of what I'd love to have around the house in the near future.


What is on your short list?  *Anything* that you would like for your kids and family: toys, books, animals, art supplies, mechanical supplies, sports equipment, garden supplies, academic resources, whatever seems even *remotely* relevant to the fact that I've posted this is the homeschooling forum.


My short list, right at this moment, is:


Snap Circuit sets


small adult-size wheelbarrows for the girls (they've long outgrown the kid ones)


Painting supplies, and other art supplies.  Again, more adult-level ones but still rated for safety.  DD9 is getting deeply interested in painting and art.  She said "I want to learn to make good paintings."  I said "Great!  You can start by making some bad paintings."  I *think* she understood me.  (I hope she understood me! huh.gif)  We are outgrowing our little kids' art supplies, even though I've been careful to get ones that would last over the years.  I've discovered that even art supplies for adults will have an age rating, and many are rated for 7 and up--ones that wouldn't be good to eat but are otherwise safe to handle.


Some math stuff:  Miquon books and a bucket of wooden rods, and I think a couple of Singapore math workbooks.


Thinking about K'nex or other moveable construction set


Baby chicks are already on the schedule for early April.  We have most equipment, though we need a new fount and feeders.


The book "Science Experiments You Can Eat", a slender book we keep checking out from the library.


I'm sure my short list will get much, much longer once I hear what everyone else is wishing for.  It's already longer than it was when I started writing!


Oh, yeah, a backpack for DD9 that can be used on the trail.

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DD needs new X-C ski boots and I need to check and see if the kids have grown enough to need longer skis.  DD was telling me today that she needs some supplies to make Native American crafts from a library book she just got.  The kids need small shovels that are as sturdy as full-sized adult ones.  I'm considering buying Lego Mindstorms sometime over the next year.  We will probably get a dog sometime in the next year also.  We've promised DD a rabbit, but now that we're seriously talking about a dog I'm not sure a rabbit is a good idea.

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Nothing much, really.


We bought a new family camera recently, which is serving dd11 well as she explores photography.


She's trying snowboarding this year, but just using free loaner gear from the school. We had to buy her some dance gear in January as she's started ballet -- shoes, tights, leotard. Minor but necessary purchases. I really can't think of anything much on the horizon right now. We pay for gymnastics and dance by the month. Maybe she'll do a dance summer camp.


It's just as well she's not costing much, since the older three kids (no longer homeschooled) are all pretty expensive these days. We'll have two in college next year and one living on her own to finish high school elsewhere.



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For our homeschooling. . . nothing at the moment.  I am having some negative feelings right now that I would love to get rid of (this happens periodically when I doubt myself).  


Actually, I would love to have a bunch of supplies on hand so that my oldest can explore the electricity stuff whenever she wants.  Ages ago I got her a book that she has wanted to explore and (truthfully) it was overwhelming to me.  I put it on the back burner because I didn't know what else to do.  I would love to have all the stuff available so she could dive in.  I think it would require a soldering kit too.  It would also be fun (but cost prohibitive) to get the lego robotics stuff.  My oldest is saving up for a special camera--again, I know nothing about it.  Thankfully, she does!  Finally, if I am really dreaming, I would love some extra $$$ for a nice trip to the east coast.  My kids are all at a good age for travel.  They love to learn through travel.  Unfortunately, travel is very expensive.  



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