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February Chat

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Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. I have had a difficult time getting in the groove of having a 3 yr old and baby, but things are finally settling down a bit and I think I am kind of getting the hang of this! :innocent It has been crazy though with my DD turning 3 and birthday parties and all that good stuff! Plus my best friend got engaged and is getting married this August and I am the matron of honor so lots of crazy going to be happening this year! At least we have a vacation planned the week after her wedding (which will be much needed I am sure!) 


So I had my 6 week appointment (my last one) with my Midwife and I have to say I almost cried. I really enjoyed my appointments and just chatting with her. But what made it worse is that she told me that there is a good chance she will be moving to Texas (from Ohio) in June. :( I know it is a little soon, but it will make me so sad if I have to try to find a new Midwife for the next one (if we are blessed enough to have more! ) I told her that for selfish reasons I hope they are able to stay!! 


Anyway, Atlas is doing great and has been gaining around a half pound or so a week so my Midwife said he is doing fine with just breast feeding. He has finally started sleeping other places than just in my arms so I have been able to get much more done and am getting more sleep. My DD, Gloria, still loves him and is a surprisingly good helper with him. He smiles all the time and just melts my heart. He has been a little more fussy than at first but nothing too bad. I just love kissing his chubby cheeks! 


I thought about starting another thread with a list of all the mamas screen names, baby's name, birthday and measurements. Would anyone be interested in me doing this so that there is a condensed list? What do you think??  Or anything else I can add?

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I'm still around too! Mostly reading on my phone so it's a pain to post, but I'm attempting to restart my work from home job this week so I should be on the laptop more. Ugh. A big part of me is ready to work again. But the last 4 weeks have just flown by. I don't feel like I've had much time off at all.

TSpencer, I'm sorry your midwife might be moving. It would be so stressful to have to find someone new. Especially after spending 9 months together and bonding over something as emotionally powerful as birth.

Kat is doing well. Her latch is not great. She has a pretty significant tongue tie and a floppy larynx. And I appear to have a bit of oversupply. Nursing is not exactly pretty and involves a lot of choking and gulping and gasping. But she's gaining weight nicely so no one wants to do anything about her tongue tie. Just wait and see. It's frustrating to see her struggling to eat and while she may grow out of the tie and my nipples are fine, I just don't see why she has to choke on every meal for the next few months.

But otherwise, she is sweet and mellow and makes the best faces. She's quite active and I'm already afraid she's going to flip herself off the bed or sofa if I walk away. She's been a remarkably easy addition to our family and even though DS has fits of jealousy and can be a little too exuberant while playing, he is doing much better than I expected and finally, finally cuddled with me while I was feeding her tonight.
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Cwill- Aw that stinks that they won't do anything for her tongue tie! But at least she is getting enough! I wish I had that oversupply. I want to start pumping and freezing just in case I need it for some reason or so DH can feed him sometimes and have that bonding time. The times I have pumped and given him a bottle he chokes, and sometimes he just chokes on his own spit. Both my kiddos take after DH with little throats. Sorry that the time has gone by so quickly! Hopefully you will have a smooth transition back into work. 


I have the same worries about Atlas rolling already. He is a very strong little guy and when he is on his belly he scoots. It's crazy! Thats great that you DS is cuddling again!

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The IBCLC I talked to recommended Dr. Brown's narrow nipples for the slowest flow of milk.  Maybe that would help with choking?


I haven't done enough belly time yet.  That's impressive that Atlas is scooting around already!

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Thanks! I will have to try that out!! And when I say scooting, it is more like him getting so angry that he kicks and kicks and scoots across the blanket in rage. haha not like he is trying to crawl or something crazy like that. :wink He is pretty incredible but not a super baby or anything. I didn't mean to make it sound like that. oops! 

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Hi ladies!!
Tspencer, that new thread is a great idea!
Count me in.
Here's a new picture of Coralie

And one of my big kids
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tspencer - I figured that's what you meant!  Still, it's impressive to see how much they can move around at this age and sometimes it seems with such purpose. 


Coralie looks like such a big girl already!  How is she doing?


Anybody else sick of winter?  It's usually my favorite season - I love to ski and skijor and snowshoe and play in the snow.  But it's hard with a newborn and a 2 year old who hates putting on a jacket and hat and mittens.  I feel like I've been trapped in the house since the beginning of December.  My SIL lives in San Diego and I'm tempted to ask to move in with them for the next month!  Next time I'm having a spring baby!


This is my second newborn who doesn't like to be worn.  I carried DS in my arms all the time.  He hated all of my carriers.  It's a little bit more difficult to have 2 arms preoccupied this time.  I tried Kat in a ring sling yesterday and it was a little better.  But she still feels like she needs arm support in there so it's still not great. 

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I haven't been around much lately but am happy to see that people are still posting here!


Romeo will be three weeks tomorrow, still feel like we are getting the hang of things. Some nights he will sleep for four hour stretches, but then others he just wants to nurse all night long. I think he went through a growth spurt for a few days earlier this week, and he was nursing constantly. DH goes back to work full time on Monday, he has been working half time since after the first week. I never really stopped working from home, had Romeo on a Saturday and worked a few hours a day the following week, but I am worried about how it will go now that I won't have DH helping out.


Romeo was 9 lbs 4 oz. at birth, and was 9 lbs 10 oz at our two week midwife appt, and I am guessing he is well over ten now. His little cheeks just keep getting chubbier. He is pretty calm for the most part, and has been having longer periods of being awake and alert. Breastfeeding is going well. We met some colleagues of mine for dinner on Monday night, and I nursed in public for the first time, (other than at my very crunchy pediatrician's office, where half the moms are nursing,) at a hipster bar/restaurant. We were next to the bar which was filled with bearded young bike messengers, and I got a few confused looks, like it was the last thing they expected to see...but no dirty or disapproving looks. I forgot that NIP takes awhile to get the hang of! Definitely flashed some folks!


Here are two recent photos, one of Romeo tonight, and one of DD (who just dyed her hair purple) holding him several days ago.






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Hi Neara!  Romeo is such a handsome boy!  I'm sorry you've had to work this whole time, but I bet your DH and DD are big helps.  NIP definitely has a bit of a learning curve.  We live in a NIP-friendly place, I've never worried about it.  But there is some definite juggling going on with a newborn.  I was nursing DS until so recently that I forgot how awkward newborns are!


AFM, DD starting taking a pacifier 2 days ago, which has made fussy evenings much less fussy!  Yay!  But at 4 weeks PP, I have hemorrhoids.  Boo!


How's everyone else?

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Hanging in there trying not to think about the end of maternity leave (and failing) my BP is up which sucks for many reasons...I think it was actually better when I was pregnant.

At 7 weeks Paulina is great. Usually sleeps at least one 4 hour stretch (sometimes more...Heaven!) in the night and getting more and more alert and smiley smile.gif but still super tiny (less than 8 pounds!! Which is what most of my babies are at birth...or more!)

She's very expressive!!
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What a doll she is!
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We are doing pretty well here though I'm on edge as we are three weeks today and Uli has had a few episodes of the colicky behavior his brother started with. Noooooooo! Not again!

He's a pretty decent sleeper, but I think it's more that I've been cosleeping from the beginning instead of fighting with a crib.

He's a pretty fantastic nurser -- much easier this time around.

It appears I make monster babies who start out modestly sized but grow exponentially.

He started at 8lbs even and at 3 weeks he's almost 11lbs!

My beloved cat passed away last week and we got a new kitten, who loves to snuggle the baby.

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Paulina is the sweetest! Does maternity leave end for you at 8 weeks? I hope you can get your BP under control. It's not possibly postpartum pre-e, is it? I don't know how long you can continue to be at risk or even what they would do.


Pam, wow! He's growing! I think Kat had grown half a pound from her birth weight at 3 weeks. But maybe I grow average-sized babies in utero who end up small. We'll see! I'm sorry for the loss of your cat.  :(  Losing a pet is so hard. We actually lost our dog 2 weeks after Kat was born. It makes me sick to think about it. Especially because I spent 90% of my pregnancy annoyed with him. And especially because our first dog died tragically shortly after DS was born. It feels so cruel and unfair. Dogs have been such an important part of my life, but I think it will have to be a few years before we bring another into our family.  :(

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Hi folks! I'm still around too, though not frequently. Home with a sick boy today, hope baby stays healthy. I don't think I ever shared a pic.... Ava Estelle is already a month old!!!

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Hey everyone! Wish it wasn't so hard to stay in touch but now with the babies here... I think we've all got our hands full! (Ah, for the good old days of bedrest... well, maybe not good, but good for online socializing!)

I was supposed to go back to work this week but didn't.... just too tired still at only 4 weeks postpartum. My temp was happy for the extra money and seems to be hoping I'll decide to take a few more weeks but we need me to get back... hoping going back to a more familiar routine will help our 3yo, who has been having a rough time. She's been kicking and fussing and peeing in the family bed and keeping us up until 11 or 12 which is hard on all of us, but especially Mama who also gets up with the baby a couple times a night...

I love the NIP acronym - lol! And yes, I too had both forgotten that it's more challenging with a newborn who still needs some help latching on at times, and also hadn't considered that my favorite nursing shirts from before are summery and also too small, as I gained more weight with this pregnancy. (Ugh, I know the weight will come off, but I hate not having anything that fits well, especially going back to work!) Iona is nursing well, but we haven't yet gotten proficient at side-lying (aka sleeping, obviously!) or walking about, and she seems needier than #1 was... but in other ways, more content (she doesn't scream the whole time she's in her car seat! Yay!).

Physically I'm feeling really good these days, other than tired. The postpartum hemorrhoids (I feel for you cwill) finally abated but without any rhyme or reason... I had been eating all the fiber and probiotic foods I could and taking magnesium citrate to no avail, still pooping rocks. And then suddenly one day everything changed, and it started to heal... thankful, though perplexed!

Hugs to those who lost pets recently... we don't have any now (just the dozens of farm animals) but I still feel sad about the dog we lost almost ten years ago now...

I'm having very vivid, strange dreams these days... not sure if it is sleep deprivation or hormone related, but it's kind of interesting as I don't usually remember dreams at all... Also my skin has suddenly gotten extremely dry and itchy, especially my face, which I suspect is hormones... still having sporadic spotting and just got over a mild yeast infection but overall, everything is going better than last time and I know soon it will all even out... No ppd tendencies this time either it seems - nothing terrible last time, but a few very weepy weeks and at times some scary thoughts. Don't really know if I'm riding out the hormones better this time just because my body has done it before, or knowing what to expect...

Take care all... take joy in those amazingly precious newborn noises before they are gone!
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I miss everyone too. Is there a march thread? It's good to catch up. It was hard for so long to have time to type a message. Lillian is two months tomorrow and I fall more in love every day. Aside from my bruised/broken tailbone (apparently it doesn't matter which...) this whole thing has been so straightforward. I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy, birth, baby... I feel on edge every day waiting for something to go wrong. Because I couldn't sit for so long we got good at side lying and standing nursing very quickly. Lillian was 7 lb 12 oz at birth and is now nearly 12 lbs! I am starting to be able to sit again and finally can rock her in the glider. She's getting so interesting and interested in everything!

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I'm starting a March thread! 

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