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Baby not crawling

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My 10 month old won't crawl on all four. She swims (?) across, and moves in a sitting position, like a frog. It looks adorable, and she goes fast, but I need her to crawl. When I put her in the crawling position, and try to get her to crawl, she doesn't. She could lift herself to a crawling position, but that's it.


She's already picking herself up to stand.


Thanks so much for any advice.

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I read recently that it doesn't matter how your baby crawls. It's not a measure of intelligence. Some babies skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking. Some crawl backwards or sideways. It's all fine.

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My first 3 kids did not crawl. My LO4 is the first one who will actually crawl normal. But only on carpet. He scooted from 8 months -10 months before he realized he could crawl. We have hard wood flooring and he still scoots around at home. I guess its just too slick for him to get the traction to crawl. But if were visiting someone who has carpet then he will crawl.
Every baby is different, they do things their own way in their own time! No worries! Your baby sounds perfectly normal to me!!!
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My oldest two didn't crawl until 11 months(ish).  They walked at 14 months(ish).  I wouldn't worry.

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Thanks. I will try to find a cheap long rug to see if that will help. We have wood floors only. I don't like carpet..I heard from chiropracters and other natural people that cross crawling is important for brain development, and that makes it easier to learn later. (And less likely to be LD.) One of my older children had a bit of a hard time learning, and I did Brain Gym for a short time, which was alll I could afford then, and we focused on the cross brain work.
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Babies are different and they do things differently,if he shows development,you shouldn't worry,that's what he's comfortable with.just cheer him when he's crawling ,his way ,ofcourse.
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