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Balancing Act

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Hey there fellow mamas!


I'm new to this forum but would love some thoughts on my plans...

My family is getting ready to make the transition to me being a HS mom full-time in a few months.  I currently work full-time out of the home.  Our ds is nearly 5 and is at a daycare during the day now.  I have two (small-time) businesses that haven't as yet provided much in the way of an income and I've been considering taking one or two children in for daycare.  I know that I will have a lot on my plate, but I also don't want to put my family in a bad place financially.  Any thoughts?


*My two businesses are:

  "A Novel Idea Books and Miscellany" (I create custom, personalized memory books for people, as well as making candles,  soaps, bath salts, and lotions)

 "Blackthorn Farm" (I have a large organic garden and chickens and I sell produce and eggs along with fruit from our small orchard, to a few local customers and at two local farmers markets)

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I love that you have a farm-- what about running an educational program for pre-k that incorporates your children as well.  I know if there was something like that here I would totally join and pay the dues...I think lots of SAHM look for opportunities like that...

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That is an excellent idea!  Thank you!  I will definitely look into something like that.  I really love the idea of bringing more awareness to people about where there food comes from.

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