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Funding your midwifery education...

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I am so ready to make that big leap and enroll to start the CPM process.  I am leaning heavily towards NMI, but am currently held back by my finances.  We are already a low income family so it isn't really a matter of pinching pennies (trust me they are pinched!).  Since NMI doesn't offer financial aid or anything I am trying to think of some creative ways to pay (I already work full time just to pay the other bills!).  I am planning to use my tax return this year to attend the heart and hands midwifery intensives in March, and I am hoping to come up with the $5,000 down by next year so I can enroll.  How did you make it happen?  I have thought about setting up gofundme.com or indiegogo.com or something and asking for my friends financial support on this journey... I am just not that comfortable asking for money. Would you do it?  I have been talking about midwifery school for at least 10 years, and am now just wondering how I can make it happen...

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Bumping for input. Anyone care to share some creative ideas on funding midxifery education?

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We are still just in the thought process, but DH brought up borrowing from his retirement in order to fund my going to midwifery school. 

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Don't have a real solution for you as I am in pretty much the same boat. I am getting ready to send off my enrollment check (thanks to a fantastic mil!) to NMI. After that I don't really know, we are hoping to wing it and be pretty poor this first year. Luckily next year the payments go down a bit. I plan on doing as many placentas as I can to bring in a little money. We are currently a one income family and I don't see myself getting a real job, with school, my apprenticeship, and life I don't see it happening. So, like I said no real solution, just some kinship. ;) 

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I'm new here, but I have just enrolled in the midwifery correspondence course with Midwifery Institute of America, and one of the biggest factors (among several others) for my choosing this school was the low tuition. The entire tuition is $2,000. I couldn't believe it when I saw it listed online, but it's true. I was, admittedly, a little skeptical at first, because I thought, "how can such a low tuition really be part of a quality school?" but a family friend actually went through them several years ago, so it came highly recommended. I have also spoken fairly extensively with the director, and not only did she herself impress me greatly with her professionalism, communication, and knowledge, but she sent me the outline of the curriculum before I made my decision, as I was looking at three different schools, and this one was SO thorough and well-rounded that my search for the right school was really a no-brainer. 


I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I thought I'd share my own experience with funding midwifery school. My other top choice was the Virginia School of Traditional Midwifery, but it costs about $14,000 to go through them. 

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I spent about five months working overnights at Walmart to do my NMI down payment. It was exhausting, and totally worth it. Dh and I were the ships passing in the night. I worked 10pm-6am; he worked 7am-5pm. I would nap from about 6am-8am and nap before work while he was home. Again, exhausting. But totally doable.

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My vote is crowd sourcing-- indiegogo or gofundme. Friends/family/natural birth supporters will help! If you get 125 people to give you 40 bucks- you're set! That's what I plan on doing once I have all the academic pre-req's met- to make the most out of my 3 years I have to complete it.

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Perhaps there are other ways that you could make money to add to the fund?! Attend events and farmers markets, etc. You could sell/make things like herbal soap or herbal sitz baths?! Products that would support your business and help mamas and babies (and families)?


Just another idea. It would still require time and energy. But, you could network with the birthing community while you're doing this. It's a great way to make connections!

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What about babysitting? In our area, there's a serious lack of good childcare, so there's work to be had for moms who are good sitters.

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Thanks for your input ladies!  Somehow I totally missed that anyone responded :eyesroll

I am 3 classes into the heart and hands midwifery intensive taught by Elizabeth Davis and I am making myself crazy because I feel like I should totally be patient and my time will come... I just want it to be NOW!  The only thing stopping me from enrolling at NMI right this minute is finances. I started my gofundme acct but I haven't had much of a response (boooo!).  I am pretty familiar with our local birth community (small town, I'm also a doula and was pretty involved with my local "hub" before my job took over my life).  I am liking the herbal sitz bath idea as our farmers market is a big thing here and I bet if we had something to sell our local mama baby resource place would get a table with me.  I definitely feel like I need to come up with some out of the box ideas.  I already work full time but our ends don't even meet (I am STRONGLY encouraging my partner to find a better job), so putting that "little bit extra" away doesn't work. This work is calling to me SO loudly but I know I just need to let in unfold in it's own time... it will.... right?!  Ha!

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I know when you have your heart set on something, it's hard to shift your thinking, but perhaps you should look at a different way to get your CPM. There *are* cheaper options than what you're looking at. If you're already involved in the birth community, can you just ask people for help? Apprenticeships, creative education ideas, etc.

I'm at MLL (just graduated, woo!), but we have people who are PEPing who come for a quarter (1750$) to speed up the process, which is something I don't think I ever would have thought of as an option, for example. 

Setting up a table at the market is a great idea - you can recruit future clients while also offering placenta services, herbs, doula services, etc, etc. Ring slings are pretty simple to make, and could be added to a birth/baby themed table...

Good luck! 

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Have you looked into applying to MCU? You can now file a FAFSA for financial aid there.

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@phathui5 I had noticed that about MCU! Ugh and husband wants to some day move to Utah too so there is a chance I would eventually be practicing there. I really have my heart set on Nizhoni and starting sooner than when we would be planning to move (5+ years). 


I am starting an online assistant job to bring in a little extra income. This is something you ladies can look into! I'm also thinking I will probably set up an indiegogo campaign as well. Do any of you know of any organizations that offer grants etc to future midwives?

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You can do MCU as a distance program. Give them a call.

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