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Gotta love it when I get kneed hard right in the uterus!!!

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My toddler did this before but the baby was younger.  He kneed me hard tonight in the spot right above my pubic bone!  It didn't hurt that bad but of course I'm paranoid now.  (13 weeks)


Any stories from experienced mamas dealing with toddler's kneeing you in the uterus welcomed to ease my mind!  

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Yep, I actually caught a kick during a diaper change right in the uterus at about 13 weeks last time.  I'm always real paranoid about 13 weeks as I've had a threatened miscarriage and a miscarriage at that point in past pregnancies.  Everything turned out fine.  No issues.  They've still got lots of room to just float away at this point.

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My 5yo and 18mo are all over me right now... they must suspect something is up.


My 7yo thought it was a good idea to throw her tablet at me the other day and it landed smack on my belly. Ouch. Thankfully up above where baby is right now.


I think I've had at one of them hit me pretty hard with each pregnancy and never any problems for baby. I would say your baby is probably just fine, but if you feel something is off be sure to let your care provider know.

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happens all the time.


your uterus just bounces, and right now (unlike month 9) there's an ocean of fluid and a tiny little alien swimming around in an amniotic blur... it would be REALLY HARD to actually hurt the little guy.


but be cautious.  my guy has been kicking when nursing and climbing on me and i'm DONE.  


but not b/c of fear, just discomfort.

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Yep. I'm there too! I have a 1.5 & 3 year old who end up in bed with me most mornings and they were trading belly blows this week. I'm always paranoid, but like others have said, baby has such a cushion right now that most likely there's minimal risk!
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I have 3 young children so this has happened a lot to me.

The baby has always been fine but I find I've become naturally protective over my bump to try minimise bumps and hurts to me :)

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The day before yesterday I went over to my neighbour's house to give them some cinnamon buns I had made and as soon as I got in the door their large dog kicked me right in the baby belly. I was soo soo angry I just handed over the treats and left. In my head I know that
1. The baby is fine.
2. The dog is fairly untrained and doesn't know any better
3. My neighbour never stopped the dog from jumping on me before I was pregnant so why would they start now?
So rationally I knew that it was just my emotions but I will not visit them anymore. They are welcome to our house instead.
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^^^ugh!  but yeah.


my husband was not a dog fan.  i got a dog years ago when he was traveling a lot and she's amazing.  i spent 4 months training her to be my companion mutt.  he fell totally in love with her and decided he might like dogs after all.  until he met dogs that jumped, dogs that misbehaved, etc, and he realized he's partial to well-trained dogs (and children too) and he's pretty unwilling to be around dogs that aren't behaved.  we got tired of having our dog-loving kids knocked over and upset too...

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I completely agree house of Peace, I spent a lot of time training our two dogs, plus a lot of time making sure they are properly exercised, fed, and loved. It bothers me when other people don't take the time to train their dogs. However I try not to be high and mighty about it, I just avoid untrained animals. My neighbours are great people but they will no longer have hot treats hand delivered, their loss :P
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yeah- i tone down the condescension and really try not to suggest training, but find it really funny that they think it's personality that makes my dog so gentle and obedient.  i mean, she's amazing, and i can't take credit for her non-food focused, non-barking ways, but it was a lot of work to get her obedient!!! 

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Now I want cinnamon buns...lol.
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I craved those cinnamon buns the night before and was dreaming about them so spent like two hours making them only to take a bite and realize I only wanted to smell cinnamon buns....
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This is so me w/ cinnamon buns!!!!  i LOVE the smell, but actually have never enjoyed them.  go figure!!!

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