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Working mamas: when are you taking maternity leave?

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Is anyone planning to work up to their due date? If not, when do you plan to start your leave? 

I'd like to take a week off prior to my due date. I'm not due for another 5 weeks but I'm already having a hard time with energy. Wish I could be home now!!

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I wish I could be home now too, but I'm working as long as I can before taking maternity leave. I'm on the schedule until march 10th. I'm due the 15th
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I'm due March 5, but on the schedule until March 10 because I want to work as long as possible to accrue leave time. But I'm thinking I won't even make it that far, I'm already so exhausted. I'm just hoping the water doesn't break at work lol.
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Lol no kidding!
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I'm working until my due date. I'm having a c/s at 40 weeks and I going to work until the day before if I don't go into labor. I thought about that water breaking thing too... I teach and that would be... um... REALLY awkward! 

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im working until my due date as well, as tired as i am, i'd rather spend the very limited leave time with my little one than watching old episodes of x files. lol

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Yep, working until due date here as well! I get to work from home anyway, so it is not that awful. Question is whether I will be able to get done what I need to!!

How much leave are you all taking?

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I'm taking 12 weeks
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I'm trying to get as close to my due date as possible. I'm an RN, and I work 12 hour shifts on my feet- I'm pretty uncomfortable. Kind of a week at a time at this point. I want to take 12 weeks, but not sure if I can afford it. DHs work is still very spotty. My goal right now is to get to within a week of my due date and then take as many after as I can.
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What do you other mommas do?

I'm a lab assistant at a hospital, and I work four 10hr shifts. But because of how I was feeling today, I think it may be my last full time week.. I'm going to see about only doing two 10s a week now, I'm just exhausted by the third day, my mind and cencentration are going out the window and my body's calling quits lol
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I'm working until my due date also. I work in a lab but I have flexibility on when I decide to sit and do reports and when I stand and do actual lab work so I am hoping with those variations and I can be relatively comfortable (enough) until the end. I am also trying to accrue as much leave time beforehand. I am taking 6 weeks off but may take more depending on my work situation - I am trying to transfer to a different lab but won't know for sure until early march.

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I have a desk job so I'm not on my feet but I'm finding that my back hurts at work! I think I might be able to make it to my due date cause other than the back pain, I'm doing great. I think having a week before the baby arrives to myself sounds awesome but you never know when they will decide to be born!

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My babe is due March 9. I have this agreement at work: the official last day is two weeks before expected due date. Feb 20 was the deadline for tidying up/writing instructions for the next people to take over smoothly. But I will continue coming in for as long as I can. I'm just not expected in the office every day, and may request shorter hours. I told them that I would definitely like to work the two busiest days, Monday and Thursday.


My coworkers either have very large or young families, so they've been wonderfully accommodating.

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I'd wanted to keep working through late Feb. but had to stop the 2nd week of Feb due to pubis synthesis issues.  I'm an LMP so the pain/lack of mobility put a damper on things, luckily I'm self-employed so it was just a matter of contacting my regular clients, they were all super understanding, and I'd arranged for backup referrals too.

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