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Felt a movement!

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Please share it if you've felt it, even if you think it's crazy early!

I was hugging DH, with my belly pressed against him, and I felt it! It lit up my whole world.


I know what it was (this being my 4th) and it felt like it always has before, like a sudden little feeling of a goldfish flipping against my insides.


9 weeks is really early, but I know what it was, because I felt my first, at 13 weeks (again, lying flat, and felt uncomfortable pressure on my abdomen) and had an ultrasound the next day, and it happened again, strongly, when the ultrasound wand was pressed against me, and the tech also confirmed the movement I felt, as it was happening. Basically the fetus bouncing around in a sudden movement for just a moment. My mother told me she also felt movements a lot earlier than anyone would believe, and was also dismissed and told it wasn't possible. But who cares if someone else believes it?


Each pregnancy, for me, that first time of feeling a movement is usually if there's a bit of pressure there, and it's just like a little goldfish flipping its tail or something. Later on, movements can be felt without abdominal pressure, and they are different, because instead of the baby bumping around in a fluid-filled cavity, it's more leg movements and such.


But I just wanted to share a wonderful moment, and encourage everyone else, that if they feel a tiny fluttering like butterfly wings, or a little goldfish flip, to share their happy news too!

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Ok I have kept from sharing this because it's impossibly early (I'm only 7 weeks 4 days) but I swear I've been feeling movement the past 2 days! Crazy, right? But there it is. This is baby #2.
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I felt some early movement when I would lay on my stomach smile.gif It's stopped now but I think that's because my uterus has popped over the pubic bone and there's more room. I had a day not too long ago where everything hurt as it started to stretch out and I can't feel anything.
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YEA!  I'm NOT crazy!  LOL I felt it 2 weeks ago (at 7 weeks) and again last week. :) 

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10 weeks, feeling movements regularly enough now, that much as I am delighted by it, it also has me wondering, does this mean twins, or perhaps being farther along than the LMP indicates?


It is strange to feel movements without even pressing on my belly, this early, and I kept running to the calendar to see if I really am still 10 weeks, because it just goes against conventional wisdom, but this is my 4th, and I know what movements feel like, and this is not gas or my imagination. DH even put his face down low at my belly and "talked to the baby" and got quite a reaction! I would hardly believe it if I heard it from someone else, but living it is believing. Still, it makes me wonder about twins or being further along than thought, and I'm really looking forward to that first appointment.


I just had another movement, sitting at the keyboard, and sometimes they happen standing up. It makes me smile, makes it all feel worthwhile, and puts my mind at ease that it's real, and that the baby is apparently quite lively, so I'm glad. But I also look forward to hearing about it as other moms start feeling movements, and don't be shy! I promise not to say it's your imagination! :rotflmao

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I've been feeling randomness... I'm pretty in tune with digestive feelings with so many issues there. I had a lot of gas yesterday which feel like kicks higher up so I know that's not them!

When I was at the Dr's last week just as I laid down and she pressed the Doppler down I felt a distinctive "bump"... But we couldn't catch the little thing on the Doppler although she was pretty sure she found it a couple times before it swam away.

Yesterday I had the "hand/foot" at the cervix feeling so I'm assuming it swam down there before pushing off lol

Nothing for sure. Not like a few weeks ago when I'd lay on my stomach but I feel HUGE now at 12 weeks, part if it is bloat/food baby, part is baby/uterus finally pushing my tummy fat up lol.gif

I felt like I could do the "waddle" quite well last night lmao! But I can still bend over at the waist so it's more bloat than anything else...
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I wish I knew what it felt like first hand. I don't think I have had any yet? 

It's always possible but with this being my first I don't know what to look for?

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I've had times after and in between being pregnant that I could SWEAR I felt a baby's movement (like even the day after birth!) and realized it's gas or some other movement in there - weird!  


I've caught myself a few times now where I'll say - that FELT like a baby moved! And then I feel something else traveling in me or pass gas.  


But I'm quite sure I did feel at least one movement now thus far.  I'm 11 weeks and I think I felt it a few days before the 11 week mark.  I think it's quite possible if the baby is really flyin' fast in there.  There was an absence of other explanations (no gas) so I think it really was fetal movement that time.  


I also remember ultra-sounds where the baby is moving all around and I felt nothing.  I even remember a 21-week ultra-sound and many of babie's moves could not be felt as I watched on the screen, just real big kicks.  


I'm looking forward to 15-17 weeks for me is when I start feeling movement more definitely.  

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For a few months after my daughter was born I had a bunch of phantom kicks!

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I could have written your post, Goingonfour - that is exactly how I've been thinking and feeling. I even double checked the calendar today (still only 9 1/2 wks!) and have been questioning my dates, wondering if twins (much more sick and tired, 4th pregnancy for me)... I Know I know what fetal movement feels like, but the little olive is just beginning to have the ability to move arms and legs, so I don't know... I won't accuse any of you of imagining things, but I'm beginning to think I am! wink1.gif
To cricketschirpin - I felt my first around 17 wks, and 2nd and 3rd around 13 wks, and the best way I can describe it is that it feels like someone gently swiped the inside of my lower stomach (at or below waistline) with their knuckle, really lightly. (I don't know why in the world I imagine a knuckle, but I do!) Once you feel something that you're wondering about, hold super still and see if it happens again in the same spot within a few seconds, or if it happens in same area over time. Good luck!
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It's funny how we all perceive things a little differently.  I, personally, feel like (especially at first) my baby feels like there is a little hamster (but no sharp claws) inside of me... ever see how they flip about and do real quick little moves as they nuzzle things, dig, etc.?  As the baby grows it feels less like that but I think I've had some very active little ones in me!  

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Originally Posted by cricketschirpin View Post

I wish I knew what it felt like first hand. I don't think I have had any yet? 

It's always possible but with this being my first I don't know what to look for?

It must be frustrating, especially hearing others talk about it. It really does seem that for a lot of us, showing earlier and feeling it earlier seems to go along with subsequent pregnancies. Not sure why. But it will be all the more exciting, to hear about it when all you first-time moms do feel the first movements, because that very first time is so special!


As for what it's like, it's like the taste of oysters: something you can't describe well in terms of anything else, but once you have had it, you never forget it. The metaphors I have seen and heard of most are butterfly flutters, little fish flipping and bumping, and now, Rachie's hamster! Cute!

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Originally Posted by MrsKatie View Post

Ok I have kept from sharing this because it's impossibly early (I'm only 7 weeks 4 days) but I swear I've been feeling movement the past 2 days! Crazy, right? But there it is. This is baby #2.

Well, you can share your joy, safely, here! It's too bad that it's almost a human universal to deride anything that surprises us, as impossible, or the imagination of the other person.

Especially when it's about what someone else feels.


I know what you mean in terms of it going against what we've been told, but if we each had a dollar for every time the conventional wisdom didn't apply, we'd have a nice group vacation in Perfect Pregnancy Land, right?;)


So, what did it feel like? Are you still feeling it?

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It felt like the tiniest bubble pop, same as when I first felt my daughter at 14 weeks.  I felt a LOT of movement last night, and some tonight, too.  I'm sure it's baby.  It feels like my uterus is a goldfish bowl and the baby is the goldfish bumping up against the inside.  I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday.  I have no words for how exciting and reassuring this is.

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I have felt "somethings" on and off (13 weeks yesterday), but I can't be sure, either. BUT! I did feel something last night before bed, and then I had a dream about feeling really big movements with both my hands on my belly, and I could pick out two feet and a shoulder blade!!

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I can never trust my baby kick feelings, because I'm also one of those who feels baby kicks when I'm not pregnant, lol. BUT, I do think I've felt some baby movement lately...In fact, I think I feel some right now....but maybe not ; ) @cricketschirpin it was harder to feel movement with my first. I don't think I really felt it until 16 weeks the first time.

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I had a Braxton Hicks after some alone time with DH and I could clearly feel my uterus for the first time, and it was definitely high! Like a few fingers below my belly button... Awesome feeling! I have felt some flutters but not in the last few days. When I had my doppler on Tuesday we heard a few kicks!
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It's wonderful to see the joy over felt movements! After my initial post, I now hardly feel the baby, but after a couple of days of dread and worry, felt some fainter movements, and now, occasionally I can feel a few, just not as definite as they were for a while there earlier on. I think maybe the uterus coming up higher and being less squished helped? I also found some super loose waisted, soft velour pants that don't press against me the way the other pants did, so that could contribute to not feeling things as much.

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Thanks emilula! I'm 12 weeks and I haven't felt anything more than lots of lower back ache and occasional tight feeling in front and headaches over last 4 days. But m/s gone but no movements yet that I'm aware of! 

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At 10 wks 5 days I felt a flutter to the left of my bellybutton, totally different than any gas I've ever felt before. I'm convinced it was Baby! This is #1 but I've always been aware of feelings in my gut and this was something else :)   Felt like some one went 'tickle tickle tickle' with the tips of their fingers and then it was gone 

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