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MFW questions

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I was given tons of materials for K-2nd but with three little ones and an elderly family member to care for I just don't feel like I can piece it all together.  Digging through it all, figuring out what is what and how/when to use and trying to make a lesson plan is just not something I feel like I can take on at this time.  Anyhow, I am looking at curriculum, specifically My Father's World, for first grade.  


I have read a lot of reviews and most of them seem fairly positive.  It does seem to have a few weak points that may require supplementation.  I do still have all the other materials I was given if I see them as needed.  We are Christians, so the strong Biblical emphasis is a positive for us.  This might sound a bit odd but one of my main concerns is that I have read that it relies heavily on getting books from the library.  Libraries are great but my daughter is unable to go to our library.  (I believe there are some mold issues as she developed a respiratory illness each time we went.  Each time we went it was more severe than the last to the point where we just can't go.)  I can go on my own, it just takes a lot of coordinating to go without kids.  Can anyone speak to this issue?  How much do you rely on the library?


Any other big concerns with MFW that you have noticed? 

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We use the library a lot but rarely go there. I usually place holds online so I can just run in and pick up a stack. We have limited outside-the-house time due to elder care, too, so it saves time. Do the books bother her, or just the building?
Depending on the price of the books you could also buy them online and resell them when you're done.
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