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Top 10 (or should I say 20?) list for first time mamas...

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Soooo I'm starting to settle in to the idea of being a first time mom. I realize I'm not 100% out of the first trimester woods yet, but trying to wrap my head around all the things I'm going to need/want. I figure I should start out at the needing vs. wanting all but for my first item. I know a lot of people co-sleep or use bassinets around these mothering parts, but we're seemingly in the minority of those wanting/using a crib that we can eventually convert to a bed.


That's starting my list off at #1 and boy there is quite a range. IKEA $200 to fancy-pants $1200 and higher! YOWSA. 


#1 Crib/Mattress (preferably organic non-toxic)

#2 Stroller

#3 Car Seat

#4 Baby K'tan



Here is where I'd love some input from those who have been here before. I'm not sure what is considered 'necessity' and preferred!

We don't have a lot of money...but we've got a lot of love!



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We cosleep so no crib.

Car seat of course.

I have really never used a stroller but my ring sling and woven wrap were wonderful.

A boppy is nice but much of the same can be done with a normal pillow.

I am getting a new bouncer or maybe a rock and play sleeper thing. Its nice to have a place other than a blanket on the floor or bed to put down baby.

My daughter never took to the swing so I doubt I'll get that this time. 

Even if you don't cloth diaper, a dozen prefolds are awesome to have around to clean up baby spit up and drool, allow for naked time, burping. 

Nursing clothes if you plan on breastfeeding. Doesn't have to be MADE for nursing. Lower cut tops or looser tops with a tank underneath do the job.

And then ONE kind of cheap soft cup nursing bra that fits at the end of your pregnancy, then get a couple good ones after breastfeeding is established.

I will be stocking up on diapers starting now. We cloth diapered my first but for reasons we've stopped and won't be the next one.


I don't feel like babies need all that much. car seat, warmth and food pretty much it. Don't -need- a crib, don't -need- bottles and formula, don't even -need- diapers (elimination communication). =) 

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will you cloth diaper- if so, you'll need a stash of which ever kind you choose,cloth wipes, etc.


I liked the k'tan until about 5 months or so, then dd seemed to outgrow it.  I bought a babyhawk mei tai carrier.  I wore her in the front a lot but could wear her on my back to make dinner/clean.  this was super helpful.  I also have an ergo, which I love for babies close to and over 1.  But the mei tai felt more secure since the back was higher.


You'll need bedding for crib- water proof mattress pad and sheet (you'll want at least 2 of each for quick changes when one set gets wet).


I really love my changing table.  I like having baskets of everything I need all organized with my diaper pail right next to it.  It would not work for me to be changing baby on the floor.  But I know others who did not use their changing table.  It was/is a necessity for us.


A baby bouncy seat- we got ours in great condition from a used kids store for $15.  It's really nice to have a safe place to put baby down sometimes.  DD seemed to like lounging in there staring at the toys when she was a couple months old.


Burp cloths.  You'll need a lot of these.  Cloth diapers work the best.


onsies/ sleepers/hats/ socks/swaddle blankets (aden and anais ones were great).  I do not like the baby gown things.  I know others who love them.  maybe buy 1 or 2 and see if they work for you.


bibs (especially when they begin solids)/highchair of some sort for when they start solids.   


some sort of diaper bag (doesn't have to be an expensive one, but something to tote all the stuff that baby may need when you're out)


baby swing- I know some babies hate them.  But every single one of mine LOVED it.  DD2 slept in it exclusively for 6 months, since she had bad reflux.  My others would nap in there.  This is something that would be great to borrow or get 2nd hand if you can.  


a bureau for clothes.  they won't need a lot of space in the beginning, but as they become toddlers and wear more real clothing and the cloths become bigger you'll want someplace to keep it all.


I guess I'm not a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff.  I like my comforts.  we also have exersaucer and jumper thing- totally not necessary but nice to have when they're a little bigger.  I'm also on my 4th so this stuff has gotten a lot of use.

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Oh yay! Thanks so much ladies! This is just the sort of thing I was hoping for! Duh diaper bag! LOL I forgot about that. :Sheepish  


I was thinking of (based on many friends recommendations) using the Honest Company for diapers. Has anyone here tried that? My friends swear by it and the organic diapers and products. I was even thinking of asking for 1 month of diapers for 12 months.  You can get unlimited diaper/wipes bundles delivered to your door each month for $79.  If your baby starts to grow out of a size you can request the new size and return the unused. If I asked for it on my registry than lets say 6 people were to buy a month that's 6 months of good quality safe diapers already purchased. I know the cost can really add up. I have a friend who cloth diapers but she said its definitely a labor of love. I'm not sure I have it in me. Diaper pail! Right! That I would say is crucial, lol.


The babyhawk mei tai carrier sounds interesting! I can't wait to look it up. Love the idea of two sets of the sheets/matress pads. Thank you!  


Bouncer also a great idea. My mother in law tells me ALL the time how much my husband loved his Johnny Jump Up when he was a wee one. If our baby is anything like him...we'll want something like it! :-)


Keep em coming peeps! 

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Hmmmm... we have a lot of stuff for baby still, but a lot that also needs to be replaced or that I got rid of knowing we'd need new...

Things I will need to/want to buy...

1) a *new* car seat (I never buy a carseat second hand)

2) a crib (most likely also new because of safety issues)

3) some more flats. I like them as an extra pad for the change table, burp clothes, spill pads and the odd time diapers

4) some new nursing tanks, mine are all worn out and they are my favorite thing

5) possibly a bassinet, we left our old one and *I* am a horrible co sleeper. I like my space, even from DH

6) bouncy chair(s). Yes plural. I like having one in the bathroom and one on each floor in the main living space. I think I have two or three and I may get one more second hand. I hate having to move them and they are essential items to me, when I need a safe place to rest my arms, go to the bathroom, have a shower. 

7) lots of diapers and wipes of whatever flavor you are using

8) a change pad. We used a change table with our first and with our second just changed her on our bed. But I would make the bed each day and just set up a little "changing station" on the bed. This time I have a change table from when I was doing daycare so I'm going to paint it and put it in the nursery

9) for me a good stroller is key. I love my BOB. I love my carriers too but I can't carry full time with my fibromyalgia, so I love a really really good stroller (I also like to have a small but heavier duty umbrella type stroller $60-100 not the $5-20 ones, for the times you possibly need a stroller but don't want to lug a bigger one around. I call it my hospital stroller and I still take it if my older kids are sick. )

10) I want an Ergo this time. I have many meitai's which I love but I think the Ergo may be better for me when they get bigger. 

11) a chest of drawers, although this could be combined or low enough be used as a change table

12) i will also get a high chair that straps onto a chair as my old one is just too big for our kitchen


That's about it. I do have an electric breast pump (not too expensive a model) for the odd time I'm going out longer than a couple hours, although my babies hate bottles so the couple times I went out before they were on solids I would leave a bottle, a sippy cup, a regular cup and a spoon for the person watching them and they always figured out what worked best for both of them

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Don't buy to many cloths till after your baby shower.  People like buying cloths and you might get hand me downs if you are lucky.  As far as stroller there are lots of ways to go.  For my first 2 we had an maclaren umbrella stroller.  I loved how easy it was to take in and out of the car, super light weight,  and drove pretty good.  Can't use it for the first 3 months but I wore them then.   They also have a really high weight limit of up to 50 lbs.  We took 2 maclaren umbrella strollers all over Italy and Germany.  For this one I am getting a travel system because we do taxis a lot in Qatar and I want something that attaches the carseat too.  We are going with the more expensive option this time.  If you want to get cheap for a stroller, first check out babies r us and see what you want and then check out cragilist.  I like to buy stuff that people barely use.  If you search you can get great deals!


Now its hard to know at this point if you are going to want a crib or not.  We didn't get one with my first because we were being cheap but I someone gave us one for the second.  The only one who has ever slept in the crib was my older son when we had company and he was 5 at the time.  At 5 he though it was lots of fun.  If you do buy a used crib make sure its newer.  There was a recall on cribs a few years back and you don't want to get one with drop sides because this was considered unsafe.  Also used carseats are a big no no becasue they expire and your not suppose to use them after they have been in a crash.  Oh and no matter what once you have kids I highly recommend getting a water proof cover for your matteress.


If you have a lack of space or money you don't really need a changing table.  We never used one.  For a high chair we got a reasutrant style high chair similar to  this one.  http://www.amazon.com/Winco-CHH-104-Stacking-Unassembled-Hi-Chair/dp/B001E6FY32/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392320826&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=reasturant+style+high+chair
  We loved that they sat at the table with us and that they got used to sitting in it so it was easier to eat out.


A nursing cover is nice if you are the modest type.  I never used it in the USA but I do here in Qatar.


Hope that helps. 

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oh and I might be one of the few, but I don't really carry a diaper bag. I keep one stocked in the car but for the most part I rarely use it. I honestly just tucked a diaper and a travel case of wipes in the sides of the carseat when we left the car and went (but then I often have the stroller because of my pain issues). I found a diaper bag to be annoying and I often have  few things tucked into a purse, if I even carry one of those. But i find keeping a bag stocked in the car with lots of diapers, wipes, extra soothers (if you give them/they need them) and a couple changes of different weather clothes was the best!

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I have several friends who do the honest company diaper service deal.  I think they're really happy with it- I will say the diapers are really cute.  but it's still way more expensive than cloth.


I also love my bob stroller (it's a single).  I will need to go back to my baby jogger double when this baby is older, since he/she and dd3 will be 22 months apart.  My baby jogger is from 2006, I really need to get it reupholstered.  Does anyone know if the company sells replacement seats/canopies?

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To all the BOB lovers, thank you! You just sealed the deal for me. I have a cousin and friend who swear by it but the more testimonials I hear I will add that to the list!

I also like the idea of having a maclaren type umbrella stroller. I think that would be nice to have on hand too. 

calliegirlintexas - very good point about the cloths. I was just at a shower recently and you are so right. Almost everyone had a pack included with their gifts!  also great idea about the restaurant style high chair getting them used to eating in restaurants. Any other recommendations for high chairs?

What about car seats? I'm always hearing about dang recalls! Anyone that has stood the test of time?

Delighted - what are flats? Also do you have a favorite brand of bouncy chairs. I keep seeing these 'doorway style' ones that make me nervous. Are they safe enough?

Thank you all for these great suggestions! I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about all this!

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when I mentioned bouncy seat I meant one of these



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Crickets - this post great!   I have an idea about the basics that are needed but choosing them is a diff story.  Also I know I don't want a bunch of extraneous clutter... just not my thing.

Wish I could simply order a "ready for baby" kit from Costco!! 

btw - aside from DH I have no one to help me or tell me what's what, so it's gonna be like the blind leading the blind at my house! 

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I need a good assortment of carriers.  They need to be functional, but they are a fun/pretty accessory for me- they brighten my day and are always useful. (I primarily use wraps, but a good mei tai and ssc are handy and I love and consider a great ring sling a must have. 

Stroller?  Only if my 2yo decides that he needs to become a runner.  Otherwise, I wear more than anything else. 

Crib?  We cosleep, but a crib is nice for naps.  Certainly not a must have, but a luxury I plan to enjoy. 

Diapers- probably cloth, though new house is on a well, so we may need to reassess if the laundry routine would be annoying.  

Bouncy seat- definitely handy when I want to shower or something. I may opt for a rock n' play this time instead though. I also like a good swing- something like the cradle swing- not the more upright. 


When they are older, an exersaucer is handy. 


I like a highchair with shoulder straps and a good recline.  I have wiggly kids, and the recline buys me time to eat without a baby in arms before they are ready to sit up and join us for food at the table. 

A boppy can be handy if you plan to breastfeed, though pillows from around the house work as well. 

Plan a station for yourself- somewhere comfortable, with water bottle, an ereader, or some knitting- even just the remote control.  Give yourself permission just to sit and feed baby. If there are older siblings, a busy bag to keep there with activities they can do to keep busy helps a lot. 

Swaddling blankets.  Good  quality muslin blankets are my favorite, but I prefer making my own.  (Look for cotton bubble gauze, then dye as you like- it's a fun older sibling project.) 

A crock pot.  No, really.  You want the ability to prepare dinner while baby is calm and happy in the morning and by the time all hell breaks loosewith a screaming baby at 5pm, dinner is ready to be eaten half a bite at a time as you walk up and down the halls weeping about your shortcomings as a mother.  Yes, it will happen.  Yes, this too, shall pass. 


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A baby food maker... freezer trays...


lots of blankets...

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kateaton, cool! Those are a great idea! Having a couple around seems genius! 

Thanks innacircle! It's majorly helping me and hope it helps others too! 

rainbowassylum- love this concept of a station! taking the time to sit and relax while feeding lil babe probably makes a good deal of difference and the crockpot? DOUBLE genius! what a great idea! ok I'm about to google exersaucer! That sounds like a cross between twister and space toys! Wheee!

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Ok theme here - lots of blankets! LOL. Is this more for swaddling or just generally good to have in every room for general use for baby?

Baby food maker! What a great idea! Would a food processor work or are these more specialized for baby food?

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Flats are just flat cloth diapers. The old style ones you have to use pins or snappi's on. I think a dozen or two of those are just great for all sorts of things. And if you use disposables then sometimes there are just times that you run out and don't realize until they have the last one on and it's 2 am lol.gif so a cover and a couple snappi's are good to have around just in case wink1.gif

And yes I was talking about the bouncy seats for the little infants, not the doorway/stand jumpers smile.gif personally I hate the jumpers. We have one on a stand that's only been used a handful of times.
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Originally Posted by cricketschirpin View Post

Ok theme here - lots of blankets! LOL. Is this more for swaddling or just generally good to have in every room for general use for baby?

Baby food maker! What a great idea! Would a food processor work or are these more specialized for baby food?


A food processor would work, particularly if you are doing it in bulk, but I find if you are just prepping food from your daily meals a smaller hand mill or smaller electric one (like an immersion blender with the attachments that is a smaller enclosed container) is much easier to clean and deal with. 

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Just want to say, too,that you can skip purees entirely... We did baby-led weaning and not only was it SO much easier, but my daughter eats absolutely everything now. And we've never had a choking scare. Obviously that is just anecdata but research it some!

Get a Kangaroo Korner sling if you can find one online (they aren't made anymore, but they are the best!)
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Baby led weaning here too. =)

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We skipped the purées with our second as well smile.gif I liked it so much better!

My first had a lot of allergies as a young infant and it was a lot of prep trying to do things "right" but with our second it was just easier to feed her whatever, she didn't start solids until 8.5 months however...
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