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Fabulous Forty Somethings Pregnant

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Hi there! I'm rain, currently 42 and pregnant with #6 (for the fourth time in less than a year). I will be 43 in August which is when I am due. So far things are looking good and I'm finally ready to admit that I'm pregnant.
Any other moms in their 40s out there?
Respectfully, I am truly looking to meet moms in their 40s. I had kids at 35 and 39 as well, but things are a lot different for me now that I'm older and I know some other moms find the same to be true. There don't seem to be a lot of groups out there for us older mamas.
It seems like once you hit 40 you are also viewed differently by others. Anyone else encountered this? Not just by drs, but by society in general.
I'd love to hear how other moms got here. Accident? IVF? Years and months of TTC? Is this your first? And of course, how far along are you? If this isn't your first, has this pregnancy been different?
I hope to meet many other mamas in their 40s!!!
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Preg with my second at 42. Loving it. My first is almost 9 years old.


Feeling so tired for the most part. Still using caffeine because it is almost impossible to get anything done without it.



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Welcome! Oh my gosh, the extreme fatigue is major! I swear I don't think I've ever been so tired in my entire life. How far along are you? I noticed today, for the first time since the two lines appeared, I was actually able to accomplish some things. We had a major plumbing catastrophe along with a lot of stomach virus, and after the plumber left I got all three bathrooms scrubbed down and then caught myself cleaning walls and doors in other rooms. Lol! I did need a short nap afterwards, but hey, it's better than I've done this whole time.
I'm 14w 2d today, so finally into my second trimester, but still pretty early.
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Preg with 2nd at 43 @ almost 6 weeks after 3 attempts. Still nursing #1. I never get tired when pregnant, but nausea is starting and can't eat much also having huge fear about #2, like is 2 what is right or is 1. worried the child will think i'm an old mom, like I was already shocked at having #1 at 40. Past my deadline for sure. My mom looked very old at 50 and I could care less but I associate being a mom with being youthful? I can't believe I still have my mom despite that she never took care of herself, I am so glad she's still here at 71. I think our moms are so important for our entire lives (well for many of us). My mom was born to her mom at 34. My sister just had her only child at 36.

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