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Hi, I just came across this site looking up something on the internet and really liked it so here I am!
my name is Jody I've called myself soulfulMumma because I'm a deep feeling person that is very open and honest, some people judge me because I am a little bit different but I am me and I can't really change that, for this reason I respect everyone's journeys and opinions and who they are as a person and I'm probably the least judgemental person you'll find smile.gif

My partner & I had a pretty rough childhood and found each other at a halfway house when I was just 13 he was 16 and from then on we've been inseparable 20 years on...
I'm 33 married and have 3 boys would love to add a girl to the mix as I have no sisters and would love that kind of bond with a daughter.
But of course my main wish is to have healthy children regardless of sex.
I've just given up my work to look after my newborn and start TTC again
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Welcome! Have you looked around our stay at home forum?
Here http://www.mothering.com/community/f/329/stay-at-home-parents
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