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Unassisted prenatal care

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For anyone who is going unassisted the whole way, what kind of prenatal care do you perform? I'm in between providers right now and have talked to a couple midwives but no plans for an assisted homebirth yet.
Just wondering what specifically everyone does, I'm kind of lost except for the "wait for labor to start" part!
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I did the second half UP. I didn't do anything other than try to eat healthy and in the last few weeks drink raspberry leaf tea and eat lots of vitamin k.next time I'll probably completely UP, and do basically the same
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I'm nearly six months now and in between providers, may just keep it that way ;-) it just makes me nervous, because of what society says about the dangers of birth, etc.
What is the purpose of the raspberry tea?
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I check my blood pressure when I go grocery shopping, check urine periodically with urine dip sticks, listen and note baby's fetal heart rate with fetoscope, hubby checks babys position through palpation, and he'll occasionally check dilation if I want. I think that's about it that we do.

Red raspberry lead tea helps your uterus to tone itself for labor, and can make contractions more efficient. Said to help with a faster and easier labor.
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I was thinking about getting a fetoscope really as my only 'tool'. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the tips!
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No problem! smile.gif I got mine on amazon for about $15. Don't get discouraged if you can't find the heart beat right away or if one day you can and the next you can't, as they get bigger they run out of places to hide lol
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I did all of the above also. I got some urine strips, Doppler, and checked my BP and fundal height. That was all. It was very simple and the stress free aspect was amazing! Oh, and I only did those things every couple weeks and didn't even start doing them until about 24-26 weeks smile.gif
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I'm 24 weeks now and baby is moving all the time, so I'm more ok with doing it on my own at this point than I would have been a month or so ago.
I love the stress free part, I had a diabetes scare early on, then the next month my provider kind of went "oh those are good numbers, you're fine"- first was a midwife then obgyn, at the same practice, and someone is always misreading something or not making notes on my chart when they should. Which is why I quit going there. Me and baby don't need the stress. :-P
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I chose to have an anatomy scan done around 20wks (that was my only "outsourced" care) and then from about 32-ish weeks onward I checked my bp with a home monitor. I had a stethescope but could only ever find the umbilical cord (i didnt really expect to find baby's hb so I was ok with that). If dh hadnt already had a stethescope lying around I probably would have bought a fetoscope. I bought the bp monitor because of I had some specific symptoms; in the absence of those I dont think I would have felt it necessary. I considered buying the strips to test urine but ultimately decided against it after some real thought about why I felt compelled to test/monitor. Doppler was another one I considered buying or renting, mainly because baby was posterior and I didnt feel him much and because I had the idea it was the "responsible" thing to at least have on for labor/delivery...really right up until the week or so before he was born I was second guessing myself about that one. In labor i didnt wish even once that i had one though.
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I had an anatomy scan around week 22, because my provider basically required it (and I got bitched at for declining a vaginal ultrasound in weeks 9-11, we just got one blurry 10 week exterior done), and though I question the necessity (and safety) of it, it's nice to know baby is on track.
At this point I'm thinking maybe a fetoscope and that's it. I haven't had any worrisome symptoms so I'm kind of inclined to just let it ride so to speak.
I have a midwife consultation next month, but the more I read and learn about UC, the more comfortable I am with the idea. So we'll see!
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I did UP with my second. I bought a cheap fetoscope and listened to him all the time (finding the heart beat get's easier with time). Now they have rather cheap dopplers too. I measured fundal height, and did kick counts every once in a while. I didn't have any ultrasounds until the last week. as my water broke but I didn't go into labour for a couple of days. I didn't do urine strips (hadn't known it was a possibility or I likely would have). I checked my blood pressure whenever I went to the pharmacy. I DID make sure my diet was pristine and that I drank a lot of raspberry leaf tea. In the end, a healthy baby and a stress free pregnancy! (labour was another story as I ended up being induced) 

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What are the urine strips used to check for?
I just found out that I'm expecting, and will likely do a UP & UC this time around...
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Depending on the dip sticks you buy they check for these things in the urine:

red blood cells, white blood cells (leukocytes), protein, glucose, bilirubin, urobilinogen, PH level, ketone, and specific gravity..

I think the more important ones to monitor are the lekurocytes, protein, and glucose.

Also, A positive on the leukocytes can represent there's an infection, like a uti, but vaginal discharge can cause false positives because of contamination. Our vaginal discharge naturally contains white blood cells. So always make sure to do an extra clean catch smile.gif
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Aha, that's why they have you use the little towelettes at the Dr... So, where do you buy them?
This is going to be my first UP, so I am fairly clueless right now. Is it imporant to be checking HCG in the early weeks? I thought the OB always checked that too
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Lol! Yep smile.gif

I'm pretty sure you can find them on amazon, or one of the birthing supplie sites online. I'm not sure if they sell them in the pharmacy department in most stores but could be worth looking into. I only really checked mine a couple of times so I had borrowed some.

You don't have to check your HCG, unless you feel there's something wrong. If The OB wants an HCG they will have it done twice. First to get a baseline and then it's done again roughly 48 hours later to see if the number is doubling.

The other bloodwork they have you do in the beginning is a prenatal panel. Which includes testing to find your blood type, an antibody check on your blood, a blood count, and to check to see if your positive for HIV or syphilis.

I skipped the bloodwork this time but I did opt to do an ultrasound at 9weeks just to be sure baby was where he was supposed to be an make sure my dates were right. I went to one of those ultrasound keepsake places, the tech had previous medical experience doing it too.
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Doing UP again this this babe. We just got our doppler in the mail, and I have ordered a package of the urine strips from a midwife site in Texas. I think I will only be checking urine a few times before baby comes...wondering if anyone will want some of the extra strips. I could mail some out lol. I think it comes with like 100.


Let me know!

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I didn't do UP but I had a few friends who did and I "copied" some of their techniques that were easy for me to adopt:


1) Fetal Doppler. Like many others have said, this was crucial for my peace of min. I got a Sonoline B (best one) at www.fetaldopplerbeats.com


2) Urine Strips. I got mine from Amazon, Similar here: http://www.amazon.com/Phinex-Parameter-Urinalysis-Reagent-Strips/dp/B0099WTWTA


3) I also ate only organic, grass-fed beef and pasture raised chicken. Not sure what affect this had but I believe it was positive

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Hi All, I've removed some posts that violated our User Agreement and the forum guidelines as well as some posts that discussed the removed posts. I hope this will help the thread get back on topic. :)

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Juts got my urine strips (10 parameter) in the mail. I'm sending some out to one lady from this forum and two others from a UC facebook group. Let me know if there are any more that would be able to use some. I'm not charging anything as I am only sending them regular mail (and I really just don't want to throw the 80 extras away). Most people have been asking for around 5. PM me if you can use some. 



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I am using a "midwife" but she is not recognized in our state (CO). I'm looking at this birth as unassisted because she is 3 hours away up in the mountain and our pretnatal visits won't be too frequent. We do want to find our the gender of this baby, does anyone know how we can go about this without using a Dr./OBGYN? Our first birth was at a birthing center, so they gave us a "prescription" (?) for an ultrasound to find out the sex. I'm aware that now they can do bloodwork to find out the sex, am I able to call up a lab and ask for that service? I'd love some help here. We are okay with 1 ultrasound to find out the gender. 

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